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TR 34.943 (RAN5)
Analysis of difference between FDD and 1.28 Mcps TDD and corresponding effect on terminal conformance test in radio access stratum protocol aspects

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V5.0.0 (PDF)    2005/10    150 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Ma, Zhifeng
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This TR analyzes the differences of Uu/Iub interface between 1.28Mcps TDD and FDD, and the effect on UE conformance testing for 3rd Generation Terminals.

The present document can be helpful and valuable in such aspects as follows:
  • It provides a brief difference analysis of core specifications in Uu/lub interface and a clear difference description about the test specifications, such as 34.123-1, 34.123-2, 34.123-3 and 34.108, between 1.28 Mcps TDD and FDD.
  • It gives an efficient index so that the users can quickly search the differences between 1.28Mcps TDD and FDD in the test specifications.
This TR is especially helpful in 1.28 Mcps TDD TTCN ATSs development and SS (System Simulator) development. Since 1.28Mcps TDD and FDD share most of contents in layers beyond physical layer, the difference analysis will be much useful to take reuse of FDD available resource both in software and hardware as mostly as possible. Hence manpower, time and cost will be obviously saved in the development.

The actual test case descriptions will be contained in other documents.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 9
2   References
3   Abbreviations   PDF-p. 10
4   Difference Analysis on Uu and Iub Interface
4.1   General Description on Uu and Iub Interface
4.2   Differences in L1 on Uu interface   PDF-p. 11
4.2.1   General description
4.2.2   Specific frame structure   PDF-p. 12
4.2.3   Different modulation   PDF-p. 13
4.2.4   Different channel coding
4.2.5   Differences on Physical Channels   PDF-p. 16
4.2.6   Differences on Transport Channels
4.2.7   Different Mapping between TrCHs on PhyCHs   PDF-p. 23
4.2.8   Different physical procedure
4.2.9   Different Physical Layer Measurements
4.3   Differences in L2 on Uu interface
4.4   Differences in L3 on Uu interface
4.4.1   RRC Services
4.4.2   RRC Functions
4.4.3   RRC Procedures   PDF-p. 39
4.4.4   Generic actions on receipt of an information element
4.4.5   RRC Messages   PDF-p. 51
4.4.6   RRC Information Elements   PDF-p. 52
4.5   Differences on Iub Interface   PDF-p. 56

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