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RFC 0688

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Tentative schedule for the new Telnet implementation for the TIP


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Network Working Group                                    David C. Walden
RFC # 688                                                BBN
NIC # 32655                                              June 4, 1975

                     Tentative Schedule for the New
                   TELNET Implementation for the TIP
    Implementation of the New TELNET Protocol has now become the top
priority item on the TIP development queue.  Because what is done in the
TIP potentially affects what is done at a number of hosts, below we give
the implementation schedule to which we hope to adhere.

    - July 18, 1975 -- Done with the basic design.  A version of the TIP
      which has a general version of the option negotiator, but refuses
      all options, operational.

    - Mid-September, 1975 -- Design of the options done.  A version of
      the TIP which includes any modifications that are necessary to
      support the options operational.

    - Mid-November -- Operational version of the TIP with the basic set
      of options implemented (Binary Transmission, Echo, Suppress Go-
      Ahead, Timing Mark, RCTE).

    - End of 1975 -- Any problems with hosts worked out, any necessary
      revisions done, and a solid version of the TIP up and running the
      TELNET Protocol with options.

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