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TR 45.860 (RAN6)
Signal Precoding Enhancements for EGPRS2 DL

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V11.5.0 (Wzip)    2012/12    130 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Sundberg, Marten
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The concept of Precoded EGPRS2 – PC EGPRS2 - DL has recently shown to provide significant performance gains for EGPRS2. Gains are expected both in interference and sensitivity limited scenarios, allowing significant increase to both data capacity and spectral efficiency for EGPRS2.

Performing precoding of EGPRS2 modulated data is expected to increase robustness of the system significantly while keeping the spectral properties of the signal intact.

This TR contains the results from the 3GPP study item on Signal Precoding Enhancements for EGPRS2 DL, SPEED.

The following is covered by the study:
  • Objectives for the study
  • Common assumptions to be used in the evaluation
  • Technical work and performance evaluations based on the objectives


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