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D  (Normative)   Propagation Conditions   Word-p. 1864
E  (Normative)   Downlink Physical Channels   Word-p. 1872
E.1   General
E.2   Connection Set-up for non-HSDPA test cases
E.3   During connection for non-HSDPA test cases      Up
E.4   W-CDMA Modulated Interferer for non-HSDPA test cases   Word-p. 1877
E.5   HSDPA DL Physical channels
E.5A   E-DCH with HSDPA DL Physical channels   Word-p. 1890
E.5B   MBMS DL Physical channels   Word-p. 1893
E.5C   F-DPCH with HSDPA DL Physical channels      Up
E.5D   HSDPA and E-DCH DL Physical channels with discontinuous UL DPCCH transmission   Word-p. 1895
E.5E   Test Definition for Enhanced Performance Type 3i   Word-p. 1896
E.5F   Test Definition for MultiFlow HSDPA   Word-p. 1900      Up
E.6   Downlink Physical Channels Code Allocation (This clause is informative)
F  (Normative)   General test conditions and declarations   Word-p. 1913
F.1   Acceptable uncertainty of Test System      Up
F.2   Test Tolerances (This clause is informative)   Word-p. 1970
F.3   Interpretation of measurement results
F.4   Derivation of Test Requirements (This clause is informative)
F.5   Acceptable uncertainty of Test Equipment (This clause is informative)
F.6   General rules for statistical testing
F.6.1   Statistical testing of receiver BER/BLER performance
F.6.2   Statistical testing of RRM delay performance
F.6.3   Statistical Testing of HSDPA Receiver Performance   Word-p. 2114
F.6.4   Statistical testing of performance requirement (E-DCH and MBMS)   Word-p. 2140
G  (Normative)   Environmental conditions   Word-p. 2142
H  (Normative)   UE Capabilities (FDD)   Word-p. 2144

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