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RFC 1117

Internet numbers

Pages: 109

Obsoletes:  106210200997
Obsoleted by:  1166
Part 1 of 4 – Pages 1 to 24
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Network Working Group                                          S. Romano
Request for Comments: 1117                                      M. Stahl
Obsoletes RFCs: 1062, 1020, 997, 990, 960, 943,                M. Recker
923, 900, 870, 820, 790, 776, 770, 762,                          SRI-NIC
758, 755, 750, 739, 604, 503, 433, 349                       August 1989
Obsoletes IENs:  127, 117, 93

                            INTERNET NUMBERS

Status of this Memo

   This memo is an official status report on the network numbers and the
   autonomous system numbers used in the Internet community.
   Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


   This Network Working Group Request for Comments documents the
   currently assigned network numbers and gateway autonomous systems.
   This RFC will be updated periodically, and in any case current
   information can be obtained from Hostmaster at the DDN Network
   Information Center (NIC).

         DDN Network Information Center
         SRI International
         333 Ravenswood Avenue
         Menlo Park, California  94025

         Phone: 1-800-235-3155

         Network mail: HOSTMASTER@NIC.DDN.MIL

   Most of the protocols used in the Internet are documented in the RFC
   series of notes.  Some of the items listed are undocumented.  Further
   information on protocols can be found in the memo "Official Internet
   Protocols" [40].  The more prominent and more generally used are
   documented in the "DDN Protocol Handbook" [17] prepared by the NIC.
   Other collections of older or obsolete protocols are contained in the
   "Internet Protocol Transition Workbook" [18], or in the "ARPANET
   Protocol Transition Handbook" [19].  For further information on
   ordering the complete 1985 DDN Protocol Handbook, contact the
   Hostmaster.  Also, the Internet Activities Board (IAB) publishes the
   "IAB Official Protocol Standards" [52], which describes the state of
   standardization of protocols used in the Internet.  This document is
   issued quarterly.  Current copies may be obtained from the DDN
   Network Information Center.
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   The lists below contain the name and network mailbox of the
   individuals responsible for each registered network or autonomous
   system.  The bracketed entry, e.g., [nn,iii], at the right hand
   margin of the page indicates a reference for the listed network or
   autonomous system, where the number ("nn") cites the document and the
   letters ("iii") cite the NIC Handle of the responsible person.  The
   NIC Handle is a unique identifier that is used in the NIC
   WHOIS/NICNAME service.  People occasionally change electronic
   mailboxes.  To find out the current network mailbox or phone number
   for an individual, or to get information about a registered network,
   use the NIC WHOIS/NICNAME service or contact HOSTMASTER@NIC.DDN.MIL.

   The convention used for the documentation of Internet Protocols is to
   express numbers in decimal and to picture data in "big-endian" order
   [39].  That is, fields are described left to right, with the most
   significant octet on the left and the least significant octet on the

   The order of transmission of the header and data described in this
   document is resolved to the octet level.  Whenever a diagram shows a
   group of octets, the order of transmission of those octets is the
   normal order in which they are read in English.  For example, in the
   following diagram the octets are transmitted in the order they are

       0                   1                   2                   3
       0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
      |       1       |       2       |       3       |       4       |
      |       5       |       6       |       7       |       8       |
      |       9       |      10       |      11       |      12       |

                        Transmission Order of Bytes

   Whenever an octet represents a numeric quantity the left most bit in
   the diagram is the high order or most significant bit.  That is, the
   bit labeled 0 is the most significant bit.  For example, the
   following diagram represents the value 170 (decimal).

                             0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
                            |1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0|

                           Significance of Bits
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   Similarly, whenever a multi-octet field represents a numeric quantity
   the left most bit of the whole field is the most significant bit.
   When a multi-octet quantity is transmitted the most significant octet
   is transmitted first.
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                              NETWORK NUMBERS

   The network numbers listed here are used as internet addresses by the
   Internet Protocol (IP) [14,26].  The IP uses a 32-bit address field
   and divides that address into a network part and a "rest" or local
   address part.  The division takes 4 forms or classes.

      The first type of address, or class A, has a 7-bit network number
      and a 24-bit local address.  The highest-order bit is set to 0.
      This allows 128 class A networks.

                            1                   2                   3
        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
       |0|   NETWORK   |                Local Address                  |

                               Class A Address

      The second type of address, class B, has a 14-bit network number
      and a 16-bit local address.  The two highest-order bits are set to
      1-0.  This allows 16,384 class B networks.

                            1                   2                   3
        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
       |1 0|           NETWORK         |          Local Address        |

                               Class B Address

      The third type of address, class C, has a 21-bit network number
      and a 8-bit local address.  The three highest-order bits are set
      to 1-1-0.  This allows 2,097,152 class C networks.

                            1                   2                   3
        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
       |1 1 0|                    NETWORK              | Local Address |

                               Class C Address
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      The fourth type of address, class D, is used as a multicast
      address [13].  The four highest-order bits are set to 1-1-1-0.

                            1                   2                   3
        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
       |1 1 1 0|                  multicast address                    |

                               Class D Address

      Note:  No addresses are allowed with the four highest-order bits
      set to 1-1-1-1.  These addresses, called "class E", are reserved.

   One commonly used notation for internet host addresses divides the
   32-bit address into four 8-bit fields and specifies the value of each
   field as a decimal number with the fields separated by periods.  This
   is called the "dotted decimal" notation.  For example, the internet
   address of VENERA.ISI.EDU in dotted decimal is, or

   The dotted decimal notation will be used in the listing of assigned
   network numbers.  The class A networks will have nnn.rrr.rrr.rrr, the
   class B networks will have nnn.nnn.rrr.rrr, and the class C networks
   will have nnn.nnn.nnn.rrr, where nnn represents part or all of a
   network number and rrr represents part or all of a local address.

   There are four catagories of users of Internet Addresses: Research,
   Defense, Government (Non-Defense), and Commercial.  To reflect the
   allocation of network identifiers among the categories, a one-
   character code is placed to the left of the network number: R for
   Research, D for Defense, G for Government, and C for Commercial (see
   Appendix A for further details on this division of the network

   Network numbers are assigned for networks that are connected to the
   research Internet and operational Internet, and for independent
   networks that use the IP family protocols (these are usually
   commercial).  These independent networks are marked with an asterisk
   preceding the number.

   The administrators of independent networks must apply separately for
   permission to interconnect their network with the Internet.
   Independent networks should not be listed in the working tables of
   the Internet hosts or gateways.
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   For various reasons, the assigned numbers of networks are sometimes
   changed.  To ease the transition the old number will be listed for a
   transition period as well.  These "old number" entries will be marked
   with a "T" following the number and preceding the name, and the
   network name will be suffixed "-TEMP".

   Special Addresses:

      In certain contexts, it is useful to have fixed addresses with
      functional significance rather than as identifiers of specific

         The address zero is to be interpreted as meaning "this", as in
         "this network".

            For example, the address could be interpreted as
            meaning host 37 on this network.

         The address of all ones are to be interpreted as meaning "all",
         as in "all hosts".

            For example, the address could be interpreted
            as meaning all hosts on the network 128.9.

         The class A network number 127 is assigned the "loopback"
         function, that is, a datagram sent by a higher level protocol
         to a network 127 address should loop back inside the host.  No
         datagram "sent" to a network 127 address should ever appear on
         any network anywhere.
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Class A Networks

* Internet Address   Network          Name               References
- ----------------   -------          ----               ----------
 *0.rrr.rrr.rrr      Reserved        Reserved              [JBP]
  1.rrr.rrr.rrr-2.rrr.rrr.rrr        Unassigned            [NIC]
C*3.rrr.rrr.rrr      GE-INTERNET     GE TCP/IP Net         [JEB50]
R 4.rrr.rrr.rrr      SATNET          Atlantic Sat Net      [SHB]
  5.rrr.rrr.rrr      Unassigned      Unassigned            [NIC]
D 6.rrr.rrr.rrr      YPG-NET         Yuma Proving Grounds  [4,BWA]
D 7.rrr.rrr.rrr  T   EDN-TEMP        DCEC EDN              [EC5]
R 8.rrr.rrr.rrr      BBNCCNET        BBN Net               [JSG5]
R 9.rrr.rrr.rrr      IBM             IBM Rsch Net          [MT1]
R 10.rrr.rrr.rrr     ARPANET         ARPANET               [4,JS283]
D 11.rrr.rrr.rrr     DODIIS          DoD Intel Info Sys    [AY5]
C 12.rrr.rrr.rrr     ATT             ATT Bell Labs         [MH82]
C 13.rrr.rrr.rrr     XEROX-NET       XEROX Internet        [47,JNL1]
C 14.rrr.rrr.rrr     PDN             Public Data Net       [JS283]
R 15.rrr.rrr.rrr     HP-INTERNET     HP-INTERNET           [18,WU1]
  16.rrr.rrr.rrr-17.rrr.rrr.rrr      Unassigned            [NIC]
R 18.rrr.rrr.rrr T   MIT-TEMP        MIT Net               [9,39,DDC1]
  19.rrr.rrr.rrr-20.rrr.rrr.rrr      Unassigned            [NIC]
D 21.rrr.rrr.rrr     DDN-RVN         DDN-RVN               [MLC]
D 22.rrr.rrr.rrr     DISNET          DISNET                [JM28]
D 23.rrr.rrr.rrr     DDN-TC-NET      DDN-TestCell-Net      [DH17]
  24.rrr.rrr.rrr     Unassigned      Unassigned            [NIC]
R 25.rrr.rrr.rrr     RSRE-EXP        RSRE-EXP              [CDB4]
D 26.rrr.rrr.rrr     MILNET          MILNET                [TMH6]
R 27.rrr.rrr.rrr T   NOSC-LCCN-TEMP  NOSC/LCCN             [RH6]
R 28.rrr.rrr.rrr     WIDEBAND        Wide Band Sat Net     [CJW2]
D 29.rrr.rrr.rrr T   MILX25-TEMP     MILNET X.25 Temp      [MLC]
D 30.rrr.rrr.rrr T   ARPAX25-TEMP    ARPA X.25 Temp        [MLC]
G 31.rrr.rrr.rrr     UCDLA-NET       UCLA-CATALOG-NET      [CL64]
  32.rrr.rrr.rrr-34.rrr.rrr.rrr      Unassigned            [NIC]
R 35.rrr.rrr.rrr     MERIT           MERIT Comp Net        [HWB]
R 36.rrr.rrr.rrr T   SU-NET-TEMP     Stanford Univ Net     [VAF]
  37.rrr.rrr.rrr-38.rrr.rrr.rrr      Unassigned            [NIC]
R 39.rrr.rrr.rrr T   SRINET-TEMP     SRI Local Net         [JMR]
  40.rrr.rrr.rrr     Unassigned      Unassigned            [NIC]
R 41.rrr.rrr.rrr     BBN-TEST-A      BBN-GATE-TEST-A       [RH6]
R 42.rrr.rrr.rrr     CAN-INET        Canadian Rsch Net     [47,PAP4]
R*43.rrr.rrr.rrr     JAPAN-A         Japan Inet            [JM292]
R 44.rrr.rrr.rrr     AMPRNET         Amateur Rad Exp Net   [PK28]
C 45.rrr.rrr.rrr T   SHOWNETA        Trade Show Net        [NIC]
C 46.rrr.rrr.rrr     BBNET           BBN Corp Net          [4,JSG1]
R*47.rrr.rrr.rrr     BNR             BNR Corp Net          [BM178]
  48.rrr.rrr.rrr-126.rrr.rrr.rrr     Unassigned            [NIC]
 *127.rrr.rrr.rrr    Loopback        Loopback              [JBP]
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Class B Networks

* Internet Address   Network          Name               References
- ----------------   -------          ----               ----------
 *128.0.rrr.rrr      Reserved        Reserved                 [JBP]
R 128.1.rrr.rrr      BBN-TEST-B      BBN-GATE-TEST-B          [RH6]
R 128.2.rrr.rrr      CMU-NET         CMU-Ether                [HDW2]
R 128.3.rrr.rrr      LBL-IP-NET1     LBL-CSR-NET              [WJ2]
R 128.4.rrr.rrr      DCNET           LINKABIT DCNET           [32,DLM1]
R 128.5.rrr.rrr      FORDNET         FORD DCNET               [32,FJB3]
R 128.6.rrr.rrr      RUTGERS         RUTGERS                  [CLH3]
R 128.7.rrr.rrr      KRAUTNET        KRAUTNET                 [GB7]
R 128.8.rrr.rrr      UMDNET          Univ of Maryl DCNET      [32,DLM1]
R 128.9.rrr.rrr      ISI-NET         USC-ISI Local Net        [VLG]
R 128.10.rrr.rrr     PURDUE-CS-EN    Purdue CS Ether          [47,DT50]
R 128.11.rrr.rrr     BBN-CRONUS      BBN DOS Proj             [31,PK19]
R 128.12.rrr.rrr     SU-NET          Stanford Univ Net        [VAF]
D 128.13.rrr.rrr     MATNET          Mob Access Term Net      [SHB]
R 128.14.rrr.rrr     BBN-SAT-TEST    BBN SATNET Test Net      [SHB]
R 128.15.rrr.rrr     S1NET           LLL-S1-NET               [RAK12]
R 128.16.rrr.rrr     UCLNET          Univ College London      [PK]
D 128.17.rrr.rrr     MATNET-ALT      Mob Access Term Alt      [SHB]
R 128.18.rrr.rrr     SRINET          SRI Local Net            [TONY]
D 128.19.rrr.rrr     EDN             DCEC EDN                 [EC5]
D 128.20.rrr.rrr     BRLNET          BRLNET                   [4,MJM2]
R 128.21.rrr.rrr     SRI-PR-1        SRI Pck Rad-1 Net        [PEM4]
R 128.22.rrr.rrr     SRI-PR-2        SRI Pck Rad-2 Net        [PEM4]
  128.23.rrr.rrr     Unassigned      Unassigned               [NIC]
R 128.24.rrr.rrr     ROCKWELL-PR     Rockwell Pck Rad Net     [NG]
D 128.25.rrr.rrr     BRAGG-PR        Ft. Bragg Pck Rad Net    [LDB3]
D 128.26.rrr.rrr     SAPE-AIRNET     RADC-SAPE-PR-NET         [CAD13]
D 128.27.rrr.rrr     DEMO-PR-1       Demo-1 Pck Rad Net       [LCS]
D 128.28.rrr.rrr     C3-PR-TEMP      Testbed Dev PR NET       [GMR]
R 128.29.rrr.rrr     MITRE           MITRE Cablenet           [45,TML]
R 128.30.rrr.rrr     MIT-NET         MIT Local Net            [DDC1]
R 128.31.rrr.rrr     MIT-RES         MIT Rsch Net             [DDC1]
R 128.32.rrr.rrr     UCB-ETHER       UC Berkeley Ether        [RWH5]
R 128.33.rrr.rrr     BBN-NET         BBN Net                  [JSG5]
R 128.34.rrr.rrr     NOSC-LCCN       NOSC/LCCN                [RH6]
R 128.35.rrr.rrr     CISLTESTNET1    Honeywell            [22,23,JLM23]
R 128.36.rrr.rrr     YALE-NET        YALE Net                 [47,HML1]
D 128.37.rrr.rrr     YUMA            Army Yuma Proving Grd    [4,RBB2]
D 128.38.rrr.rrr     NSWC-NET        NSWC Local Host Net      [VHB]
R 128.39.rrr.rrr     NTANET          NDRE-TIU                 [PS27]
R 128.40.rrr.rrr     UCL-NET-A       Univ College London      [JA168]
R 128.41.rrr.rrr     UCL-NET-B       Univ College London      [JA168]
R 128.42.rrr.rrr     RICE-NET        Rice Univ                [47,FG50]
R 128.43.rrr.rrr     DRENET          Canada REF ARPANET       [4,JR17]
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D 128.44.rrr.rrr     WSMR-NET1       White Sands Net          [CAS1]
C 128.45.rrr.rrr     DEC-WRL-NET     DEC WRL Net              [47,BKR]
R 128.46.rrr.rrr     PURDUE-NET      Purdue Camp Net          [JRS8]
D 128.47.rrr.rrr     TACTNET         Tactical Pck Net         [3,MB31]
G 128.48.rrr.rrr     UCDLA-NET-B     UCDLA-Net-B              [4,CL64]
R 128.49.rrr.rrr     NOSC-ETHER      NOSC Ether               [47,RLB3]
G 128.50.rrr.rrr     COINS           COINS Online Intnet      [RLS6]
G 128.51.rrr.rrr     COINSTNET       COINS Online Intnet      [RLS6]
R 128.52.rrr.rrr     MIT-AI-NET      MIT AI NET               [47,MDC]
R 128.53.rrr.rrr     SAC-PR-2        SAC PRNET Number 2       [GMR]
R 128.54.rrr.rrr     UCSD            UC San Diego Net         [47,GH29]
R 128.55.rrr.rrr     MFENET          LLNL MFE Net             [47,BCH2]
D 128.56.rrr.rrr     USNA-NET        US Naval Acad Net        [RAD15]
D 128.57.rrr.rrr     DEMO-PR-2       Demo-2 Pck Rad Net       [LCS]
C 128.58.rrr.rrr     SLCS            Schlumberger LCS Net     [47,CG64]
R 128.59.rrr.rrr     CU-NET          Columbia Univ            [47,BC14]
D 128.60.rrr.rrr     NRL-ETHER       NRL Lab Area Net         [WF3]
R 128.61.rrr.rrr     GATECH          Georgia Tech             [47,DD11]
R 128.62.rrr.rrr     MCC-NET         MCC Corp Net             [47,CBD]
R 128.63.rrr.rrr     BRL-SUBNET      BRL-SUBNET-EXP           [MJM2]
R 128.64.rrr.rrr-128.79.rrr.rrr      Net Dynamics Exp         [ZSU]
D 128.80.rrr.rrr     CECOMNET        CECOM EPR NET            [PFS2]
R 128.81.rrr.rrr     SYMBOLICS       SYMBOLICS                [47,SE31]
R 128.82.rrr.rrr     ODU             ODU Rsch Net             [RW164]
R 128.83.rrr.rrr     UTAUSTIN        Univ of Texas Austin     [47,TLL8]
R 128.84.rrr.rrr     CORNELL-NET     Cornell Backbone Net     [47,DK2]
C*128.85.rrr.rrr     DRILL-NET       Teleco Drilltech Net     [DBJ4]
R 128.86.rrr.rrr     MRC             UK.CO.GEC.RL.MRC         [RHC3]
R 128.87.rrr.rrr     HIRST           UK.CO.GEC.RL.HRC         [RHC3]
R*128.88.rrr.rrr     HP-NET          HEWLETT-PACKARD-NET      [AG67]
R 128.89.rrr.rrr     BBN-ENET        BBN Ether Net            [47,SGC]
C*128.90.rrr.rrr     SCRIBE          Scribe Sys               [47,ERC1]
R 128.91.rrr.rrr     UPENN           UPenn Camp Net           [47,IW5]
R 128.92.rrr.rrr     INTELLINET      INTELLICORP NET          [47,RJL3]
R 128.93.rrr.rrr     INRIA-NET       INRIA Rocquencourt       [MS171]
C*128.94.rrr.rrr     SYSNET          AT&T SYSNet              [EY5]
R 128.95.rrr.rrr     WASHINGTON      Comp Sci Ether Net       [47,NJB7]
C 128.96.rrr.rrr     BELLCORE-NET    BELLCORE-NET             [PK28]
R 128.97.rrr.rrr     UCLANET         UCLA Net                 [RBW]
R 128.98.rrr.rrr     RSRE-EN2        RSRE-EXP-NET-2           [JW156]
C 128.99.rrr.rrr     NORTHROP-NET    Northrop Net             [47,RSM1]
R 128.100.rrr.rrr    TORONTO         Univ of Toronto Net      [47,BD55]
R 128.101.rrr.rrr    UMN-NET         Univ of Minn             [PS191]
G 128.102.rrr.rrr    AMES-NET        Ames Backbone Net        [47,MSM1]
R 128.103.rrr.rrr    HARV-FIBER      Harv FiberOp Ether       [47,SB28]
R 128.104.rrr.rrr    WISC-HERD       Univ of Wisconsin        [47,EJN1]
R 128.105.rrr.rrr    WISC            Univ of Wisconsin        [47,BAC9]
D 128.106.rrr.rrr    SRI-PSON-1      ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis       [ERK3]
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D 128.107.rrr.rrr    LEWIS-PRNET1    ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis       [ERK3]
D 128.108.rrr.rrr    LEWIS-PRNET2    ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis       [ERK3]
R 128.109.rrr.rrr    TUCC-MCNC       TUCC-MCNC NC Net         [JRR14]
R 128.110.rrr.rrr    UTAH-NET        UTAH-Camp-NET            [JL15]
R 128.111.rrr.rrr    UCSB            Univ of CA, San Barb     [AKS31]
R 128.112.rrr.rrr    PRINCETON       Princeton Univ           [LRR1]
R 128.113.rrr.rrr    RPINET          RPI-LOCALNET             [JF78]
R 128.114.rrr.rrr    UCSC            Univ of CA, San Cruz     [47,JHH8]
R 128.115.rrr.rrr    LLL-LABNET      LLNL Open Labnet         [LL64]
R 128.116.rrr.rrr    USAN            UNIV Sat NET             [47,JHC12]
R 128.117.rrr.rrr    UCAR            UNIV CORP ATM RSCH       [47,JHC12]
R 128.118.rrr.rrr    PENN-STATE      Penn State Net           [SJS11]
R 128.119.rrr.rrr    UMASS-NET       UMass COINS Dept LAN     [47,GW40]
R 128.120.rrr.rrr    UCDAVIS         Univ of CA, Davis Net    [47,RH5]
R 128.121.rrr.rrr    JVNC-NET        John von Neu Ctr Net     [SH37]
R 128.122.rrr.rrr    NYU-NET         NYU Camp Net             [BJR2]
R 128.123.rrr.rrr    NMSU            N M State Univ           [47,MSP1]
R 128.124.rrr.rrr    NTA-TEMP        NTARE BF-TO-PDP11        [TM10]
R 128.125.rrr.rrr    USCNET          USC Camp Net             [47,MAB4]
R 128.126.rrr.rrr    UNISYS-PRC      UNISYS-PRC               [47,JWM3]
C 128.127.rrr.rrr    FTP-SOFTWARE    FTP Soft Net             [JBV2]
R 128.128.rrr.rrr    WHOINET         WHOI Camp Net            [ARM5]
C*128.129.rrr.rrr    CGI             Carnegie Grp             [RA62]
R*128.130.rrr.rrr    TUNET-T         TU Wien Term Net         [47,JD238]
R*128.131.rrr.rrr    TUNET-F         TU Wien File Net         [47,JD238]
G 128.132.rrr.rrr    RADC-LONS       RADC-LONS Net            [47,SWR3]
G 128.133.rrr.rrr    AFSC-LONS       AFSC-LONS Net            [47,SWR3]
R 128.134.rrr.rrr    SDN             Sys Dev Net              [6,7,HC2]
R 128.135.rrr.rrr    U-CHICAGO       Univ of Chicago          [47,MC17]
R 128.136.rrr.rrr    TEK-ALLNET      Teknowledge-Net          [47,TE16]
R*128.137.rrr.rrr    GENNET1         Genentech Corp Net       [47,SM96]
R 128.138.rrr.rrr    COLORADO        U Colo Boulder           [47,RAJ8]
R 128.139.rrr.rrr    ILAN            Israel Academic Net      [47,DB35]
R 128.140.rrr.rrr    EMORY-INET      Emory Int                [47,AR60]
R*128.141.rrr.rrr    CERN-ETHER      DD Main Ether            [47,BMS2]
R*128.142.rrr.rrr    CERN-TOKEN      DD Main IBM Token        [47,BMS2]
R 128.143.rrr.rrr    VIRGINIA        Univ of Virginia         [47,JAJ17]
R*128.144.rrr.rrr    ARC-CALGARY     Alta Rsch Calgary        [DK66]
R 128.145.rrr.rrr    NYSERNET        NYSERNET                 [MS9]
R 128.146.rrr.rrr    OHIO-STATE      Ohio State Univ          [RSD2]
R 128.147.rrr.rrr    U-PGH-NET       Univ Pittsburgh Net      [SM6]
R 128.148.rrr.rrr    BROWN-UNIV      Brown Univ Net           [MR29]
G 128.149.rrr.rrr    JPL-NET         JPL Central Net          [MSM1]
G 128.150.rrr.rrr    NSF-LAN         NSF-LAN                  [FW17]
R 128.151.rrr.rrr    UR-NET          Univ of Rochester        [TM57]
C 128.152.rrr.rrr    HAC-ENET        Hughes Air VLSI Net      [PH45]
R 128.153.rrr.rrr    CLARKSON        Clarkson Univ            [ABS6]
G 128.154.rrr.rrr    WFF-NET         NASA WFF Net             [MSM1]
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G 128.155.rrr.rrr    LARC-NET        LARC Central Net         [MSM1]
G 128.156.rrr.rrr    LERC-NET        LERC Central Net         [MSM1]
G 128.157.rrr.rrr    JSC-NET         JSC Central Net          [MSM1]
G 128.158.rrr.rrr    MSFC-NET        MSFC Central NEt         [MSM1]
G 128.159.rrr.rrr    KSC-NET         KSC Central Net          [MSM1]
G 128.160.rrr.rrr    NSTL-NET        NSTL Central Net         [JH174]
G 128.161.rrr.rrr    NSN-NET         NASA Sci Net             [MSM1]
C 128.162.rrr.rrr    CRAY-NET        Cray Rsch                [DJD30]
R 128.163.rrr.rrr    UKY             Univ of Kentucky         [GB43]
R 128.164.rrr.rrr    GWU-GATE        George Wash Univ         [TT35]
G 128.165.rrr.rrr    LANL-INET       LANL Inter-Net           [PCW]
D*128.166.rrr.rrr    BAC-NET         Boeing Aero Corp Net     [JJ48]
R 128.167.rrr.rrr    SURA            SURANET                  [JH92]
C 128.168.rrr.rrr    GOLDHILL        Gold Hill Comps          [EJS1]
R 128.169.rrr.rrr    UTK             Univ Tenn-Knoxville      [JDC20]
R 128.170.rrr.rrr    UNISYS-CAM      Unisys Camarillo R&D     [DSR]
R 128.171.rrr.rrr    HAWAII          Univ of Hawaii           [TN11]
R 128.172.rrr.rrr    VCU-LAN         VCU-LAN                  [JN40]
R 128.173.rrr.rrr    VA-TECH         Virginia Tech Net        [PB40]
R 128.174.rrr.rrr    UIUC-CAMPUS-B   UIUC Camp Net            [PP14]
R 128.175.rrr.rrr    UDELNET         U of Delaware Net        [DJG2]
R*128.176.rrr.rrr    DMSWWU-ETHER    DMSWWU Ether             [GR26]
C*128.177.rrr.rrr    BLI-NET         Britton Lee Net          [EPA]
R*128.178.rrr.rrr    EPF-ETHER1      Ecublens Camp Net        [YD2]
R*128.179.rrr.rrr    EPF-ETHER2      Cedres Camp Net          [YD2]
R 128.180.rrr.rrr    LEHIGH          Lehigh Univ              [47,MM149]
C 128.181.rrr.rrr    TEKTRONIX       Tektronix Eng            [JB218]
R 128.182.rrr.rrr    PSCNET          PSC Affiliates Net       [EFH4]
R 128.183.rrr.rrr    GSFC            NASA/GSFC                [JB113]
R*128.184.rrr.rrr    DEAKINET        Deakin Univ Net          [JM303]
C 128.185.rrr.rrr    PROTEON-NET     Proteon Net              [JS28]
R 128.186.rrr.rrr    FSU             Florida State Univ       [KMH8]
R 128.187.rrr.rrr    BYU-NET         BYU-NET                  [KCM2]
R 128.188.rrr.rrr    M2CNET          Mass VLSI/CAD Net        [SD1]
R 128.189.rrr.rrr    BCNET           British Columbia Net     [DO26]
G 128.190.rrr.rrr    BELVOIR         BRADEC SubNet            [MDS30]
C*128.191.rrr.rrr    NECIS-NET       NEC Info Sys Net         [DP71]
R 128.192.rrr.rrr    UGA             UGNET                    [EHH4]
R 128.193.rrr.rrr    ORST            Oregon State Univ Net    [BA26]
R 128.194.rrr.rrr    TAMU-NET        Texas A&M Univ           [WM68]
R 128.195.rrr.rrr    UCIICS-NET      UCI ICS Net              [RAJ3]
R 128.196.rrr.rrr    UNIV-ARIZ       U of Ariz Rsch Net       [TF30]
R 128.197.rrr.rrr    BU-NET          BU-NET                   [JSOL]
R 128.198.rrr.rrr    CU-COLOSPGS     CU-Colo-Spgs-Net         [47,RDG12]
R*128.199.rrr.rrr    STC             STC PLC Co Net           [AM54]
R 128.200.rrr.rrr    UCI-NET         UCI Camp Net             [DW96]
R*128.201.rrr.rrr    REUNIR          Reseau des Univ          [RN25]
D 128.202.rrr.rrr    CSOCNET         2SW SPACENET LAN         [JJD12]
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R*128.203.rrr.rrr    UB-INC          Ungermann-Bass Inc       [DXC]
R 128.204.rrr.rrr    ALBNYNET        U at Albany Net          [BEC1]
R 128.205.rrr.rrr    UBUFFALONET     UNIVOFBUFFALONET         [CFD4]
R 128.206.rrr.rrr    MONET           Univ-of-Mo-Net           [BEC5]
C*128.207.rrr.rrr    BOEING-PSN      Boeing-Puget Sound       [47,JSY2]
R 128.208.rrr.rrr    WASH-NSF        Wash-NSF                 [47,SH47]
C 128.209.rrr.rrr    NYNEXSTNET      NYNEX Sci and Tech       [MC65]
R 128.210.rrr.rrr    PURDUE-CCNET    Purdue Comp Ctr          [47,JS81]
R 128.211.rrr.rrr    PURDUE-CS-CYP   CYPRESS-HUB-PURDUE       [DT50]
C*128.212.rrr.rrr    ISCNET          ISC Corp Net             [DM27]
R 128.213.rrr.rrr    RPICSNET        RPI CSNet                [47,CW42]
R 128.214.rrr.rrr    FUNET           Finnish Univ Net         [47,JH141]
C*128.215.rrr.rrr    INTEL-NT        INTEL Eng Net            [47,HC24]
D 128.216.rrr.rrr    CC-PRNET        CENTCOM Pck Rad Net      [47,GIH]
G 128.217.rrr.rrr    NASA-KSC-OIS    NASA KSC OIS             [47,MSM1]
R 128.218.rrr.rrr    UCSF-NET        Univ of CA, San Fran     [47,TF6]
R 128.219.rrr.rrr    ORNL-NETB1      ORNL Local Area Net      [29,THD]
R 128.220.rrr.rrr    JHU             Johns Hopkins Univ       [47,RLR46]
R 128.221.rrr.rrr    DGPN1           Data Gen Priv Net 1      [47,PSS1]
C 128.222.rrr.rrr    DGPN2           Data Gen Priv Net 2      [47,PSS1]
R 128.223.rrr.rrr    UONET           Univ of Oregon Net       [47,DS85]
C*128.224.rrr.rrr    EPILOGUE        Epilogue Tech            [KA4]
C*128.225.rrr.rrr    BOEING-EN       Boeing-East Net          [47,JSY2]
R 128.226.rrr.rrr    BINGHAMTON      UNIVATBINGHAMTON         [47,RM120]
R 128.227.rrr.rrr    UFNET           Univ of Florida Net      [47,AW48]
R 128.228.rrr.rrr    CUNY            City Univ of NY          [47,SMP2]
R 128.229.rrr.rrr    ADSNET          Adv Dec Sys Net          [47,BJL5]
R 128.230.rrr.rrr    SYR-UNIV-NET    Syracuse Univ Net        [47,JW47]
G 128.231.rrr.rrr    NIH-NET         Natl Insts of Health     [17,RF57]
R*128.232.rrr.rrr    CL-CAM-AC-UK    Univ Camb Comp Lab       [47,MAJ1]
R*128.233.rrr.rrr    USASK           Univ of Sask Net         [47,LRC7]
R*128.234.rrr.rrr    COS-NET         COS Net                  [47,AP25]
R 128.235.rrr.rrr    NJIT            NJIT Net                 [47,BM79]
D 128.236.rrr.rrr    USAFA-NET       US AF Acad Net           [47,GEOFF]
R 128.237.rrr.rrr    CMU-SEI-NET     SEI Ether                [47,PDB5]
R 128.238.rrr.rrr    POLY-U-NET      Polytech Univ Net        [47,AMM14]
R 128.239.rrr.rrr    WM-NET          William and Mary Net     [47,SF34]
R*128.240.rrr.rrr    NCL             Newcastle Camp Net       [47,AL46]
R 128.241.rrr.rrr    SESQUINET       SESQUINET                [GTA]
R 128.242.rrr.rrr    MIDNET          Midwest Reg Net          [MM147]
R*128.243.rrr.rrr    NOTT-AC-UK      Univ of Notting Net      [47,WA16]
D 128.244.rrr.rrr    APL-NET         Applied Phy Lab Net      [47,SAK3]
R 128.245.rrr.rrr    SRA-CT-NET      SRA-CONNECTICUT-NET      [20,JSS4]
C*128.246.rrr.rrr    CGCH-WIRZ       WIRZ Scientific Net      [17,HN3]
C 128.247.rrr.rrr    TI              Texas Instruments        [DF71]
R 128.248.rrr.rrr    UIC-NET         Univ of Ill-Chicago      [47,EZ3]
R 128.249.rrr.rrr    TMC-NET         Texas Med Ctr Net        [47,SB98]
R*128.250.rrr.rrr    UNIMELB         Univ of Melbourne        [47,CC89]
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C*128.251.rrr.rrr    ROCKW-TELEDA    Rockwell-Tele            [47,JCW12]
R 128.252.rrr.rrr    WASHINGTON-U    Wash Univ Net            [26,DGH13]
R 128.253.rrr.rrr    CCS-NET         Cornell Univ Comp Net    [DC126]
R*128.254.rrr.rrr    FMC-NOD         FMC-NOD                  [47,WCW7]
R 128.255.rrr.rrr    UIOWA           Univ of Iowa Camp Net    [MN54]
  129.0.rrr.rrr      Reserved        Reserved                 [JBP]
R 129.1.rrr.rrr      BGSU            Bowling Green State      [SH71]
R 129.2.rrr.rrr      UMD-BOGON-NET   UMD Student Net          [47,LAM1]
R 129.3.rrr.rrr      SUNY-OSWEGO-NET SUNY - Oswego            [47,PRT2]
C 129.4.rrr.rrr      TRW             TRW Info Net             [47,GGB2]
R*129.5.rrr.rrr      HGCNET          HARTFORDGRADCTRGNET      [46,AG61]
G 129.6.rrr.rrr      NBS             NBS Net                  [47,CWH3]
R 129.7.rrr.rrr      UH-NET          Univ of Houston Net      [47,JH155]
R 129.8.rrr.rrr      CSUFRESNO       CSUFresno CSci Net       [47,RP88]
C*129.9.rrr.rrr      CHRYSLER-NET    CHRYSLER-Int             [RER20]
R 129.10.rrr.rrr   NORTHEASTERN-NET  Northeastern Net         [47,CJ38]
R*129.11.rrr.rrr     LEEDS           Leeds Univ Net           [47,AJC11]
R*129.12.rrr.rrr     UKC             UKC Camp Net             [47,SL55]
R*129.13.rrr.rrr     LINK            Karlsruhe Net            [47,MR78]
C*129.14.rrr.rrr     SBINY           Salomon Brothers Inc     [47,BC72]
R 129.15.rrr.rrr     UOKNOR          Univ of Okla, Norman     [JW136]
R 129.16.rrr.rrr     CTH-NET         Chalmers Univ            [GL41]
R*129.17.rrr.rrr     SSED-NET        Honeywell-SSED-NET       [DM147]
C 129.18.rrr.rrr     NEXT-NET        NEXT, Inc Net            [47,PFK]
R 129.19.rrr.rrr     WESTNET         Western Reg Net          [47,DCMW]
R 129.20.rrr.rrr     VERDUR          VERDUR                   [RN25]
R*129.21.rrr.rrr     RIT             Rochester InstofTech     [47,CF35]
R 129.22.rrr.rrr     CWRUNET         CWRU Camp Net            [47,JAG3]
R 129.23.rrr.rrr     SDIO-INTERNET   SDIO Wide Area Int       [47,KDZ]
R 129.24.rrr.rrr     UNM-CDCN        Univ of New Mexico Net   [SM137]
R 129.25.rrr.rrr     DREXEL          Drexel Univ              [47,RR97]
R*129.26.rrr.rrr     GMD-DE          GMD Net (Germany)        [47,PM72]
C*129.27.rrr.rrr     WEDGE-NET       Wedge Comp Net           [DTH]
  129.28.rrr.rrr     Unassigned      Unassigned               [NIC]
D 129.29.rrr.rrr     USMANET         US Military Acad Net     [47,BAT4]
C 129.30.rrr.rrr     HONEYWELL       Honeywell Inc Net        [47,DB97]
R*129.31.rrr.rrr     ICNET           Imperial College         [47,LM88]
R 129.32.rrr.rrr     TEMPLE          Temple Univ Net      [35,47,TES16]
R 129.33.rrr.rrr     IBM             IBM Research Net         [JP247]
R 129.34.rrr.rrr     IBM-WATSON      IBM T.J. Watson Net      [BR92]
R 129.35.rrr.rrr-129.42.rrr.rrr      IBM Research Net         [JP247]
R 129.43.rrr.rrr     NCI-FCRF        Frederick Cancer Net     [47,WLB5]
C*129.44.rrr.rrr     NYTEL1095NET    NYTEL1095NET             [47,HT12]
C*129.45.rrr.rrr     NYTELNOCNET1    NYTELNOCNET1             [47,JO54]
C 129.46.rrr.rrr     QUALNET         QUALCOMM Ether           [47,TM37]
C*129.47.rrr.rrr     SYTEK-INC       Sytek Corp MV            [AB90]
D 129.48.rrr.rrr     WPAFB-CDS-NET   WPAFB-CDS-Net            [47,CMC6]
R 129.49.rrr.rrr     SUNY-SB         SUNY at Stony Brook      [47,JM414]
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G*129.50.rrr.rrr     PSCN            NASA/PSCN TCP/IP         [BRB8]
D 129.51.rrr.rrr     ESMC-LONS       SAMTO-ESMC LONS          [47,SWR3]
D 129.52.rrr.rrr     WPAFB-LONS      W. Patt AFB LONS         [47,SWR3]
D 129.53.rrr.rrr     HANSCOM         HANSCOM-NET              [47,DD63]
D 129.54.rrr.rrr     WSMC-LONS       SAMTO-WSMC LONS          [47,SWR3]
R 129.55.rrr.rrr     LINCOLN-MI      Lincoln Mach Int Net     [47,KLS24]
D*129.56.rrr.rrr     AUXNET-PR       CAP Pck Rad Net          [KFS]
R 129.57.rrr.rrr     CEBAF           CEBAF Local Area Net     [47,RC247]
R*129.58.rrr.rrr     SRPNET          Savannah Riv Plt Net     [47,MJ33]
R 129.59.rrr.rrr     VANDERBILT      Vanderbilt Univ          [EZ8]
R 129.60.rrr.rrr     NTT-INET        NTT Rsch Lab Net       [26,47,YS10]
D 129.61.rrr.rrr     ECONET          Eglin Comp Net           [47,CG1]
R*129.62.rrr.rrr     BAYLOR          Baylor Univ Prim Net     [47,BL31]
R 129.63.rrr.rrr     ULOWELL         Univ of Lowell Net       [47,RS414]
R*129.64.rrr.rrr     BRANDEIS        Brandeis Univ            [JSM11]
R 129.65.rrr.rrr     CALPOLY         Cal Poly State U-SLO     [47,ML95]
R 129.66.rrr.rrr     ASN-NET         Alabama Super Net        [33,JRS48]
R*129.67.rrr.rrr     OXFORDNET       Oxford Univ Ether        [47,MH118]
R*129.68.rrr.rrr     SJU-NET         St. Joseph's Ether       [47,JP147]
R*129.69.rrr.rrr     RUS-NET         Univ of Stuttgart Net    [KDM6]
R*129.70.rrr.rrr     BINET           Bielefeld Univ Net       [33,WH64]
R 129.71.rrr.rrr     WVNET           West Virginia Net        [RL104]
R 129.72.rrr.rrr     UWYO            Univ of Wyoming Net      [47,RM177]
C 129.73.rrr.rrr     SIEMENS         Siemens Rsch             [47,MB143]
R 129.74.rrr.rrr     NOTRE-DAME      Univ of Notre Dame Net   [MDE3]
C*129.75.rrr.rrr     MASSCOMP-NET    MASSCOMP Corp Net        [47,BD56]
C*129.76.rrr.rrr     ROSEMOUNT       Rosemount Inc            [47,JW266]
C*129.77.rrr.rrr     OXFORD-TP       Oxford Trading Part      [47,KRM5]
R*129.78.rrr.rrr     SYDNET          Univ of Sydney Net       [DP149]
R 129.79.rrr.rrr     INDIANA-NET     Indiana Univ Net         [BS69]
C*129.80.rrr.rrr     STORTEK         Storage Tek Corp         [26,DB162]
R 129.81.rrr.rrr     TULANE-NET      Tulane Univ              [26,JV41]
R 129.82.rrr.rrr     CSUNET          Colo State Univ          [47,SM83]
D 129.83.rrr.rrr     MITRE-B-NETB    MITRE-BEDFORD EtherB     [47,BSW]
C 129.84.rrr.rrr     TWG-NET         The Wollongong Net       [TN29]
R 129.85.rrr.rrr     ROCK            Rockefeller Univ         [47,MK38]
C*129.86.rrr.rrr     SANDERS         Sanders Assoc, Inc       [47,RT60]
C 129.87.rrr.rrr     SLBSDRNET       Schlumberger SDR Net     [47,RK75]
R 129.88.rrr.rrr     IMAG            Grenoble CS Labs         [PL37]
R 129.89.rrr.rrr     MILW-IPNET      UW-Milwaukee IP Net      [47,JSL9]
C*129.90.rrr.rrr     INTEVEP         INTEVEP Net              [47,RA66]
R 129.91.rrr.rrr     ENCORE          Encore-Marlboro          [47,IRN]
D 129.92.rrr.rrr     AFIT            AF Inst of Tech          [26,DWD20]
R 129.93.rrr.rrr     HUSKERNET       UNL Camp Net             [MM147]
R*129.94.rrr.rrr     UNSW            Univ of NSW Net          [47,PG40]
R 129.95.rrr.rrr     OREGRADNET      Oregon Grad Ctr Net      [JC235]
R*129.96.rrr.rrr     FLINDERS-UNI    Flinders Camp Net        [26,TGN]
R 129.97.rrr.rrr     UWNET           Univ of Waterloo Net     [47,WCWI]
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R*129.98.rrr.rrr     ALNET           Albert Einstein College  [47,RNB5]
G 129.99.rrr.rrr     NAS-NET         NAS Super Net            [47,JL52]
R 129.100.rrr.rrr    UWO-NET         U of Western Ontario     [47,PM81]
R 129.101.rrr.rrr    IDAHO-ENGR      Idaho Eng/EE             [WDS11]
R*129.102.rrr.rrr    IRCAM           IRCAM                    [MF14]
C*129.103.rrr.rrr    NERV            Nixdorf Dev Comp Net     [HG20]
R 129.104.rrr.rrr    POLY            Polytechnique Net        [47,GG68]
R 129.105.rrr.rrr    NWUNET          Northwestern Univ Net    [47,JPD18]
R 129.106.rrr.rrr    UTHOUSTON       UT Houston Components    [47,LN47]
R 129.107.rrr.rrr    UTARLINGTON     UT Arlington             [47,RDC36]
R 129.108.rrr.rrr    OTS-129-108     UTOTS Network            [47,LSV]
R 129.109.rrr.rrr    UTGALVESTON     UT Med Branch            [47,MH225]
R 129.110.rrr.rrr    UTDALLAS        UT Dallas                [47,DLL32]
R 129.111.rrr.rrr    UTHSCSA         UT Health Sci Ctr        [47,CA80]
R 129.112.rrr.rrr    UTSWMED         UT Southwest Med Ctr     [47,VS50]
R 129.113.rrr.rrr    OTS-129-113     UTOTS Network            [47,LSV]
R 129.114.rrr.rrr    UTCCSPRD        UT MD Anderson Ctr       [47,MM352]
R 129.115.rrr.rrr    OTS-129-115     UTOTS Network            [47,LSV]
R 129.116.rrr.rrr    CHPCHYPERHOSE   UT Ctr High Perf Comp    [47,WLJ7]
R 129.117.rrr.rrr    THENETMN        THENETMN                 [47,LSV]
R 129.118.rrr.rrr    TTUNET          Texas Tech Univ          [47,JS450]
R 129.119.rrr.rrr    SOUTHMETHUNIV   Southern Methodist U     [47,LSV]
R 129.120.rrr.rrr    UNTEXAS         North Texas State Univ   [47,BB194]
R 129.121.rrr.rrr    NMTECHNET       New Mexico Technet       [47,IMK1]
C 129.122.rrr.rrr    PRIME           PRIME Comp Inc           [RLU3]
R 129.123.rrr.rrr    USU             USU                      [47,RLR36]
C 129.124.rrr.rrr    GMRLNET         Gen Motors Rsch          [47,LR44]
R*129.125.rrr.rrr    RUGNET          RUG Univ Net             [47,HH37]
C 129.126.rrr.rrr    KODAK           KODAK Net                [47,DM269]
R*129.127.rrr.rrr    ADELAIDE-UNI    Univ Adelaide Net        [47,JB254]
R*129.128.rrr.rrr    U-ALBERTA       Univ of Alberta Net      [47,SS131]
R*129.129.rrr.rrr    PSI-ETHER       PSI Camp Net             [47,BH103]
R 129.130.rrr.rrr    KSUNET          KSU Camp Net             [BAV]
D 129.131.rrr.rrr    NWCNET          NAVWPNCENNET             [47,EG17]
R*129.132.rrr.rrr    ETH-ETHER       ETH/UNIZH Camp Net       [28,MA63]
R 129.133.rrr.rrr    WESNET          Wesleyan Univ Net        [47,JGD1]
C*129.134.rrr.rrr    HCSD-NET        Harris Comp Net          [47,DR49]
C*129.135.rrr.rrr    INGR            Intergraph Corp Net      [26,GS91]
R*129.136.rrr.rrr    NRCJ            NRC-JAPAN Net            [47,MS195]
R 129.137.rrr.rrr    UN-OF-CINCI     Univ of Cincinnati       [47,RB253]
R 129.138.rrr.rrr    NMTECH          New Mexico Tech          [47,MJA14]
D 129.139.rrr.rrr    PICANET         Pica Arsenal LAN         [47,RFD1]
R 129.140.rrr.rrr    NSFNET-BB       NSFNET-BACKBONE          [HWB]
D 129.141.rrr.rrr    GAFSNET         Gunter AFS X.25 Net      [BPW1]
R 129.142.rrr.rrr    DENET           Danish Net               [JPS21]
R*129.143.rrr.rrr    BELWUE          Baden-Wuertemberg Ext    [CL80]
C 129.144.rrr.rrr-129.159.rrr.rrr    Sun Microsystems, Inc    [47,BN4]
R*129.160.rrr.rrr    SOLARIUM        The Radian Net           [47,JL152]
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R*129.161.rrr.rrr    HGCGNET         HARTFORDGRADCTRGNET      [46,AG61]
R 129.162.rrr.rrr    SWRI-NET        SW Rsch Inst Net         [FF20]
G*129.163.rrr.rrr    NASA-JSCSSE     NASA JSC Space Sta       [21,DGL4]
G*129.164.rrr.rrr    NASA-SSPOSSE    NASA SSPO Space Sta      [21,DGL4]
G*129.165.rrr.rrr    NASA-GSFCSSE    NASA GSFC Space Sta      [21,DGL4]
G*129.166.rrr.rrr    NASA-JFKSSE     NASA JFK Space Sta       [21,DGL4]
G*129.167.rrr.rrr    NASA-MSFCSSE    NASA MSFC Space Sta      [21,DGL4]
G*129.168.rrr.rrr    NASA-LRCSSE     NASA LRC Space Sta       [21,DGL4]
R*129.169.rrr.rrr    ENG-CAM-UK      Eng, Cambridge, UK       [47,JMRM]
R 129.170.rrr.rrr    DART-ETHER      Dartmouth Ether          [SC59]
R 129.171.rrr.rrr    MIAMI           Univ of Miami            [47,HWP2]
R 129.172.rrr.rrr    ROK             Rockwell Intl Corp       [TGS6]
R*129.173.rrr.rrr    DALNET          Dalhousie Univ Net       [47,JS338]
R 129.174.rrr.rrr    MASONET         The GMU Univ             [47,TH15]
R 129.175.rrr.rrr    PARIS-SUD       Paris-Sud-Orsay          [RD104]
R 129.176.rrr.rrr    MAYO            Mayo Med Rsch Net        [47,GB125]
R 129.177.rrr.rrr    BERGEN-NET      Norwegian Academic Net   [47,PS27]
R 129.178.rrr.rrr    NORWAY-TWO      Norwegian Academic Net   [47,PS27]
C*129.179.rrr.rrr    CDCNET-PROD     CDC Corp Net             [RAM57]
R*129.180.rrr.rrr    UNE-CAMPUS      UNE Camp Lan             [47,GS119]
C*129.181.rrr.rrr    LV-BULL         Louveciennes Bull        [OD8]
C*129.182.rrr.rrr    CL-BULL         Les Clayes Bull          [JPW11]
C*129.183.rrr.rrr    EC-BULL         Echirolles Bull          [JPC17]
C*129.184.rrr.rrr    PR-BULL         Gambetta Bull            [FH35]
C*129.185.rrr.rrr    MY-BULL         Massy Bull               [MQ7]
R 129.186.rrr.rrr    CYCLONENET      ISU Cyclone Net          [47,RD108]
R*129.187.rrr.rrr    BAVARIAN-NET    Bavarian Univ Net        [47,WS94]
R 129.188.rrr.rrr    MOTOROLA        Motorola Engineernet     [47,CC99]
R 129.189.rrr.rrr    ICONET-ORC      Olivetti Rsch Net        [47,DAVE]
D 129.190.rrr.rrr    ASECC           ASECC Facilities Net     [RT114]
C 129.191.rrr.rrr    NSCO            Net Sys Corp             [GS123]
C 129.192.rrr.rrr    ACC-NET         ACC Int Net              [AB20]
C 129.193.rrr.rrr    TRW-ED-NET      TRW Elec and Def Net     [47,MM313]
R*129.194.rrr.rrr    UNIGE-CENTER    Univ of Geneva-Ctr       [17,AS116]
R*129.195.rrr.rrr    UNIGE-HOP       Univ of Geneva-Hosp      [17,AS116]
C*129.196.rrr.rrr    JOHN-FLUKE      John Fluke Net           [26,JS210]
C*129.197.rrr.rrr    LMSC-CNU        LMSC Net Utility         [DD112]
D 129.198.rrr.rrr    ELAN            Edwards AFB LAN          [26,DDK1]
R 129.199.rrr.rrr    ENS-NET         FNET-ENS-ULM             [47,JV53]
D*129.200.rrr.rrr    DAC-BACK-NET    DAC Co Backbone          [RAY4]
C*129.201.rrr.rrr-129.204.rrr.rrr    GE-Internet              [47,JEB50]
R 129.205.rrr.rrr    CDCNET          Control Data Net         [47,JAW34]
R*129.206.rrr.rrr    HD-NET          Heidelberg Net           [LB110]
R 129.207.rrr.rrr    PVAMU-NET       Prairie View Univ Net    [FE6]
R*129.208.rrr.rrr    BIRMINGHAM      Univ of Birmingham       [47,RJH37]
D 129.209.rrr.rrr    BRLNETS         BRL Net                  [DET]
R*129.210.rrr.rrr    SCU-NET         San Clara Univ Net       [WD27]
C*129.211.rrr.rrr    ISCS-NET        ISC Sys Int              [26,DS59]
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R*129.212.rrr.rrr    AMDAHL-UTS      Amdahl UTS Soft Grp      [47,GAM8]
C 129.213.rrr.rrr    BRIDGE          Bridge Comms             [47,JW196]
C*129.214.rrr.rrr    PYRAMID-TECH    Pyramid Tech Net         [47,ER76]
R*129.215.rrr.rrr    EU-NET          Edinburgh Univ           [26,WSC5]
R 129.216.rrr.rrr    NRC-NET         NRC Dev Net              [47,IHM]
R*129.217.rrr.rrr    UNIDO-LAN       UniDo Camp Net           [47,RV32]
R*129.218.rrr.rrr    UNISYS-SP       Unisys Sperry Park       [47,SJP10]
R 129.219.rrr.rrr    ASU-NET         Arizona State Net        [47,AC85]
C*129.220.rrr.rrr-129.227.rrr.rrr    UNISYS NET2              [47,CC129]
C*129.228.rrr.rrr    WESTINGHOUSE    WESTINGHOUSE IP Net      [47,CWR4]
G 129.229.rrr.rrr    USA-CECER       US Army Corps of Eng     [47,DB186]
C*129.230.rrr.rrr    AMOCO           Amoco Rsch Comp Net      [SG83]
C*129.231.rrr.rrr    DIGICOMM-NET    Dig Comm Int Net         [47,WF42]
R*129.232.rrr.rrr    BITNET          BITNET II Backbone       [LCV]
R*129.233.rrr.rrr    FHG-IAO         IAO Int Net              [47,DW139]
R*129.234.rrr.rrr    DURHAM          Durham Camp Net          [47,JC288]
R 129.235.rrr.rrr    SRCNET          Honeywell SRC Net        [47,CRT4]
R 129.236.rrr.rrr    LDGO-NET        LAMONT-DOHERTY-NET       [47,RGB14]
R 129.237.rrr.rrr    JAYHAWKNET      KU Camp Nets             [DN32]
R 129.238.rrr.rrr    AFWL-NET        AF Weapons Lab Net       [CF57]
G*129.239.rrr.rrr    HI-CFSG         HI Flight Sys            [47,LP71]
R 129.240.rrr.rrr    UIONET          Univ Olso Net            [47,JT122]
R 129.241.rrr.rrr    UNITNET         Univ Trondheim Net       [47,HE15]
R 129.242.rrr.rrr    UIBNET          Univ Bergen Net          [47,JT122]
G*129.243.rrr.rrr    MMAGNET         Martin Marietta          [47,DR137]
R 129.244.rrr.rrr    KEHNET          Comp Sci and Eng Ether   [PLH8]
C*129.245.rrr.rrr    PAC-BELL        Pacific Bell             [47,DSP11]
D 129.246.rrr.rrr    IDA             IDA HQ Net               [47,BS157]
R 129.247.rrr.rrr    DFVRL-NET       DFVLR-Rsch-NET           [47,CR24]
C 129.248.rrr.rrr    APOLLO          Apol Corp Net            [NM31]
R*129.249.rrr.rrr    FX-DEV-NET2     FX Allareas-10MB         [47,HH45]
R 129.250.rrr.rrr    PRPNET          PA Rsch Net              [47,BE6]
D 129.251.rrr.rrr    SLAN-BSN        Base-Support-Net         [LA55]
R*129.252.rrr.rrr    SCAROLINA       SC Rsch Net              [26,AY11]
C*129.253.rrr.rrr    WESDIGCO        Western Dig Net       [26,47,SD78]
R*129.254.rrr.rrr    ETRI            ETRI Comp Net            [47,KH74]
  129.255.rrr.rrr    Reserved        Reserved                 [JBP]
  130.0.rrr.rrr      Reserved        Reserved                 [JBP]
C*130.1.rrr.rrr-130.10.rrr.rrr       Boeing Nets              [26,DJB34]
G 130.11.rrr.rrr     GEORES          GEONET-RESTON            [JRF]
R*130.12.rrr.rrr     ORNET           Ontario Rsch Net         [DG110]
C 130.13.rrr.rrr     USWEST          US West                  [47,DCM20]
G 130.14.rrr.rrr     NLM-ETHER       NLM Local Area Net       [47,JA1]
R 130.15.rrr.rrr     QUEENSU         Queen's Univ             [47,AH81]
D 130.16.rrr.rrr     BCN             BRdband Cable Net        [47,JRC27]
R 130.17.rrr.rrr     CSUSTAN         Cal State Stanislaus     [47,TC84]
R 130.18.rrr.rrr     MSSTATE         Miss State Univ Net      [26,MR137]
C*130.19.rrr.rrr     PGE             Pacific Gas & Elec       [47,AC96]
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G 130.20.rrr.rrr     PNLNET          Pacific NW Lab Net       [47,SCT2]
C*130.21.rrr.rrr     PRIME-CV        Prime/CompVision         [RLU3]
D 130.22.rrr.rrr     DCA-RESTON      DCA-Reston Area Net      [AR57]
C*130.23.rrr.rrr-130.32.rrr.rrr      Hewlett-Packard          [DCL10]
R 130.33.rrr.rrr     SARNOFF         DSRC Net                 [47,RJP23]
R*130.34.rrr.rrr     TAINS           Tohoku Univ Net          [47,YK3]
C*130.35.rrr.rrr     ORACLE-CORP     Oracle Corp Net          [47,DAA14]
C*130.36.rrr.rrr     ABBOTT          ABBOTT Labs              [JES55]
R*130.37.rrr.rrr     VU-NET          VU Int                   [47,HVS1]
C 130.38.rrr.rrr     MDC-NET         MDC Nets Gw              [26,KRH4]
R 130.39.rrr.rrr     TIGERLAN        LSU Camp Ether           [47,CFB1]
G*130.40.rrr.rrr     JSC-RTDS        JSC Realtime Data        [47,SW114]
R 130.41.rrr.rrr     ATD-NET         ATD to Camp Net          [47,TS14]
R 130.42.rrr.rrr     BOERESNET       Boeing Rsch Net          [26,GK44]
C 130.43.rrr.rrr     APPLE-NET       Apple Test and Eng Net   [47,HK24]
R 130.44.rrr.rrr     AMS             American Math Society    [47,SBW4]
C*130.45.rrr.rrr     RACAL-MILGO     Racal-Milgo Net          [47,JC314]
D 130.46.rrr.rrr     DTRC-B1-NET     DTRC Net                 [47,RWT2]
G*130.47.rrr.rrr     WISDOT          Wisconsin DOT            [26,JRJ12]
C*130.48.rrr.rrr     ATT-DDO         ATT-Doc Dev Org          [47,CWM17]
R 130.49.rrr.rrr     U-PITT          Univ of Pittsburgh Net   [26,DS247]
C 130.50.rrr.rrr     RISC-NET        Rockwell Sci Ctr         [47,WAG5]
C*130.51.rrr.rrr     VIEW-ENG        View TCP/IP Net          [CM144]
C*130.52.rrr.rrr     WEARGUARD       WEARGUARD                [26,PP62]
D 130.53.rrr.rrr     AFOTECPCNET     AFOTECPCNet              [EEL2]
R*130.54.rrr.rrr     JAPAN-B1        Japan Inet               [JM292]
G*130.55.rrr.rrr     LANL-SINET      LANL Secure Inter-Net    [47,PCW]
R*130.56.rrr.rrr     ANUNET          Australian Nat Univ      [GH105]
C 130.57.rrr.rrr     EXCELAN         Excelan Hdqtrs Net       [47,TS107]
R 130.58.rrr.rrr     SWARTHMORE      Swarthmore Net           [47,JB360]
R*130.59.rrr.rrr     SWITCH          SWITCH Services          [47,PG60]
R*130.60.rrr.rrr     UNIZH           Univ of Zurich           [47,GP88]
R*130.61.rrr.rrr     BBN-SYSENGRB    BBN-SYSENG-TESTLABB      [DW159]
C*130.62.rrr.rrr     MIPSNET         MIPS Net                 [47,DK101]
R 130.63.rrr.rrr     YORKU           York Univ Net          [26,47,ER61]
R*130.64.rrr.rrr     TUFTSU          Tufts Univ Net           [47,KR69]
R*130.65.rrr.rrr     SJSU-NET        San Jose State Net       [47,HB76]
R*130.66.rrr.rrr     RIVE            Reseau Info Val Erdre    [CE42]
C*130.67.rrr.rrr     NORSK-DATA      ND Co Net                [AH89]
R 130.68.rrr.rrr     MSCNET          Montclair State College  [MLT10]
R*130.69.rrr.rrr     UTOKYO-NET      Univ of Tokyo Net        [47,JM292]
R*130.70.rrr.rrr     USL             USL Camp Net             [47,SJM9]
R 130.71.rrr.rrr     STOLAF          St. Olaf College         [47,CR127]
R*130.72.rrr.rrr     LSTC-NET        Lockheed STC Net         [DC211]
R*130.73.rrr.rrr     ZIB             ZIB-Berlin               [26,HB79]
R 130.74.rrr.rrr     OLEMISS         Univ of Mississippi      [47,EFH6]
R*130.75.rrr.rrr     RRZN            RRZN-Univ of Hannover    [26,RO44]
C*130.76.rrr.rrr     BE-NET          Boeing Elec Net          [KRF5]
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C*130.77.rrr.rrr     CH2M            CH2M Hill                [RR156]
C*130.78.rrr.rrr     BAZIS           BAZIS ZIS                [26,CVG1]
R*130.79.rrr.rrr     OSIRIS          Univ Rsch Strasbourg     [26,JP207]
C*130.80.rrr.rrr     CHRON           Houston Chronicle        [JC333]
C 130.81.rrr.rrr     NYTEL-BB-1      NYTEL Backbone 1         [47,SS110]
R*130.82.rrr.rrr     UNISG           Univ of St. Gallen       [47,PG62]
R*130.83.rrr.rrr     THD-NET         TH-Darmstadt-Net         [47,HH50]
R*130.84.rrr.rrr     CIRCE           CIRCE-NET                [CM156]
R 130.85.rrr.rrr     UMBCNET         UMBC Net                 [47,KP45]
R*130.86.rrr.rrr     CSUSAC          Cal State Univ           [47,DS259]
R*130.87.rrr.rrr     JP-HEPNET       Japanese Hepnet          [YB4]
R*130.88.rrr.rrr     MANNET          UMRCC Local Net          [47,PM115]
R*130.89.rrr.rrr     UTNET           Utwente Net              [26,GAM32]
R 130.90.rrr.rrr     MATHERAFBNET    Mather AFB X.25 Net      [SF46]
R 130.91.rrr.rrr     UPENN-SUBNET    UPenn Subnetted          [47,JDH29]
R*130.92.rrr.rrr     UNIBE           Univ of Berne            [47,FB61]
R 130.93.rrr.rrr     FERNWOODNET2    Fernwood Local Net       [47,GEOF]
R 130.94.rrr.rrr     JVNCNET         JVNCNET Phase II         [SH37]
R*130.95.rrr.rrr     UWA-NET         Univ of W. Australia     [GH108]
C*130.96.rrr.rrr     SDCAPOL         SAS Data Ctr - Cary      [RB520]
G*130.97.rrr.rrr     DOERLNET        DOE Richland Net         [47,DES41]
R*130.98.rrr.rrr     FNET-EDF        Electricite de France    [MD127]
R 130.99.rrr.rrr     NET-3M          3M Net                   [47,BR79]
C*130.100.rrr.rrr    ERICSSON        Ericsson Inter Net       [47,BS156]
R 130.101.rrr.rrr    UAKRON          Univ of Akron Rsch Net   [26,DK112]
R*130.102.rrr.rrr    UQNET           Univ of Qld Net          [47,AKH5]
C*130.103.rrr.rrr    LOTUS           Lotus Dev Net            [RMF2]
R*130.104.rrr.rrr    UCLOUVAIN       Univ Cath de Louvain     [ML129]
R 130.105.rrr.rrr    OSF             Open Soft Foundation     [26,CTC5]
R*130.106.rrr.rrr    LLNL-CLOSED     LLNL Closed Labnet       [26,DW164]
R 130.107.rrr.rrr    SRI-CSL-NET-2   CSL Exp Net              [47,DLE6]
R*130.108.rrr.rrr    WRIGHT-STATE    WSU Camp Int             [47,JLS45]
R 130.109.rrr.rrr    NCSC-NET        Naval Coastal Sys Ctr    [26,BB134]
C*130.110.rrr.rrr    CENET           CE Corp Net              [47,JC347]
R*130.111.rrr.rrr    UMAINE-SYS      Univ of Maine Sys        [47,IKA]
R*130.112.rrr.rrr    ECN-NLERF       ECN Petten IPnet         [47,MB203]
R 130.113.rrr.rrr    MCMASTER        McMaster Univ            [47,CB162]
D 130.114.rrr.rrr    APGNET          APG Net                  [VC5]
R*130.115.rrr.rrr    EURNET          EUR-Net                  [IJD1]
R*130.116.rrr.rrr    CSIRO-DMT       CSIRO Man Tech Net       [47,MJ65]
R 130.117.rrr.rrr    NYSER2          NYSERNET2                [47,MS9]
G 130.118.rrr.rrr    GEOMEN          GEONET-MENLO             [PWM]
C*130.119.rrr.rrr    RTECH           Rel Tech Net             [DA73]
R*130.120.rrr.rrr    UNITOUL         Univ of Toulouse         [DI11]
D*130.121.rrr.rrr    BOEING747NET    BOEING-747-Net           [33,GK44]
D*130.122.rrr.rrr    BOEINGAERO      BOEING-AERO-STAR         [33,GK44]
R*130.123.rrr.rrr    MASSEY          Massey Univ              [26,JW254]
D*130.124.rrr.rrr    HI-DSG          Honeywell-DSG            [47,MW135]
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R*130.125.rrr.rrr    UNINE           Uni Neuchatel            [47,CW115]
R 130.126.rrr.rrr    UIUC-NCSA       UIUC Routing Net         [47,PP14]
R 130.127.rrr.rrr    CLEMSONU        Clemson Univ             [47,MSM3]
  130.128.rrr.rrr    Reserved        Reserved                 [NIC]
  130.129.rrr.rrr    Reserved        Reserved                 [NIC]
R*130.130.rrr.rrr    UOWNET          UOW Camp Net             [SC143]
C*130.131.rrr.rrr    GTE-CS          GTE Comm Sys             [47,AN32]
R 130.132.rrr.rrr    YALE-SPINE      Yale Camp Spine          [47,ASW3]
R*130.133.rrr.rrr    FUB             FU Berlin Camp Net       [26,RR163]
G 130.134.rrr.rrr    DFRF-NET        Ames-Dryden Net          [47,MSM1]
G*130.135.rrr.rrr    WSTF-NET        White Sands Net          [47,MSM1]
R 130.136.rrr.rrr    BOLOGNA-NET     Univ of Bologna          [AA62]
C 130.137.rrr.rrr    DATAPOINT-NET   Datapoint Int            [26,BR87]
C*130.138.rrr.rrr-130.147.rrr.rrr    Philips SERI Tech Net    [OK6]
C*130.148.rrr.rrr    GEC-SENSORS     GEC Sensors Net          [26,TD68]
R*130.149.rrr.rrr    TUB             TU Berlin WOTAN Net      [26,DK116]
R 130.150.rrr.rrr    CSUNET-IP       Cal State Univ Net       [47,DR161]
R 130.151.rrr.rrr    ROK2            Rockwell Intl Corp II    [47,TGS6]
R 130.152.rrr.rrr    LOS-NETTOS      Los Nettos               [WP8]
R*130.153.rrr.rrr    JAPAN-B2        Japan Inet               [JM292]
R 130.154.rrr.rrr    RAND-NETB       RAND-NETB                [47,JDG]
R*130.155.rrr.rrr    DMS-SYD         CSIRO-DMS-Sydney         [47,MA88]
R*130.156.rrr.rrr    NJECN           NJ Educ Comp Net         [26,BM164]
R*130.157.rrr.rrr    SONOMA-STATE    Sonoma State Univ        [47,BB193]
R*130.158.rrr.rrr    UTINS           Univ of Tsukuba INS      [47,NY3]
R*130.159.rrr.rrr    STRATH          Strathclyde              [47,DM259]
R*130.160.rrr.rrr    UANET           UOA Net                  [47,BH129]
R*130.161.rrr.rrr    DUT-LAN         DUT Net                  [47,FD18]
C*130.162.rrr.rrr    TEN-OPS         ALCOA-TEN-OPS            [DG146]
D 130.163.rrr.rrr    CENTERNET       NAVWPNSUPPCEN-LAN        [JA91]
C*130.164.rrr.rrr    NATINST-NET     Natl Instruments         [47,BP42]
D 130.165.rrr.rrr    CESPKED-NET     SACRAMENTO-COE-NET       [JP220]
R*130.166.rrr.rrr    CSUN            Cal State Northridge     [47,LW89]
G 130.167.rrr.rrr    STSCI-NET       NASA Headquarters        [47,MSM1]
C 130.168.rrr.rrr    CONVEX          CONVEX Plano Rd        [8,47,JT147]
C*130.169.rrr.rrr-130.178.rrr.rrr    GM IP Net                [26,JC365]
R*130.179.rrr.rrr    UMANITOBA       Univ of Manitoba Net     [47,BR88]
C 130.180.rrr.rrr    DEC-ZK-NET      DEC Spit Brook Rd        [47,SEL10]
D*130.181.rrr.rrr    HONWEL-CLWTR    Honeywell Clearwater     [MN43]
R 130.182.rrr.rrr    CSULANET        Cal State LA Net         [47,CR117]
R*130.183.rrr.rrr    IPPNET          IPPNET-Germany           [47,TH101]
R 130.184.rrr.rrr    RAZORNET        UAF Camp Net             [DLM34]
R 130.185.rrr.rrr    ONET            Ontario Net              [PM81]
R 130.186.rrr.rrr    CINECA-NET      Interuniv Comp Net       [47,AA62]
C 130.187.rrr.rrr    ES-NET          Evans & Sutherland Net   [47,SP81]
R 130.188.rrr.rrr    VTTNET          VTTNET-Finland           [47,JK187]
R 130.189.rrr.rrr    DART-HITCH      DARTMOUTH-HITCHCOCK      [RCD13]
R*130.190.rrr.rrr    GRENET          Grenoble Rsch Net        [JA146]
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R*130.191.rrr.rrr    SDSU-NET        SDSU Gw Net              [47,AA63]
R 130.192.rrr.rrr    TORINO-IT-LAN   CNR Torino Ether         [47,SG88]
R*130.193.rrr.rrr    ACONET          Austrian Sci Data Net    [WK56]
R*130.194.rrr.rrr    MONASH-NET      Monash Uni Australia     [47,JM493]
R*130.195.rrr.rrr    VUW             Victoria Univ            [26,MN44]
G*130.196.rrr.rrr    STSOC           Rockwell Shuttle Ops     [RMD26]
C*130.197.rrr.rrr    CECO-NET        Commonwealth Edison    [17,26,WLR6]
C*130.198.rrr.rrr    PRISMA-ETHER    Prisma Net               [47,JP232]
R 130.199.rrr.rrr    YAPNET          Brookhaven Lab LAN       [47,GR9]
C*130.200.rrr.rrr    LOCUS           Locus Comp Corp          [EP53]
C*130.201.rrr.rrr    AOGC            ARCO Oil and Gas Co      [47,JH307]
G 130.202.rrr.rrr    ARGONNE         Argonne Natl Lab Net     [47,LW26]
R 130.203.rrr.rrr    PSU-COMPSC      Penn State Comp Sci      [47,DRE4]
C 130.204.rrr.rrr    INTERLAN        INTERLAN                 [47,DW180]
C*130.205.rrr.rrr    LANIER          Harris Lanier Net        [26,MHW9]
R*130.206.rrr.rrr    IRIS            Programa IRIS            [IM24]
R 130.207.rrr.rrr    GIT             Georgia Tech Subnet      [47,DD11]
R 130.208.rrr.rrr    ISNET           Icelandic Comp Net       [47,MO33]
R*130.209.rrr.rrr    GLANET          Glasgow Univ Net         [26,RAG36]
D 130.210.rrr.rrr    LINKNET         LINK Flt Simulation      [PR79]
C*130.211.rrr.rrr    EXECU           Execucom Data Net        [DH241]
R*130.212.rrr.rrr    FOGNET          FOGNET                   [47,MCD11]
C*130.213.rrr.rrr    RATNET          Rational Net             [47,TDG9]
C*130.214.rrr.rrr    SYBASE          Sybase Corp Dev Net      [47,NHC]
R 130.215.rrr.rrr    WPI             Worcester Poly Inst      [47,AEJ5]
R*130.216.rrr.rrr    AUKUNI-NET      Auckland Univ            [47,AJB20]
R*130.217.rrr.rrr    WAIKATO-LAN-1   Univ of Waikato LAN 1    [47,JCH41]
R*130.218.rrr.rrr    NET-KSC         Kennesaw College Net     [47,MC128]
R 130.219.rrr.rrr    UMDNJ           UMDNJ Med Net            [12,LPM]
R*130.220.rrr.rrr    SAITEN          S A Inst of Tech Net     [26,RR181]
R 130.221.rrr.rrr    AERO-NET        Aero Corp Net            [47,LCN]
C 130.222.rrr.rrr    PRCNE-NET       PRC Nebraska Net         [47,SS172]
R*130.223.rrr.rrr    LUNET-ETHER1    Univ of Lausanne         [47,JL247]
C*130.224.rrr.rrr    NET-QUOTRON     Quotron Nets             [LF58]
R*130.225.rrr.rrr-130.229.rrr.rrr    NORDU Nets               [AH94]
R 130.230.rrr.rrr    TAMNET          Tampere Univ Net         [JH141]
R*130.231.rrr.rrr-130.234.rrr.rrr    NORDU Nets               [AH94]
R 130.235.rrr.rrr    LUNET           Lund Univ Net            [JE87]
R 130.236.rrr.rrr    LIUNET          Univ of Linkoping Net    [LE24]
R 130.237.rrr.rrr    KTH-LAN         Swedish Net              [AH94]
R 130.238.rrr.rrr    UU-NET          Uppsala Univ Net         [BV17]
R 130.239.rrr.rrr    UMUNET          Univ of Umea Net         [RH271]
R 130.240.rrr.rrr    LUTHNET         Lulea Univ Net           [SW142]
R 130.241.rrr.rrr    GU-NET          Univ of Gothenburg Net   [JT167]
R*130.242.rrr.rrr-130.244.rrr.rrr    NORDU Nets               [AH94]
R 130.245.rrr.rrr    SUNYSB-CS       SUNYSB CS Deparment      [47,WKT]
R*130.246.rrr.rrr    RAL-IP          Rutherford Int Net       [26,AM129]
D*130.247.rrr.rrr    BOE-TRANS       Boeing-def-transport     [GK44]
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C*130.248.rrr.rrr    ADOBE           Adobe Sys Net            [47,AIS]
R*130.249.rrr.rrr    FOENET          Ford of Europe Net       [FJB3]
R*130.250.rrr.rrr    QU              Quick Ulmo Net           [BA56]
R*130.251.rrr.rrr    UG-NET          Univ of Geneva Net       [26,GAM35]
R 130.252.rrr.rrr    TANDEM-NET      Tandem Comps Net         [KR59]
R 130.253.rrr.rrr    DENVERU-NET     Univ of Denver Net       [47,WE12]
R*130.254.rrr.rrr    ASC             Armstrong State College  [47,DB296]
  130.255.rrr.rrr    Reserved        Reserved                 [JBP]
  131.0.rrr.rrr      Reserved        Reserved                 [JBP]
C 131.1.rrr.rrr      ICONET          Olivetti Eng Net         [47,JA13]
D 131.2.rrr.rrr      GAFB-NET        Gunter AFB X.25 Net      [BPW1]
D 131.3.rrr.rrr      MATHERAFB-NET   Mather AFB X.25 Net      [BPW1]
D 131.4.rrr.rrr      WPAFB-NET       WPAFB X.25 Net           [BPW1]
D 131.5.rrr.rrr      GRIFFISS-NET    Griffiss X.25 Net        [BPW1]
D 131.6.rrr.rrr      LANGLEY-NET     Langley AFB X.25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.7.rrr.rrr      OFFUTT-NET      Offutt AFB X.25 Net      [BPW1]
D 131.8.rrr.rrr      HQUSAF-NET      HQ USAF X.25 Net         [BPW1]
D 131.9.rrr.rrr      SCOTTAFB-NET    Scott AFB X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.10.rrr.rrr     BARKSDALE-NET   Barksdale X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.11.rrr.rrr     BOLLING-NET     Bolling AFB X.25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.12.rrr.rrr     BROOKS-NET      Brooks AFB X.25 Net      [BPW1]
D 131.13.rrr.rrr     KELLY-NET       Kelly AFB X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.14.rrr.rrr     LOWRYAFB-NET    Lowry AFB X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.15.rrr.rrr     PETERSON-NET    PetersonAFB X.25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.16.rrr.rrr     RAMSTEINNET     Ramstein X.25 Net        [BPW1]
D 131.17.rrr.rrr     SHEPPARD        Sheppard AFB X.25 Net    [BPW1]
D 131.18.rrr.rrr     TINKERCCSO-NET  Tinker CCSO X.25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.19.rrr.rrr     BITBURGNET      Bitburg AB X.25 Net      [BPW1]
D 131.20.rrr.rrr     EGLIN-NET       Eglin AFB X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.21.rrr.rrr     HAHNNET         Hahn AB X.25 Net         [BPW1]
D 131.22.rrr.rrr     KEESLER-NET     Keesler AFB X.25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.23.rrr.rrr     KIRTLAND-NET    Kirtland AFB X.25 Net    [BPW1]
D 131.24.rrr.rrr     MACDILL-NET     MacDill X.25 Net         [BPW1]
D 131.25.rrr.rrr     PATRICK-NET     Patrick AFB X.25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.26.rrr.rrr     USAFACAD-NET    AF Acad X.25 Net         [BPW1]
D 131.27.rrr.rrr     HILLAFB-NET     Hill AFB X.25 Net        [BPW1]
D 131.28.rrr.rrr     WPAFB-NET2      WPAFB X.25 Net2          [BPW1]
D 131.29.rrr.rrr     LAAFB-NET       LAAFB X.25 Net           [BPW1]
D 131.30.rrr.rrr     MCCHORDNET      McChord AFB X.25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.31.rrr.rrr     MCCLELLANNET    MCCLELLANAFB X25 Net     [BPW1]
D 131.32.rrr.rrr     LACKLANDNET     Lackland AFB X.25 Net    [BPW1]
D 131.33.rrr.rrr     EDWARDS-NET     Edwards X.25 Net         [BPW1]
D 131.34.rrr.rrr     MARCH-NET       March X.25 Net           [BPW1]
D 131.35.rrr.rrr     FAIRCHILD-NET   Fairchild X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.36.rrr.rrr     YOKOTA-NET      Yokota X.25 Net          [BPW1]
D 131.37.rrr.rrr     ELMENDORF-NET   Elmendorf X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.38.rrr.rrr-131.39.rrr.rrr      AF Concentrator Nets     [BPW1]
D 131.40.rrr.rrr     BERGSTROM-NET   Bergstrom X.25 Net       [BPW1]
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D 131.41.rrr.rrr-131.42.rrr.rrr      AF Concentrator Nets     [BPW1]
D 131.43.rrr.rrr     HOMESTEAD-NET   Homestead X.25 Net       [BPW1]
D 131.44.rrr.rrr-131.63.rrr.rrr      AF Concentrator Nets     [BPW1]
D*131.64.rrr.rrr-131.88.rrr.rrr      DLA Teleprocessing Net   [CG85]
C*131.89.rrr.rrr-131.90.rrr.rrr      PG&E Net                 [47,AC96]
R 131.91.rrr.rrr     FAU             Florida Atlantic Univ    [47,RL180]
D 131.92.rrr.rrr     APGEA-SUBNET    APG(EA) LAN Subnet       [REA3]
R 131.93.rrr.rrr     SJC-NET         St. Josephs Net          [BC130]
R 131.94.rrr.rrr     FIU             Florida InterNatl U      [47,BB208]
R 131.95.rrr.rrr     USM             USM Net                  [47,DEP17]
R*131.96.rrr.rrr     GSU-NET         Georgia State Univ Net   [26,SBH4]
C*131.97.rrr.rrr     AB-VOLVO-NET    Volvo InterNatl Net      [47,TS141]
C*131.98.rrr.rrr     ESI-PRIM        Electrospace Prim Net    [WRH20]
C*131.99.rrr.rrr     KONTRONNET      Kontron Elektronik Net   [47,HR38]
C*131.100.rrr.rrr    BANYAN-HDQTR    Banyan Sys Net           [BH144]
C*131.101.rrr.rrr    TERADYNE        Teradyne Corp Net        [47,GA45]
G*131.102.rrr.rrr    KOM-BV          Schweizer-Verwaltungs    [RM306]
R 131.103.rrr.rrr    CICNET          Committee on Inst Coop   [RG12]
R*131.104.rrr.rrr    UOGUELPH        Univ of Guelph           [KP50]
D 131.105.rrr.rrr    SM-ALC          McClellan AFB            [47,RR184]
C 131.106.rrr.rrr    MTXINU-NET      MTXINU-USENIX Net        [47,EG51]
C*131.107.rrr.rrr    MICROSOFT       Microsoft Corp           [47,WC89]
C 131.108.rrr.rrr    CISCO-SYSTEM    cisco Corp Net           [47,KSL]
R 131.109.rrr.rrr    BROWN-CFM-CS    Brown DARPA Rsch         [47,SF59]
G*131.110.rrr.rrr    MAF-NET         Michoud Assembly Net     [47,RTD]
R*131.111.rrr.rrr    CAM-AC-UK       Univ of Cambridge, UK    [47,TS146]
R*131.112.rrr.rrr    TITECH-NET      TITECH-NET               [47,MO57]
R*131.113.rrr.rrr    KEIO-NET        Keio Univ Net            [47,TS147]
R 131.114.rrr.rrr    PISA-NET        Pisa IP Net              [47,GR56]
C*131.115.rrr.rrr    TVTWAN1         Swedish Telecom Adm      [26,AH96]
C*131.116.rrr.rrr    TVTWAN2         Swedish Telecom Adm      [26,AH96]
C*131.117.rrr.rrr    NCANET          Nixdorf Comm Comp Net    [WB102]
R 131.118.rrr.rrr    MINCNET         MINC Net Members         [47,FAF6]
R 131.119.rrr.rrr    BARRNET         Bay Area Reg Rsch Net    [DLW31]
R 131.120.rrr.rrr    NPSNET          Navy-NPS Camp Net        [47,SW37]
G 131.121.rrr.rrr    NADN            Nav Acad Data Net        [47,AF60]
G 131.122.rrr.rrr    NADN2           Nav Acad Data Net        [47,AF60]
R 131.123.rrr.rrr    KENT-STATE      KSU Camp Net             [26,LCH9]
C*131.124.rrr.rrr    TANDEM-MPD      Tandem MPD Net           [47,BC133]
R*131.125.rrr.rrr    KEAN-NET        Kean College Net         [AKC5]
C*131.126.rrr.rrr    MTCN            Mobil Tech Comp Net      [JCP26]
C*131.127.rrr.rrr    ASGARRETT       Allied Garrett Phx       [47,LM176]
R*131.128.rrr.rrr    URI             Univ of Rhode Island     [47,JB410]
  131.129.rrr.rrr-131.130.rrr.rrr    Unassigned               [NIC]
C 131.131.rrr.rrr    CONTEL-WTP      Wohlstetter TechPark     [47,MJO4]
R*131.132.rrr.rrr-131.141.rrr.rrr    Def Rsch Establishment   [47,RB567]
R 131.142.rrr.rrr    CFA-NET         CFA/SAO Net              [47,CM57]
C*131.143.rrr.rrr    CMC             Comp Machry Corp         [17,CNK1]
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R*131.144.rrr.rrr    PEACHNET        Regents Net              [47,JS469]
C 131.145.rrr.rrr    MERIT-TECH      Merit Tech             [8,47,JRJ18]
C 131.146.rrr.rrr    MDC-SJ-NET      MDC San Jose Net         [47,SMF5]
C*131.147.rrr.rrr    GENESISDND      Genesis Ottawa Prod      [SM188]
C*131.148.rrr.rrr    GENESISTOR      Genesis Toronto Prod     [SM188]
C*131.149.rrr.rrr    FAST-TEAM       TEAM Genesis Net         [SM188]
C*131.150.rrr.rrr    GENESISCSDBS    CSDBS Devel LAN          [SM188]
R 131.151.rrr.rrr    MORNETR         U-of-MO-Rolla            [RWA15]
R*131.152.rrr.rrr    UNIBAS          Univ of Basle            [47,FE12]
R 131.153.rrr.rrr    SEMATECH        SEMATECH MRC Net      [8,47,RG188]
R*131.154.rrr.rrr    INFNET          INFN Natl Net            [AG113]
R*131.155.rrr.rrr    TUEINDHOVEN     Tech Univ Eindhoven      [JFAS]
R 131.156.rrr.rrr    NIU-NET         Northern Ill Univ        [47,JWN10]
C*131.157.rrr.rrr    LIBRAINC        Librascope Corp          [26,WJF1]
R 131.158.rrr.rrr    USUHSNET        Academic/Rsch Net        [26,MK124]
R*131.159.rrr.rrr    TUM-INFO-LAN    Institut Informatik      [47,HN20]
C*131.160.rrr.rrr    LMFNET          Finnish Ericsson Net     [47,RS393]
C*131.161.rrr.rrr    WEB-NET         Webster Comp Net         [26,JC391]
R*131.162.rrr.rrr    AUNET           Acadia Univ Net          [47,BW134]
C*131.163.rrr.rrr    I-CAN           Intergraph-Canada        [26,RW206]
R*131.164.rrr.rrr-131.166.rrr.rrr    Danish Net               [SJ28]
R 131.167.rrr.rrr    BMINET          Batelle Camp Net         [47,JA92]
C*131.168.rrr.rrr    PAQNET          Compaq Private Net       [47,WH110]
R*131.169.rrr.rrr    DESY            DESY HEP Net             [33,ME57]
R*131.170.rrr.rrr    RMIT            Royal Melb Inst Tech     [47,MS300]
R 131.171.rrr.rrr    UMUC            UM Univ College          [47,MS301]
R*131.172.rrr.rrr    LATROBE         La Trobe Univ            [47,PC116]
R*131.173.rrr.rrr    UOS             Uni Osnabrueck           [RN58]
R*131.174.rrr.rrr    NUNET           Nijmegen Univ Net        [47,JA155]
R*131.175.rrr.rrr    CILEA           Lombard Univ Nets        [AM134]
R*131.176.rrr.rrr    ESANET-IP       ESA European WAN         [47,DW195]
R*131.177.rrr.rrr    PTT-TELE        P&T Telecom Finland      [26,JT166]
R 131.178.rrr.rrr    ITESM           ITESM Monterrey Net     [8,47,HEG6]
R 131.179.rrr.rrr    UCLA-CS         UCLA CS Net              [47,RBW]
R*131.180.rrr.rrr    DUT-LAN2        DUT Net                  [47,FD18]
R*131.181.rrr.rrr    QUT             Queensland Univ Net      [47,AA70]
G 131.182.rrr.rrr    NASA-HQ-NET     NASA Headquarters        [MSM1]
R 131.183.rrr.rrr    UTOLEDO-NET     U of Toledo Camp Net     [BN38]
C*131.184.rrr.rrr    MCDERMOTT       MCDERMOTT-NET            [TP58]
D 131.185.rrr.rrr    DSTO            DSTO Australia        [8,47,JWB35]
R 131.186.rrr.rrr    WB-TEST         Wideband Test Net        [CT64]
R 131.187.rrr.rrr    OARNET          Ohio Academic Net        [MF74]
R*131.188.rrr.rrr    REVUE           Uni Erlangen Net         [47,JK198]
D*131.189.rrr.rrr    TRACORNET       Tracor Net Austin        [PM140]
C*131.190.rrr.rrr    PGXPRES         Procter and Gamble Co    [ACL2]
G*131.191.rrr.rrr    TACOMA          City of Tacoma LAN       [BD89]
R 131.192.rrr.rrr    NEARNET         New England Net          [JIS]
R 131.193.rrr.rrr    UIC-ISN-NET     U of Ill Chicago ISN     [47,EZ3]