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TR 21.902 (SA)
Evolution of 3GPP system

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V10.0.0 (PDF)    2011/04    18 p.
V9.0.0    2009/12    18 p.
V8.0.0    2009/01    18 p.
V7.0.0    2007/06    18 p.
V6.0.0    2003/09    18 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Bishop, Craig
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At a time when the first release of the 3GPP 3G standard has stabilised, and the first 3GPP compliant networks are going live, the ITU is already working towards elaborating a framework for the future development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000. In addition, a number of research initiatives worldwide are investigating technologies and techniques that might fall within that framework. It is therefore timely, that 3GPP look at how its systems will evolve in the future to meet the requirements of the user and the industry, and to make use of emerging technologies.

This TR describes a long term, high level roadmap, intended to guide the future work of 3GPP. It is focussed on items pertinent to the evolution of 3GPP specifications, and identifies concepts and trends to be considered by 3GPP when defining future work items. It does not contain details of proposed technologies, rather it contains pointers to direct the activities of the appropriate TSGs in elaborating future releases of the 3GPP standard. As a result, not all of the topics covered herein are within the remit of 3GPP to discuss, and description of such items will not be extensively developed. E.g. Spectrum is an ITU-R/WRC issue and therefore outside the scope of 3GPP. The document is designed to be a "living document" and will be updated accordingly over its lifetime in order to reflect future developments and innovations.


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