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TR 31.801 (CT6)
Study on technical requirements for the secure platform for 3GPP applications

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Kruse, Heiko
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ETSI TC SCP has informed 3GPP (and other organisations) that it has started work on defining use cases and requirements for a new more efficient and flexible secure platform that is intended to provide a flexible and modern platform for various applications, including 3GPP applications like the USIM, ISIM, HPSIM. ETSI TC SCP also asked the recipients of their Liaison Statement (C6-160246) for input on application specific use cases and requirements

The UICC, which is used as the platform for 3GPP applications (USIM, ISIM, HPSIM) is based on specifications created in the 1980s. Many services having been or being developed in 3GPP are requiring the storage of large and complex amounts of data in the USIM. There are also other areas like e.g. IoT that create new requirements for power efficiency and hardware flexibility.

The present document studies and evaluates the technical requirements for a secure platform hosting 3GPP applications up to Release 14. It is the intention to feed the result of the work to ETSI TC SCP, so that it can be taken into account during the definition of their use cases and requirements for this new secure platform.

Requirements for 5G, i.e. Release 15 will be defined during the work on 5G and summarized in other specifications.


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