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USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) in the UICC (4 of 15)


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ADF-USIM EF-EXT2: Extension2, extension data of an FDN     ADF-USIM EF-EXT3: Extension3, extension data of an SDN     ADF-USIM EF-BDN: Barred Dialling Numbers     ADF-USIM EF-EXT5: Extension5, extension data of ICI, OCI and MSISDN
ADF-USIM EF-CCP2: Capability Configuration Parameters 2     ADF-USIM EF-CBMIR: Cell Broadcast Message Identifier Range selection     ADF-USIM EF-EXT4: Extension4, extension data of a BDN/SSC     ADF-USIM EF-EST: Enabled Services Table