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TS 34.122 (RAN5)
Terminal conformance specification –
Radio transmission and reception (TDD)

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V11.13.0 (PDF)    2016/09    1124 p.
V10.1.0    2012/03    14 p.
V9.8.0    2012/03    14 p.
V8.6.0    2010/06    13 p.
V7.6.0    2008/10    748 p.
V6.0.0    2007/03    9 p.
V5.7.0    2007/03    9 p.
V4.10.0    2004/01    9 p.
V3.12.0    2004/01    9 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Karajani, Bledar
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This TS specifies the measurement procedure for the conformance test of the mobile station that contain transmitting characteristics, receiving characteristics and performance requirements in addition to requirements for support of RRM (Radio Resource Management) in both UTRA TDD modes. The two options are the 3,84 Mcps TDD Option and 1,28 Mcps TDD Option, respectively.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 45
2   References
3   Definitions, abbreviations and equations   PDF-p. 46
4   Frequency bands and channel arrangement
5   Transmitter Characteristics   PDF-p. 51
5.1   General
5.2   User Equipment maximum output power
5.2A   User Equipment maximum output power with E-DCH
5.2B   User Equipment maximum output power with HS-SICH and DPCH
5.3   UE frequency stability
5.4   Output Power Dynamics
5.4.1   Uplink power control
5.4.2   Minimum output power
5.4.3   Transmit OFF power   PDF-p. 74
5.4.4   Transmit ON/OFF Time mask
5.4.5   Out-of-synchronisation handling of output power for continuous transmission   PDF-p. 77      Up
5.4.6   Out-of-synchronisation handling of output power for discontinuous transmission
5.5   Output RF spectrum emissions
5.5.1   Occupied bandwidth
5.5.2   Out of band emission   Spectrum emission mask   Spectrum emission mask with E-DCH   Test requirements   PDF-p. 97   Spectrum emission mask with HS-SICH and DPCH   Test requirements   PDF-p. 99   Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio (ACLR)   Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio (ACLR) with E-DCH   Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio (ACLR) with HS-SICH and DPCH
5.5.3   Spurious emissions
5.6   Transmit Intermodulation
5.7   Transmit Modulation

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