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USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) in the UICC (12 of 15)


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ADF-USIM EF-UICCIARI: UICC IMS Application Reference Identifier     ADF-USIM EF-NASCONFIG: Non Access Stratum Configuration     ADF-USIM EF-PWS: Public Warning System     ADF-USIM EF-FDNURI: Fixed Dialling Numbers URI
ADF-USIM EF-BDNURI: Barred Dialling Numbers URI     ADF-USIM EF-SDNURI: Service Dialling Numbers URI     ADF-USIM EF-IWL: (IMEI(SV) White Lists     ADF-USIM EF-IPS: (IMEI(SV) Pairing Status