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TR 21.905 (SA)
Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Meredith, John M
Antecedent:  TR 01.04

The purpose of this report is to identify specialist technical terms used within the 3GPP project for the purposes of specifying service requirements. The motivations for this are:
  • To ensure that editors use terminology that is consistent across specifications.
  • To provide a reader with convenient reference for technical terms that are used across multiple documents.
  • To prevent inconsistent use of terminology across documents.
This document is a collection of terms, definitions and abbreviations related to the baseline documents defining 3GPP objectives and systems framework. This document provides a tool for further work on 3GPP technical documentation and facilitates their understanding.

The terms, definitions and abbreviations as given in this document are either imported from existing documentation (ETSI, ITU or elsewhere) or newly created by 3GPP experts whenever the need for precise vocabulary was identified.


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