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TS 34.109 (RAN2)
Terminal logical test interface –
Special conformance testing functions

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Rapporteur:  Ms. Eklof, Cecilia
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This TS specifies for User Equipment (UE), in UMTS system, for FDD and TDD modes, those UE functions that are required for conformance testing purposes.

For conformance tests, functions are activated via the radio interface. These functions shall be capable of being activated when a test USIM is present. Any USIM related features such as subsidy-related UE features should also not interfere with the functions. In the loopback state, the UE shall be able to perform all functions specified in this TS except where otherwise stated; in addition however, the conformance testing functions must be operational.

USIM, in general, is described in TS 31.101. The ME recognises the test USIM by the Administrative Data Field. Test USIM data fields are described in TS 34.108.

This TS applies to the unit that includes the hardware to establish a connection across the radio interface.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations   PDF-p. 7
4   UE conformance test functions
5   Test Control (TC) protocol procedures and test loop operation      Up
5.1   General description
5.2   UE radio bearer test mode procedures   PDF-p. 13
5.3   UE test loop procedures
5.4   UE Positioning test mode procedures      Up
5.5   UE RLC SDU counter reporting procedure   PDF-p. 27

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