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9   Higher Order Modulations for MUROS   PDF-p. 236
9.1   Concept Description
9.2   Performance Characterization   PDF-p. 250
9.3   Impacts on the Mobile Station
9.4   Impacts on the BSS
9.5   Impacts on Network Planning
9.6   Impacts on the Specification      Up
9.7   Summary of Evaluation versus Objectives   PDF-p. 274
9.8   References   PDF-p. 275
10   New Training Sequences   PDF-p. 276
11   Associated Control Channel Design   PDF-p. 282
11.1   Shifted SACCH
11.1.1   Concept Description      Up
11.1.2   Performance Characterization   PDF-p. 283   Link Level Performance   Degradation of SACCH Performance introduced by MUROS   Degradation of Relative Performance between SACCH and TCH introduced by MUROS   Performance of Shifted SACCH with different SCPIRs   PDF-p. 289   Performance of Shifted SACCH in DTX   PDF-p. 292   Performance of Shifted SACCH for VAMOS level II and non-SAIC receivers   PDF-p. 296
11.1.3   Impacts on the Mobile Station
11.1.4   Impacts on the BSS
11.2   References   PDF-p. 302
11.3   DTX-based Repeated SACCH (DRSACCH) [R9]
12   Summary of Evaluation versus Objectives for each Candidate Technique   PDF-p. 330
13   Conclusions   PDF-p. 332
A   Change history   PDF-p. 333

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