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8   Requirements for Support of RRM   PDF-p. 189      Up
8.1   General
8.2   Idle Mode Tasks
8.2.1   RF Cell Selection Scenario
8.2.2   Cell Re-Selection   Scenario 1: Cell re-selection to intra frequency TDD cell   Scenario 2: Cell re-selection to inter-frequency TDD cell   PDF-p. 198   Scenario 2A: 3,84 Mcps TDD cell re-selection for 1,28 Mcps TDD UE   PDF-p. 206      Up   Scenario 2B: 1,28 Mcps TDD cell re-selection for 3,84 Mcps TDD UE   Scenario 2C: 3,84 Mcps TDD cell re-selection for 7,68 Mcps TDD UE   Scenario 2D: 7,68 Mcps TDD cell re-selection for 3,84 Mcps TDD UE      Up   Scenario 3: TDD/FDD Cell re-selection   Scenario 4: inter RAT cell re-selection   PDF-p. 216   Scenario 4A: inter RAT cell acquisition and re-selection   Scenario 4B: UTRAN to GSM Cell Re-Selection: HCS with only UTRA level changed   Scenario 5:TDD/E-UTRA cell re-selection   Scenario 6: Inter-band Cell Re-selection for 1.28 Mcps TDD UE   PDF-p. 239

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