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RFC 1060


Assigned numbers

Part 3 of 4, p. 40 to 59
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   08002F  Prime Computer  Prime 50-Series LHC300
   080036  Intergraph      CAE stations
   080037  Fujitsu-Xerox
   080038  Bull
   080039  Spider Systems
   080041  DCA Digital Comm. Assoc.
   080045  ???? (maybe Xylogics, but they claim not to know this number)
   080046  Sony
   080047  Sequent
   080049  Univation
   08004C  Encore
   08004E  BICC
   080056  Stanford University
   080058  ???             DECsystem-20
   08005A  IBM
   080067  Comdesign
   080068  Ridge
   080069  Silicon Graphics
   08006E  Excelan
   080075  DDE (Danish Data Elektronik A/S)
   08007C  Vitalink        TransLAN III
   080080  XIOS
   080086  Imagen/QMS
   080087  Xyplex          terminal servers
   080089  Kinetics        AppleTalk-Ethernet interface
   08008B  Pyramid
   08008D  XyVision        XyVision machines
   080090  Retix Inc       Bridges
   484453  HDS ???
   800010  AT&T            [misrepresentation of 080010?]
   AA0000  DEC             obsolete
   AA0001  DEC             obsolete
   AA0002  DEC             obsolete
   AA0003  DEC             Global physical address for some DEC machines
   AA0004  DEC             Local logical address for systems running DECNET

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   Ethernet                Type
   Address                 Field   Usage

   Multicast Addresses:

   01-00-5E-00-00-00-      0800    Internet Multicast (RFC-1112) [43]
   01-00-5E-80-00-00-      ????    Internet reserved by IANA
   01-80-C2-00-00-00       -802-   Spanning tree (for bridges)
   09-00-02-04-00-01?      8080?   Vitalink printer
   09-00-02-04-00-02?      8080?   Vitalink management
   09-00-09-00-00-01       8005    HP Probe
   09-00-09-00-00-01       -802-   HP Probe
   09-00-09-00-00-04       8005?   HP DTC
   09-00-1E-00-00-00       8019?   Apollo DOMAIN
   09-00-2B-00-00-00       6009?   DEC MUMPS?
   09-00-2B-00-00-01       8039?   DEC DSM/DTP?
   09-00-2B-00-00-02       803B?   DEC VAXELN?
   09-00-2B-00-00-03       8038    DEC Lanbridge Traffic Monitor (LTM)
   09-00-2B-00-00-04       ????    DEC MAP End System Hello?
   09-00-2B-00-00-05       ????    DEC MAP Intermediate System Hello?
   09-00-2B-00-00-06       803D?   DEC CSMA/CD Encryption?
   09-00-2B-00-00-07       8040?   DEC NetBios Emulator?
   09-00-2B-00-00-0F       6004    DEC Local Area Transport (LAT)
   09-00-2B-00-00-1x       ????    DEC Experimental
   09-00-2B-01-00-00       8038    DEC LanBridge Copy packets (All bridges)
   09-00-2B-01-00-01       8038    DEC LanBridge Hello packets (All local bridges)
                                   1 packet per second, sent by the
                                   designated LanBridge
   09-00-2B-02-00-00       ????    DEC DNA Level 2 Routing Layer routers?
   09-00-2B-02-01-00       803C?   DEC DNA Naming Service Advertisement?
   09-00-2B-02-01-01       803C?   DEC DNA Naming Service Solicitation?
   09-00-2B-02-01-02       803E?   DEC DNA Time Service?
   09-00-2B-03-xx-xx       ????    DEC default filtering by bridges?
   09-00-2B-04-00-00       8041?   DEC Local Area System Transport (LAST)?
   09-00-2B-23-00-00       803A?   DEC Argonaut Console?
   09-00-4E-00-00-02?      8137?   Novell IPX
   09-00-56-00-00-00-      ????    Stanford reserved
   09-00-56-FF-00-00-      805C    Stanford V Kernel, version 6.0
   09-00-77-00-00-01       ????    Retix spanning tree bridges
   09-00-7C-02-00-05       8080?   Vitalink diagnostics
   09-00-7C-05-00-01       8080?   Vitalink gateway?
   0D-1E-15-BA-DD-06       ????    HP

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   AB-00-00-01-00-00       6001    DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP)
                                   Dump/Load Assistance
   AB-00-00-02-00-00       6002    DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP)
                                   Remote Console
                                   1 System ID packet every 8-10 minutes,
                                   by every:
                                   DEC LanBridge
                                   DEC DEUNA interface
                                   DEC DELUA interface
                                   DEC DEQNA interface (in a certain mode)
   AB-00-00-03-00-00       6003    DECNET Phase IV end node Hello packets
                                   1 packet every 15 seconds, sent by
   each DECNET host
   AB-00-00-04-00-00       6003    DECNET Phase IV Router Hello packets
                                   1 packet every 15 seconds, sent by the
   DECNET router
   AB-00-00-05-00-00       ????    Reserved DEC
   AB-00-03-00-00-00       6004    DEC Local Area Transport (LAT) - old
   AB-00-04-00-xx-xx       ????    Reserved DEC customer private use
   AB-00-04-01-xx-yy       6007    DEC Local Area VAX Cluster groups
                                   System Communication Architecture (SCA)
   CF-00-00-00-00-00       9000    Ethernet Configuration Test protocol (Loopback)

   Broadcast Address:
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0600    XNS packets, Hello or gateway search?
                                   6 packets every 15 seconds, per XNS station
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0800    IP (e.g. RWHOD via UDP) as needed
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0804    CHAOS
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0806    ARP (for IP and CHAOS) as needed
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0BAD    Banyan
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       1600    VALID packets, Hello or gateway search?
                                   1 packets every 30 seconds, per VALID station
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       8035    Reverse ARP
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       807C    Merit Internodal (INP)
   FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       809B    EtherTalk

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                            XNS PROTOCOL TYPES

   Assigned well-known socket numbers

           Routing Information             1
           Echo                            2
           Router Error                    3
           Experimental                40-77

   Assigned internet packet types

           Routing Information             1
           Echo                            2
           Error                           3
           Packet Exchange                 4
           Sequenced Packet                5
           PUP                            12
           DoD IP                         13
           Experimental                20-37

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   Below are two tables describing the arrangement of protocol fields or
   type field assignments so that one could send NS Datagrams on the
   ARPANET or Internet Datagrams on 10Mb Ethernet, and also protocol and
   type fields so one could encapsulate each kind of Datagram in the

              \   upper| DoD IP |  PUP   | NS IP  |
         lower \       |        |        |        |
                       |  Type  |  Type  |  Type  |
         3Mb Ethernet  |  1001  |  1000  |  3000  |
                       |  octal |  octal |  octal |
                       |  Type  |  Type  |  Type  |
         10 Mb Ethernet|  0800  |  0200  |  0600  |
                       |   hex  |   hex  |   hex  |
                       |  Link  |  Link  |  Link  |
         ARPANET       |  155   |  152   |  150   |
                       | decimal| decimal| decimal|

              \   upper| DoD IP |  PUP   | NS IP  |
         lower \       |        |        |        |
                       |        |Protocol|Protocol|
         DoD IP        |   X    |   12   |   22   |
                       |        | decimal| decimal|
                       |        |        |        |
         PUP           |   ?    |   X    |   ?    |
                       |        |        |        |
                       |  Type  |  Type  |        |
         NS IP         |   13   |   12   |   X    |
                       | decimal| decimal|        |

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                             PRONET 80 TYPE NUMBERS

   Below is the current list of PRONET 80 Type Numbers.  Note: a
   protocol that is on this list does not necessarily mean that there is
   any implementation of it on ProNET.

   Of these, protocols 1, 14, and 20 are the only ones that have ever
   been seen in ARP packets.

   For reference, the header is (one byte/line):

           destination hardware address
           source hardware address
           data link header version (2)
           data link header protocol number
           data link header reserved (0)
           data link header reserved (0)

   Some protocols have been known to tuck stuff in the reserved fields.

   Those who need a protocol number on ProNET-10/80 should contact John
   Shriver (

      1       IP
      2       IP with trailing headers
      3       Address Resoloution Protocol
      4       Proteon HDLC
      5       VAX Debugging Protocol (MIT)
      10      Novell NetWare (IPX and pre-IPX) (old format,
              3 byte trailer)
      11      Vianetix
      12      PUP
      13      Watstar protocol (University of Waterloo)
      14      XNS
      15      Diganostics
      16      Echo protocol (link level)
      17      Banyan Vines
      20      DECnet (DEUNA Emulation)
      21      Chaosnet
      23      IEEE 802.2 or ISO 8802/2 Data Link
      24      Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
      29      TokenVIEW-10
      31      AppleTalk LAP Data Packet
      33      Cornell Boot Server Location Protocol
      34      Novell NetWare IPX (new format, no trailer,
              new XOR checksum)

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   The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) specified in RFC-826 [88] has
   several parameters.  The assigned values for these parameters are
   listed here.


   Operation Code (op)

            1   REQUEST
            2   REPLY

   Hardware Type (hrd)

      Type   Description                                   References
      ----   -----------                                   ----------
        1    Ethernet (10Mb)                                    [JBP]
        2    Experimental Ethernet (3Mb)                        [JBP]
        3    Amateur Radio AX.25                                [PXK]
        4    Proteon ProNET Token Ring                          [JBP]
        5    Chaos                                              [GXP]
        6    IEEE 802 Networks                                  [JBP]
        7    ARCNET                                             [JBP]
        8    Hyperchannel                                       [JBP]
        9    Lanstar                                             [TU]
       10    Autonet Short Address                             [MXB1]
       11    LocalTalk                                          [LXE]
       12    LocalNet (IBM PCNet or SYTEK LocalNET)             [JXM]

   Protocol Type (pro)

      Use the same codes as listed in the section called "Ethernet
      Numbers of Interest" (all hardware types use this code set for the
      protocol type).

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   The Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) specified in RFC-903
   [48] has the following operation codes:


   Operation Code (op)

            3  request Reverse
            4  reply Reverse

                            DYNAMIC REVERSE ARP


   Operation Code (op)

            5  DRARP-Request
            6  DRARP-Reply
            7  DRARP-Error

   For further information, contact: David Brownell

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                             X.25 TYPE NUMBERS

   CCITT defines the high order two bits of the first octet of call user
   data as follows:

      00 - Used for other CCITT recomendations (such as X.29)
      01 - Reserved for use by "national" administrative
      10 - Reserved for use by international administrative authoorities
      11 - Reserved for arbitrary use between consenting DTEs

      Call User Data (hex)     Protocol                      Reference
      -------------------      --------                      ---------

      01                       PAD                            [GS2]
      C5                       Blacker front-end descr dev    [AGM]
      CC                       IP                             [69,AGM]*
      CD                       ISO-IP                         [AGM]

      * NOTE: ISO SC6/WG2 approved assignment in ISO 9577 (January 1990).

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                         PUBLIC DATA NETWORK NUMBERS

One of the Internet Class A Networks is the international system of
Public Data Networks.  This section lists the mapping between the
Internet Addresses and the Public Data Network Addresses (X.121).

The numbers below are assigned for networks that are connected to the
Internet, and for independent networks.  These independent networks
are marked with an asterisk preceding the number.


      * Internet           Public Data Net    Description     References
      - --------------   -----------------   -----------      ----------                       Reserved              [JBP]   3110-317-00035 00   PURDUE-TN              [TN]   3110-608-00027 00   UWISC-TN               [TN]   3110-302-00024 00   UDEL-TN                [TN]   2342-192-00149 23   UCL-VTEST              [PK]   2342-192-00300 23   UCL-TG                 [PK]   2342-192-00300 25   UK-SATNET              [PK]   3110-608-00024 00   UWISC-IBM            [MS56]   3110-213-00045 00   RAND-TN               [MO2]   2342-192-00300 23   UCL-CS                 [PK]   3110-617-00025 00   BBN-VAN-GW           [JD21]
      *   2405-015-50300 00   CHALMERS              [UXB]   3110-713-00165 00   RICE                 [PAM6]   3110-415-00261 00   DECWRL               [PAM6]   3110-408-00051 00   IBM-SJ                [SA1]   2041-117-01000 00   SHAPE                 [JFW]   2628-153-90075 00   DFVLR4-X25            [GB7]   3110-213-00032 00   ISI-VAN-GW           [JD21]   2624-522-80900 52   FGAN-SIEMENS-X25      [GB7]   2041-170-10000 00   SHAPE-X25             [JFW]   5052-737-20000 50   UQNET                 [AXH]   3020-801-00057 50   DMC-CRC1              [VXT]   2624-522-80329 02   FGAN-FGANFFMVAX-X25   [GB7]
      *   2624-589-00908 01   ECRC-X25              [PXD]   2342-905-24242 83   UK-MOD-RSRE          [JXE2]   2342-905-24242 82   UK-VAN-RSRE           [AXM]   2624-522-80329 05   DFVLRSUN-X25          [GB7]   2624-457-11015 90   SELETFMSUN-X25        [BXD]   3110-408-00146 00   CDC-SVL             [RAM57]   2222-551-04400 00   SUN-CNUCE            [ABB2]   2222-551-04500 00   ICNUCEVM-CNUCE       [ABB2]   2222-551-04600 00   SPARE-CNUCE          [ABB2]   2222-551-04700 00   ICNUCEVX-CNUCE       [ABB2]   2222-551-04524 00   CISCO-CNUCE          [ABB2]

Top       Page 50   2342-313-00260 90   SPIDER-GW            [AD67]   2342-313-00260 91   SPIDER-EXP           [AD67]   2342-225-00101 22   PRAXIS-X25A           [TXR]   2342-225-00101 23   PRAXIS-X25B           [TXR]   2403-712-30250 00   DIAB-TABY-GW          [FXB]   2403-715-30100 00   DIAB-LKP-GW           [FXB]   2401-881-24038 00   DIAB-TABY1-GW         [FXB]   2041-170-10060 00   STC                  [TC27]       Unassigned            [JBP]                       Reserved              [JBP]

      The standard for transmission of IP datagrams over the Public Data
      Network is specified in RFC-877 [69].

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                                TELNET OPTIONS

The Telnet Protocol has a number of options that may be negotiated.
These options are listed here.  "Official Internet Protocols" [118]
provides more detailed information.

   Options  Name                                              References
   -------  -----------------------                           ----------
      0     Binary Transmission                                [110,JBP]
      1     Echo                                               [111,JBP]
      2     Reconnection                                        [42,JBP]
      3     Suppress Go Ahead                                  [114,JBP]
      4     Approx Message Size Negotiation                    [133,JBP]
      5     Status                                             [113,JBP]
      6     Timing Mark                                        [115,JBP]
      7     Remote Controlled Trans and Echo                   [107,JBP]
      8     Output Line Width                                   [40,JBP]
      9     Output Page Size                                    [41,JBP]
     10     Output Carriage-Return Disposition                  [28,JBP]
     11     Output Horizontal Tab Stops                         [32,JBP]
     12     Output Horizontal Tab Disposition                   [31,JBP]
     13     Output Formfeed Disposition                         [29,JBP]
     14     Output Vertical Tabstops                            [34,JBP]
     15     Output Vertical Tab Disposition                     [33,JBP]
     16     Output Linefeed Disposition                         [30,JBP]
     17     Extended ASCII                                     [136,JBP]
     18     Logout                                              [25,MRC]
     19     Byte Macro                                          [35,JBP]
     20     Data Entry Terminal                             [145,38,JBP]
     22     SUPDUP                                           [26,27,MRC]
     22     SUPDUP Output                                       [51,MRC]
     23     Send Location                                      [68,EAK1]
     24     Terminal Type                                     [128,MS56]
     25     End of Record                                      [103,JBP]
     26     TACACS User Identification                           [1,BA4]
     27     Output Marking                                     [125,SXS]
     28     Terminal Location Number                            [84,RN6]
     29     Telnet 3270 Regime                                 [116,JXR]
     30     X.3 PAD                                            [70,SL70]
     31     Negotiate About Window Size                      [139,DW183]
     32     Terminal Speed                                     [57,CLH3]
     33     Remote Flow Control                                [58,CLH3]
     34     Linemode                                            [9,DB14]
     35     X Display Location                                 [75,GM23]
    255     Extended-Options-List                              [109,JBP]

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                           MAIL ENCRYPTION TYPES

   RFC-822 specifies that Encryption Types for mail may be assigned.
   There are currently no RFC-822 encryption types assigned.  Please use
   instead the Mail Privacy procedures defined in [71,72,66].

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                               MACHINE NAMES

   These are the Official Machine Names as they appear in the Domain
   Name System WKS records and the NIC Host Table.  Their use is
   described in RFC-952 [53].

   A machine name or CPU type may be up to 40 characters taken from the
   set of uppercase letters, digits, and the two punctuation characters
   hyphen and slash.  It must start with a letter, and end with a letter
   or digit.

      ALTO                                  DEC-1090
      ALTOS-6800                            DEC-1090B
      AMDAHL-V7                             DEC-1090T
      APOLLO                                DEC-2020T
      ATARI-104ST                           DEC-2040
      ATT-3B1                               DEC-2040T
      ATT-3B20                              DEC-2050T
      ATT-7300                              DEC-2060
      BBN-C/60                              DEC-2060T
      BURROUGHS-B/29                        DEC-2065
      BURROUGHS-B/4800                      DEC-FALCON
      BUTTERFLY                             DEC-KS10
      C/30                                  DEC-VAX-11730
      C/70                                  DORADO
      CADLINC                               DPS8/70M
      CADR                                  ELXSI-6400
      CDC-170                               EVEREX-386
      CDC-170/750                           FOONLY-F2
      CDC-173                               FOONLY-F3
      CELERITY-1200                         FOONLY-F4
      CLUB-386                              GOULD
      COMPAQ-386/20                         GOULD-6050
      COMTEN-3690                           GOULD-6080
      CP8040                                GOULD-9050
      CRAY-1                                GOULD-9080
      CRAY-X/MP                             H-316
      CRAY-2                                H-60/68
      CTIWS-117                             H-68
      DANDELION                             H-68/80
      DEC-10                                H-89
      DEC-1050                              HONEYWELL-DPS-6
      DEC-1077                              HONEYWELL-DPS-8/70
      DEC-1080                              HP3000

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      HP3000/64                             PDP-11
      IBM-158                               PDP-11/3
      IBM-360/67                            PDP-11/23
      IBM-370/3033                          PDP-11/24
      IBM-3081                              PDP-11/34
      IBM-3084QX                            PDP-11/40
      IBM-3101                              PDP-11/44
      IBM-4331                              PDP-11/45
      IBM-4341                              PDP-11/50
      IBM-4361                              PDP-11/70
      IBM-4381                              PDP-11/73
      IBM-4956                              PE-7/32
      IBM-6152                              PE-3205
      IBM-PC                                PERQ
      IBM-PC/AT                             PLEXUS-P/60
      IBM-PC/RT                             PLI
      IBM-PC/XT                             PLURIBUS
      IBM-SERIES/1                          PRIME-2350
      IMAGEN                                PRIME-2450
      IMAGEN-8/300                          PRIME-2755
      IMSAI                                 PRIME-9655
      INTEGRATED-SOLUTIONS                  PRIME-9755
      INTEGRATED-SOLUTIONS-68K              PRIME-9955II
      INTEL-386                             PRIME-9955
      INTEL-IPSC                            PRIME-9950
      IS-1                                  PRIME-9650
      IS-68010                              PRIME-9750
      LMI                                   PRIME-2250
      LSI-11                                PRIME-750
      LSI-11/2                              PRIME-850
      LSI-11/23                             PRIME-550II
      LSI-11/73                             PYRAMID-90
      M68000                                PYRAMID-90MX
      MAC-II                                PYRAMID-90X
      MASSCOMP                              RIDGE
      MC500                                 RIDGE-32
      MC68000                               RIDGE-32C
      MICROPORT                             ROLM-1666
      MICROVAX                              S1-MKIIA
      MICROVAX-I                            SMI
      MV/8000                               SEQUENT-BALANCE-8000
      NAS3-5                                SIEMENS
      NCR-COMTEN-3690                       SILICON-GRAPHICS
      NEXT/N1000-316                        SILICON-GRAPHICS-IRIS
      NOW                                   SGI-IRIS-2400
      ONYX-Z8000                            SGI-IRIS-2500

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      SGI-IRIS-3010                         SUN-3/60
      SGI-IRIS-3020                         SUN-3/75
      SGI-IRIS-3030                         SUN-3/80
      SGI-IRIS-3110                         SUN-3/110
      SGI-IRIS-3115                         SUN-3/140
      SGI-IRIS-3120                         SUN-3/150
      SGI-IRIS-3130                         SUN-3/160
      SGI-IRIS-4D/20                        SUN-3/180
      SGI-IRIS-4D/20G                       SUN-3/200
      SGI-IRIS-4D/25                        SUN-3/260
      SGI-IRIS-4D/25G                       SUN-3/280
      SGI-IRIS-4D/25S                       SUN-3/470
      SGI-IRIS-4D/50                        SUN-3/480
      SGI-IRIS-4D/50G                       SUN-4/60
      SGI-IRIS-4D/50GT                      SUN-4/110
      SGI-IRIS-4D/60                        SUN-4/150
      SGI-IRIS-4D/60G                       SUN-4/200
      SGI-IRIS-4D/60T                       SUN-4/260
      SGI-IRIS-4D/60GT                      SUN-4/280
      SGI-IRIS-4D/70                        SUN-4/330
      SGI-IRIS-4D/70G                       SUN-4/370
      SGI-IRIS-4D/70GT                      SUN-4/390
      SGI-IRIS-4D/80GT                      SUN-50
      SGI-IRIS-4D/80S                       SUN-100
      SGI-IRIS-4D/120GTX                    SUN-120
      SGI-IRIS-4D/120S                      SUN-130
      SGI-IRIS-4D/210GTX                    SUN-150
      SGI-IRIS-4D/210S                      SUN-170
      SGI-IRIS-4D/220GTX                    SUN-386i/250
      SGI-IRIS-4D/220S                      SUN-68000
      SGI-IRIS-4D/240GTX                    SYMBOLICS-3600
      SGI-IRIS-4D/240S                      SYMBOLICS-3670
      SGI-IRIS-4D/280GTX                    SYMMETRIC-375
      SGI-IRIS-4D/280S                      SYMULT
      SGI-IRIS-CS/12                        TANDEM-TXP
      SGI-IRIS-4SERVER-8                    TANDY-6000
      SPERRY-DCP/10                         TEK-6130
      SUN                                   TI-EXPLORER
      SUN-2                                 TP-4000
      SUN-2/50                              TRS-80
      SUN-2/100                             UNIVAC-1100
      SUN-2/120                             UNIVAC-1100/60
      SUN-2/130                             UNIVAC-1100/62
      SUN-2/140                             UNIVAC-1100/63
      SUN-2/150                             UNIVAC-1100/64
      SUN-2/160                             UNIVAC-1100/70
      SUN-2/170                             UNIVAC-1160
      SUN-3/50                              UNKNOWN

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                               SYSTEM NAMES

   These are the Official System Names as they appear in the Domain Name
   System WKS records and the NIC Host Table.  Their use is described in
   RFC-952 [53].

   A system name may be up to 40 characters taken from the set of upper-
   case letters, digits, and the two punctuation characters hyphen and
   slash.  It must start with a letter, and end with a letter or digit.

   AEGIS                     MACOS                     TP3010
   APOLLO                    MINOS                     TRSDOS
   BS-2000                   MOS                       ULTRIX
   CEDAR                     MPE5                      UNIX
   CGW                       MSDOS                     UNIX-BSD
   CHORUS                    MULTICS                   UNIX-V1AT
   CHRYSALIS                 MVS                       UNIX-V
   CMOS                      MVS/SP                    UNIX-V.1
   CMS                       NEXUS                     UNIX-V.2
   COS                       NMS                       UNIX-V.3
   CPIX                      NONSTOP                   UNIX-PC
   CTOS                      NOS-2                     UNKNOWN
   CTSS                      OS/DDP                    UT2D
   DCN                       OS4                       V
   DDNOS                     OS86                      VM
   DOMAIN                    OSX                       VM/370
   DOS                       PCDOS                     VM/CMS
   EDX                       PERQ/OS                   VM/SP
   ELF                       PLI                       VMS
   EMBOS                     PSDOS/MIT                 VMS/EUNICE
   EMMOS                     PRIMOS                    VRTX
   EPOS                      RMX/RDOS                  WAITS
   FOONEX                    ROS                       WANG
   FUZZ                      RSX11M                    X11R3
   GCOS                      SATOPS                    XDE
   GPOS                      SCO-XENIX/386             XENIX
   HDOS                      SCS
   IMAGEN                    SIMP
   INTERCOM                  SUN
   IMPRESS                   SUN OS 3.5
   INTERLISP                 SUN OS 4.0
   IOS                       SWIFT
   IRIX                      TAC
   ISI-68020                 TANDEM
   ITS                       TENEX
   LISP                      TOPS10
   LISPM                     TOPS20
   LOCUS                     TOS

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                        PROTOCOL AND SERVICE NAMES

   These are the Official Protocol Names as they appear in the Domain
   Name System WKS records and the NIC Host Table.  Their use is
   described in RFC-952 [53].

   A protocol or service may be up to 40 characters taken from the set
   of uppercase letters, digits, and the punctuation character hyphen.
   It must start with a letter, and end with a letter or digit.

   ARGUS               - ARGUS Protocol
   ARP                 - Address Resolution Protocol
   AUTH                - Authentication Service
   BBN-RCC-MON         - BBN RCC Monitoring
   BL-IDM              - Britton Lee Intelligent Database Machine
   BOOTP               - Bootstrap Protocol
   BOOTPC              - Bootstrap Protocol Client
   BOOTPS              - Bootstrap Protocol Server
   BR-SAT-MON          - Backroom SATNET Monitoring
   CFTP                - CFTP
   CHAOS               - CHAOS Protocol
   CHARGEN             - Character Generator Protocol
   CLOCK               - DCNET Time Server Protocol
   CMOT                - Common Mgmnt Info Services and Protocol over TCP/IP
   COOKIE-JAR          - Authentication Scheme
   CSNET-NS            - CSNET Mailbox Nameserver Protocol
   DAYTIME             - Daytime Protocol
   DCN-MEAS            - DCN Measurement Subsystems Protocol
   DCP                 - Device Control Protocol
   DGP                 - Dissimilar Gateway Protocol
   DISCARD             - Discard Protocol
   DOMAIN              - Domain Name System
   ECHO                - Echo Protocol
   EGP                 - Exterior Gateway Protocol
   EMCON               - Emission Control Protocol
   EMFIS-CNTL          - EMFIS Control Service
   EMFIS-DATA          - EMFIS Data Service
   FINGER              - Finger Protocol
   FTP                 - File Transfer Protocol
   FTP-DATA            - File Transfer Protocol Data
   GGP                 - Gateway Gateway Protocol
   GRAPHICS            - Graphics Protocol
   HMP                 - Host Monitoring Protocol
   HOST2-NS            - Host2 Name Server
   HOSTNAME            - Hostname Protocol

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   ICMP                - Internet Control Message Protocol
   IGMP                - Internet Group Management Protocol
   IGP                 - Interior Gateway Protocol
   IMAP2               - Interim Mail Access Protocol version 2
   INGRES-NET          - INGRES-NET Service
   IP                  - Internet Protocol
   IPCU                - Internet Packet Core Utility
   IPPC                - Internet Pluribus Packet Core
   IP-ARC              - Internet Protocol on ARCNET
   IP-ARPA             - Internet Protocol on ARPANET
   IP-DC               - Internet Protocol on DC Networks
   IP-DVMRP            - Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
   IP-E                - Internet Protocol on Ethernet Networks
   IP-EE               - Internet Protocol on Exp. Ethernet Nets
   IP-FDDI             - Transmission of IP over FDDI
   IP-HC               - Internet Protocol on Hyperchannnel
   IP-IEEE             - Internet Protocol on IEEE 802
   IP-IPX              - Transmission of 802.2 over IPX Networks
   IP-MTU              - IP MTU Discovery Options
   IP-NETBIOS          - Internet Protocol Datagrams over NetBIOS Networks
   IP-SLIP             - Transmission of IP over Serial Lines
   IP-WB               - Internet Protocol on Wideband Network
   IP-X25              - Internet Protocol on X.25 Networks
   IRTP                - Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol
   ISI-GL              - ISI Graphics Language Protocol
   ISO-TP4             - ISO Transport Protocol Class 4
   ISO-TSAP            - ISO TSAP
   LA-MAINT            - IMP Logical Address Maintenance
   LARP                - Locus Address Resoultion Protocol
   LDP                 - Loader Debugger Protocol
   LEAF-1              - Leaf-1 Protocol
   LEAF-2              - Leaf-2 Protocol
   LINK                - Link Protocol
   LOC-SRV             - Location Service
   LOGIN               - Login Host Protocol
   MAIL                - Format of Electronic Mail Messages
   MERIT-INP           - MERIT Internodal Protocol
   METAGRAM            - Metagram Relay
   MIB                 - Management Information Base
   MIT-ML-DEV          - MIT ML Device
   MFE-NSP             - MFE Network Services Protocol
   MIT-SUBNET          - MIT Subnet Support
   MIT-DOV             - MIT Dover Spooler
   MPM                 - Internet Message Protocol (Multimedia Mail)
   MPM-FLAGS           - MPM Flags Protocol
   MPM-SND             - MPM Send Protocol
   MSG-AUTH            - MSG Authentication Protocol
   MSG-ICP             - MSG ICP Protocol

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