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IETF-3GPP front-end portal
for easing access to the 5G standardization

This is a front-end site to both 3GPP and IETF major Standards Development Organizations, for easing access to emergent technologies, especially the 5G, and by offering consolidated information about their standardization work.

There is a full coverage of the technical specifications and reports produced by the 3GPP working groups with a quarterly update, following the TSG Plenary meetings. The drafts also are included, and their status gradually updated. As an example, LTE is defined in the 36‑series and the 5G New Radio in the 38‑series.

The IETF defines fundamental protocols used by the 3GPP as well as nearly all other SDOs. In regards to the 3GPP EPS, we can mention SIP, Mobile IP, IPsec, Diameter, EAP. All the RFCs are covered but not the current drafts, which are nevertheless accessible via the active groups and the IETF Datatracker.

towards 5G via 3GPP and IETF