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6   NAS signalling procedures between UE and MME   Word-p. 29
6.1   General
6.2   Mobility management procedures   Word-p. 30
6.2.1   Overview   General   Types of EMM procedures   EMM sublayer states   Word-p. 31      Up
6.2.2   Behaviour of the MS in EMM-DEREGISTERED state and EMM-REGISTERED state
6.2.3   General on elementary EMM procedures for EPS services
6.2.4   EMM common procedures
6.2.5   EMM specific procedures
6.2.6   EMM connection management procedures
6.2.7   Receiving an EMM STATUS message by an EMM entity
6.3   Session management and bearer control procedures   Word-p. 48
6.4   Handling of unknown, unforeseen, and erroneous protocol data      Up
6.5   Message functional definitions and contents
6.6   General message format and information elements coding
6.7   List of system parameters

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