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3GPP AKA in 2G/3G mixed networks, 3G ME and SIM, 2G or 3G HLR, 3G VLR/SGSN, 2G RAN

3G ME and SIM – Scenario L

ME and VLR/SGSN are 3G, ICC and BSS are 2G. This applies when e.g. a 2G subscriber with 3G ME roams in a 3G network with 2G BSS.

The situation is like in scenario K, except that with a 2G BSS there is no need to derive CK, IK from Kc in the VLR/SGSN and in the ME. Both, the 3G VLR/SGSN and a 2G/3G dual mode ME can work with 2G AKA.

No service with a 3G single mode ME.