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Ti+  for  TS 24.228§7.2.3§7.3.6§7.4.4
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IMS S4 signalling flow - Session Initiation: Mobile origination in home network, Termination in CS network - sequence chart for IMS S4-7. SIP 180 Ringing response (INVITE)
  • SS7: COT/IAM: Based on the continuity support of the outgoing channel selected, MGCF sends a IAM or COT message to the CS Networks. In case the outgoing channel supports continuity indication, MGCF has already sent out the IAM message, and at this point sends out a COT message.
  • SS7: ACM/CPG: The CS Networks establishes the path to the destination. In the present case the CS Networks responds with an ACM message containing a "subscriber free" indication, implying that the called party is being alerted.