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5.2.30  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall
5.2.31  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /MaxSimultaneousCallsN6
5.2.32  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCallPDF-p. 38
5.2.33  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCall /Enabled
5.2.34  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation
5.2.34A  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /EntryUp
5.2.34B  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /Entry /GroupIDPDF-p. 39
5.2.34C  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /Entry /DisplayName
5.2.34D  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /Entry /Usage
5.2.35  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyCall /CancelMCPTTGroupPDF-p. 40
5.2.36  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall
5.2.37  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall /Authorised
5.2.38  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall /Cancel
5.2.39  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall /MCPTTGroupInitiationPDF-p. 41
5.2.39A  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /Entry
5.2.39B  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /Entry /GroupIDUp
5.2.39C  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /DisplayName
5.2.39D  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /ImminentPerilCall /MCPTTGroupInitiation /Entry /UsagePDF-p. 42
5.2.40  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyAlert
5.2.41  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyAlert /Authorised
5.2.42  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyAlert /Cancel
5.2.43A  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyAlert /EntryPDF-p. 43
5.2.43B  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyAlert /Entry /ID
5.2.43D  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyAlert /Entry /DisplayName
5.2.43E  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /EmergencyAlert /Entry /Usage
5.2.43F  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupCall /PriorityPDF-p. 44Up
5.2.45  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupBroadcast
5.2.46  /<x> /<x> /Common /MCPTTGroupBroadcast /Authorised

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