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8.5   Symbol Mapping of Turbo Coded Bits
8.6   Higher Order Modulation, Turbo Codes Combined with MS Receiver Diversity
8.7   Modified 16-ary Constellations for Higher Order Modulation and Turbo Coding Schemes
8.7a   Blind modulation detection performance   PDF-p. 229
8.7b   Impact of using higher order modulations on the BCCH carrier
8.7c   Multiplexing higher order modulation MS with legacy MS   PDF-p. 236
8.8   Incremental Redundancy for Higher Order Modulation and Turbo Coding Schemes (HOMTC)
8.8a   Modulation Order and symbol Rate Enhancement (MORE) [48]
8.9   Implementation Impact   PDF-p. 252
8.9a   Implementation Aspects of MORE
8.10   Impacts on the Specifications
8.11   References   PDF-p. 254

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