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TR 21.900 (SA)
Technical Specification Group working methods

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Meredith, John M
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This document outlines the working methods to be used by the 3GPP Technical Specification Groups and their Working Groups and their Sub-Groups, and by the 3GPP Support Team in relation to document management, i.e. handling of specifications, updating procedures, Change Request procedures, version control mechanisms, specifications status information etc. It complements the rules and procedures defined for 3GPP. This document does not stipulate the details of the internal working of the TSG Sub-Groups. From the Technical Specification Group point of view, a task and responsibility is given to a Working Group directly answering to the Technical Specification Group. In practice, the work/task may be carried out in a subgroup of that Working Group.


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1  ScopePDF-p. 6
1A  References
2  Definitions and abbreviations
3  General responsibilities of the Support TeamPDF-p. 7
4  Handling of SpecificationsPDF-p. 8
4.0  Numbering scheme
4.0A  Version nomenclaturePDF-p. 11
4.0B  Releases
4.1  OverviewPDF-p. 12Up
4.2  Characteristics of a specification
4.3  Characteristics of a major version of a specificationPDF-p. 14
4.4  Characteristics of a version of a specificationPDF-p. 15
4.6  Change Request regime
4.7  "Freezing" of specifications
4.8  "Closing" of specificationsPDF-p. 20
4.9  "Withdrawing" of specifications
4.9A  "Withdrawing" of functionality
4.9B  Procedure for withdrawing of specifications and functionality
4.10  Release control
5  Availability and distribution of specifications
5A  File naming conventionsPDF-p. 25

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