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5.2.49  /<x> /<x> /OffNetworkPDF-p. 56
5.2.50  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /Authorised
5.2.51  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /MCPTTGroupInfo
5.2.52  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /MCPTTGroupInfo /<x>
5.2.52A  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /MCPTTGroupInfo /<x> /Entry
5.2.53  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /MCPTTGroupInfo /<x> /Entry /MCPTTGroupIDPDF-p. 57Up
5.2.53A  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /MCPTTGroupInfo /<x> /Entry /DisplayName
5.2.54  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /AllowedListen
5.2.55  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /AllowedTransmission
5.2.56  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /EmergencyCallChange
5.2.57  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /ImminentPerilCallChangePDF-p. 58
5.2.58  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /UserInfoID
5.2.58A1  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo [R14]
5.2.58A2  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList [R14]
5.2.58A3  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList /<x> [R14]PDF-p. 59
5.2.58A4  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList /<x> /Entry [R14]Up
5.2.58A5  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList /<x> /Entry /GMSServID [R14]
5.2.58A6  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList [R14]
5.2.58A7  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList /<x> [R14]
5.2.58A8  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList /<x> /Entry [R14]PDF-p. 60
5.2.58A9  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList /<x> /Entry /IDMSTokenID [R14]
5.2.58A10  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList [R14]
5.2.58A11  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList /<x> [R14]
5.2.58A12  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList /<x> /Entry [R14]PDF-p. 61
5.2.58A13  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList /<x> /Entry /KMSURI [R14]
5.2.58A14  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriorityList [R14]Up
5.2.58A15  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriorityList /<x> [R14]
5.2.58A16  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriorityList /<x> /Entry [R14]PDF-p. 62
5.2.58A17  /<x> /<x> /OffNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriority [R14]
5.2.59  /<x> /Status

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