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6   Physical layer aspects and radio access protocols for concepts based on evolution of GSM radio technology   Word-p. 31
6.1   Overall description
6.2   Extended Coverage for GSM (EC-GSM)   Word-p. 32      Up
6.2.1   General
6.2.2   Downlink physical layer design   Word-p. 33
6.2.3   Uplink physical layer design
6.2.4   Link layer aspects   Timing Advance   Mapping of logical channels onto physical channels   Operation of channels and channel combinations   Word-p. 46      Up   Multiplexing/De-multiplexing principles   Retransmission schemes   Word-p. 50   Random Access Procedure   Priority handling   Word-p. 56   Segmentation   RLC procedures
6.2.5   Radio resource management   Word-p. 60   (EC-)CCCH mapping on TS0 and TS1   MS states   Word-p. 61   System Information   Void   Radio Resource Management   Word-p. 62   EC-PACCH Message Set   Word-p. 63      Up   Fixed Uplink Allocation      Up   EC-AGCH Fixed Uplink Allocation 1 message   Word-p. 67   EC-AGCH Fixed Uplink Allocation 2 message   Word-p. 68   AGCH Fixed Uplink Allocation Assignment message   Word-p. 69   EC-AGCH Assignment Reject message   Word-p. 70   Flexible Downlink Allocation   Word-p. 71   EC-AGCH Downlink Allocation message   EC-PCH Paging Request message   Word-p. 72   EC-GSM Cell Selection and reselection   Word-p. 73   DL signal level and coverage class estimation
6.2.6   Concept evaluation   Network synchronization   EC-RACH   Word-p. 79      Up   Resource multiplexing   Word-p. 86   Sensitivity to frequency offset   Word-p. 87   Incremental redundancy and chase combining   Word-p. 88   EC-GSM Battery Lifetime Estimation   Word-p. 89   Overlaid CDMA   DL signal level measurements on FCCH   Coverage improvement target according to MCL methodology   Word-p. 101   Latency Analysis   Word-p. 103   Impact on GSM/EDGE BTS hardware   Word-p. 105      Up   Device complexity evaluation   Word-p. 108   System simulations for capacity and latency evaluation   Word-p. 116   System capacity evaluation for software update/reconfiguration traffic   Word-p. 121   System Simulations for Capacity and Latency Evaluation (source 2)   Co-existence simulations with GSM aggressor EC-GSM victim   Word-p. 127   Co-existence simulations with UTRA/E-UTRA aggressor EC-GSM victim      Up

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