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This EF contains Fixed Dialling Numbers (FDN) and/or Supplementary Service Control strings (SSC). In addition it contains identifiers of associated network/bearer capabilities and identifiers of extension records at the USIM ADF level. It may also contain an associated alpha-tagging. If this file is present in the USIM, the Enabled Services Table (EF EST) shall also be present.

See it under DF TELECOM

Source:  TS 51.011 – Clause 10.5.2

Source:  TS 31.102 – Clause 4.2.24

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This EF contains a list of FDN stored in URI address format. It may also contain an associated alpha-tagging.

See it under ADF USIM

Source:  TS 31.102 – Clause 4.2.97

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This EF contains the coding for n Forbidden PLMNs (FPLMN). It is read by the ME as part of the USIM initialization procedure and indicates PLMNs which the UE shall not automatically attempt to access.

A PLMN is written to the EF if a network rejects a Location Update with the cause "PLMN not allowed".

See it under DF GSM

Source:  TS 51.011 – Clause 10.3.16

Source:  TS 31.102 – Clause 4.2.16

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