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7.3   Narrow Band Cellular IoT (NB-CIoT)   Word-p. 314
7.3.1   General      Up
7.3.2   Downlink physical layer design
7.3.3   Uplink physical layer design   Word-p. 327
7.3.4   Link layer aspects   Word-p. 336   Overview   MS operating modes   Word-p. 337   Overview of the radio protocol structure   Word-p. 338   Scheduling   Word-p. 342   Random access procedure   Word-p. 343      Up   Data transfer procedure   Paging   Word-p. 349   MAC PDU format and structure   Word-p. 352   Examples of message flows   Word-p. 354
7.3.5   Radio resource management   Word-p. 362
7.3.6   Concept evaluation   Coverage evaluation   Capacity evaluation   Word-p. 380   Latency evaluation   Word-p. 384   Energy consumption evaluation   Word-p. 390   MS complexity evaluation   Word-p. 394   Coexistence evaluation   Software update/reconfiguration   Word-p. 428   Implementation impacts to the radio units of legacy base stations   Implementation impacts to the baseband units of legacy base stations   Word-p. 430
7.3.7   Analysis on the re-use of LTE L2/L3   Word-p. 432
7.4   Cooperative Ultra Narrow Band (C-UNB)   Word-p. 434
7.4.1   General Description
7.4.2   Downlink physical layer design
7.4.3   Uplink physical layer design      Up
7.4.4   Link layer aspects
7.4.5   Radio resource management   Word-p. 446

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