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TS 24.008 (CT1)
Mobile Radio Interface Signalling Layer 3 specification –
Core Network Protocols – Stage 3

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Chin, Chen-ho
Antecedent:  TS 04.08    

This TS specifies the procedures used at the radio interface core network protocols within the 3rd generation mobile telecommunications system and the digital cellular telecommunications system.

It specifies the procedures used at the radio interface (Reference Point Um or Uu) for Call Control (CC), Mobility Management (MM), and Session Management (SM). These procedures are defined in terms of messages exchanged over the control channels of the radio interface. The control channels are described in TS 44.003 and TS 25.301. The structured functions and procedures of this protocol and the relationship with other layers and entities are described in general terms in TS 24.007.

for V8 to V15:    Corrections to the eCall category bit usage
for V12 to V15:    Correcting trigger for completion of CM Service Request procedure
for V14 to V15:    Correction to handling of non-integrity protected GMM #14   |   Enhancement of APN rate control for MO exception data
for V15:    Handling of extended QoS IE   |   Correction of the handling of counters for "SIM/USIM considered invalid" events   |   Extended Quality of Service IE applicability   |   Starting T3302 for NW initiated Deatch with no cause value and "re-attach not required"   |   Correction to the handling of non-integrity protected reject messages   |   Correction to CC_U1_CALL_INIT State

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1   Scope [R3]   PDF-p. 29
2   References [R3]
3   Radio Resource management procedures [R3]   PDF-p. 46
4   Elementary procedures for Mobility Management [R3]      Up
4.1   General
4.1.1   MM and GMM procedures   PDF-p. 47
4.1.2   MM sublayer states
4.1.3   GPRS mobility management (GMM) sublayer states   PDF-p. 69

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