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5.2.47  /<x> /<x> /Common /UserBroadcast
5.2.48  /<x> /<x> /Common /UserBroadcast /AuthorisedPDF-p. 45
5.2.48A  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork
5.2.48B1  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /MCPTTGroupList
5.2.48B2  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /MCPTTGroupList /<x>
5.2.48B3  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /MCPTTGroupList /<x> /Entry
5.2.48B4  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /MCPTTGroupList /<x> /Entry /MCPTTGroupIDPDF-p. 46
5.2.48B5  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /MCPTTGroupList /<x> /Entry /DisplayNameUp
5.2.48C1  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /ImplicitAffiliations
5.2.48C2  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /ImplicitAffiliations /<x>
5.2.48C3  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /ImplicitAffiliations /<x> /Entry
5.2.48C4  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /ImplicitAffiliations /<x> /Entry /MCPTTGroupIDPDF-p. 47
5.2.48C5  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /ImplicitAffiliations /<x> /Entry /DisplayName
5.2.48D  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /AllowedRegroup
5.2.48E  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /AllowedPresenceStatus
5.2.48F  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /AllowedPresence
5.2.48G  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /EnabledParticipationPDF-p. 48
5.2.48H  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /AllowedTransmissionUp
5.2.48I  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /AllowedManualSwitch
5.2.48J  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall
5.2.48K  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /EmergencyAlertPDF-p. 49
5.2.48L  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /EmergencyAlert /Entry
5.2.48M  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /EmergencyAlert /Entry /ID
5.2.48N  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /EmergencyAlert /Entry /DisplayName
5.2.48O  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /EmergencyAlert /Entry /Usage
5.2.48P  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /AllowedCallBackRequest [R14]PDF-p. 50
5.2.48Q  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /AllowedCallBackCancelRequest [R14]
5.2.48R  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /AllowedRemoteInitiatedAmbientListening [R14]Up
5.2.48S  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /AllowedLocallyInitiatedAmbientListening [R14]PDF-p. 51
5.2.48T  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /PrivateCall /AllowedRequestFirstToAnswerCall [R14]
5.2.48U1  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /RemoteGroupSelection [R14]
5.2.48U2  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /RemoteGroupSelection /<x> [R14]
5.2.48U3  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /RemoteGroupSelection /<x> /Entry [R14]
5.2.48U4  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /RemoteGroupSelection /<x> /Entry /MCPTTID [R14]PDF-p. 52
5.2.48U5  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /RemoteGroupSelection /<x> /Entry /DisplayName [R14]
5.2.48V1  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo [R14]
5.2.48V2  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList [R14]
5.2.48V3  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList /<x> [R14]Up
5.2.48V4  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList /<x> /Entry [R14]PDF-p. 53
5.2.48V5  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /GMSServList /<x> /Entry /GMSServID [R14]
5.2.48V6  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList [R14]
5.2.48V7  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList /<x> [R14]
5.2.48V8  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList /<x> /Entry [R14]
5.2.48V9  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /IDMSTokenEndpointList /<x> /Entry /IDMSTokenID [R14]PDF-p. 54
5.2.48V10  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList [R14]
5.2.48V11  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList /<x> [R14]
5.2.48V12  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList /<x> /Entry [R14]
5.2.48V13  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /KMSURIList /<x> /Entry /KMSURI [R14]PDF-p. 55Up
5.2.48V14  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriorityList [R14]
5.2.48V15  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriorityList /<x> [R14]
5.2.48V16  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriorityList /<x> /Entry [R14]
5.2.48V17  /<x> /<x> /OnNetwork /GroupServerInfo /PresentationPriority [R14]

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