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ETSI SCP        AKA in 2G‑3G


AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement) in mixed networks
from full 2G to full 3G

Representation, as a slideshow, of the scenarii documented in   TR 31.900Section 6.

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AKA in 2G/3G mixed networks

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3GPP AKA in 2G/3G mixed networks


  • a 2G HLR/AuC supports triplet generation for 2G subscriptions, for 2G AKA only
  • a 3G HLR/AuC supports quintet generation for 3G subscriptions, supports c2 and c3 conversion functions for 2G AKA, and may support triplet generation for 2G subscriptions
  • a 2G VLR/SGSN supports 2G AKA only, and it can only be attached to a 2G RAN
  • a 3G VLR/SGSN supports 2G AKA and 3G AKA, and supports c2 and c3 conversion functions for 2G AKA
  • a 2G ME does only support a 2G RAN
  • 2G terminals of R99 and R4 MAY support the 3G USIM
  • 2G terminals, from R5, MUST support the 3G USIM
  • a 3G ME is either a 3G single mode ME, or a 2G/3G dual mode ME
  • The interface between a 2G SIM and a 2G or 3G ME is SIM
  • The interface between a 3G UICC and a 2G ME is UICC+SIM or UICC+USIM
  • The interface between a 3G UICC and a 3G ME is UICC+USIM