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J   GSM900 Railway System Scenarios   PDF-p. 132
J.1   Introduction
J.2   Basic considerations      Up
J.3   Discussion of the individual sections in GSM 05.05   PDF-p. 133
K   Block Erasure Rate Performance for GPRS   PDF-p. 143
L   Proposal on how to report GPRS performance into GSM 05.05   PDF-p. 145
M   GPRS simulation results in TU 3 and TU 50 no FH   PDF-p. 150
N   C/Ic and Eb/No Radio Performance for the GPRS Coding Schemes   PDF-p. 154
O   Void
P   Block Error Rate and USF Error Rate for GPRS   PDF-p. 160      Up
Q   Block Error Rate and USF Error Rate for GPRS, 1800 MHz   PDF-p. 171

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