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RFC 8717

IETF Administrative Support Activity 2.0: Consolidated Updates to IETF Administrative Terminology

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J. Klensin, Ed.
February 2020

IETF Administrative Support Activity 2.0: Consolidated Updates to IETF Administrative Terminology


In 2018, the IETF began the transition to a new administrative structure and updated its IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA) to a new "IASA 2.0" structure. In addition to more substantive changes that are described in other documents, the transition to the 2018 IETF Administrative Support structure changes several position titles and organizational relationships that are referenced elsewhere. Rather than reissue those referencing documents individually, this specification provides updates to them and deprecates some now-obsolete documents to ensure that there is no confusion due to these changes.

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This memo documents an Internet Best Current Practice.
This document is a product of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It represents the consensus of the IETF community. It has received public review and has been approved for publication by the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG). Further information on BCPs is available in Section 2 of RFC 7841.
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1.  Introduction

In 2018, the IETF began the transition to a new administrative structure, and updated its IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA) to a new "IASA 2.0" structure [RFC 8711]. Key IASA 2.0 changes have been specified in a series of documents, including changes to the IETF Trust [RFC 8714], the rationale for it [RFC 8715], a new defining document for the IETF Administration LLC [LLC-Agreement] (informally called the "IETF LLC" or just "the LLC" in places in this document and elsewhere), and adjustments to the procedures for nominations and selections for relevant positions [RFC 8713].
In addition to more substantive changes that are described in those and other documents, the IASA 2.0 structure changes several position titles and organizational relationships that are referenced in other documents. Rather than reissue those documents individually, this document provides a unified update to them.
This document updates RFCs 2028, 2418, 3005, 3710, 3929, 4633, and 6702 (citations in context below) to make those terminology and related changes. In addition, with the authorization of the IAB, it requests that the Informational RFC 3716 be made Historic (see Section 4). The sections that follow identify the details of the relevant documents and the required changes.
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2.  Where Appropriate, Replacement of the IETF Executive Director Position with the Managing Director, IETF Secretariat

Under the IASA 2.0 structure, most of the responsibilities of the former position of IETF Executive Director have been assigned to a new position (or at least title) of Managing Director, IETF Secretariat. An "Executive Director" title is now associated with different, and largely new, responsibilities as an officer of the IETF Administration LLC. These changes are covered in the description of the new structural arrangements [RFC 8711].
This document applies that change to the following:
Note that the current description of the Internet Standards Process [RFC 2026] does not require an update by this document for this purpose because the reference to the IETF Executive Director in RFC 2026 was replaced by a document [RFC 3979] that precedes the current effort, and that document was, in turn, obsoleted by [RFC 8179].
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3.  Removal of the IETF Executive Director as an Option

In a few cases, it is no longer appropriate for either the Managing Director, IETF Secretariat (former IETF Executive Director position) or the new IETF Executive Director (for the LLC) to perform a particular historical function. The relevant documents are updated to remove the IETF Executive Director from the list of people with specific responsibilities or authority. Those documents will not be updated to use "Managing Director, IETF Secretariat" but, instead, the mention of the position will simply be dropped.
This document applies that change to the following:
  • RFC 3005, "IETF Discussion List Charter" [RFC 3005], section titled "Charter for the IETF Discussion List". This document is modified to remove the authorization for the IETF Executive Director to restrict people from posting, etc.
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4.  Deprecated Documents

4.1.  Documents Whose Context Is Changed by This Specification

Both of the documents that follow were obsoleted in 2017 by [RFC 8179], which changed mentions of the IETF Executive Director to point to the IETF Secretariat more generally.

4.2.  General Description of the IETF Administrative Model

[RFC 3716] was a report of an IAB Advisory Committee that served as a starting point for the work that led to the original IASA structure. That report was an IAB document rather than an IETF one. The IAB approved a proposal to move RFC 3716 to Historic on March 6, 2019 [IAB-3716-Historic].
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5.  Security Considerations

The changes specified in this document are matters of terminology and organizational structure derived from documents it references. It should have no effect on Internet security.
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6.  References

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6.2.  Informative References

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Brian Carpenter's careful checking and identification of documents that did, and did not, require consideration was essential to the document in its current form. He also made several other significant contributions. Bob Hinden also gave the document a careful reading and made useful suggestions. In additional to the above, Alissa Cooper, Eliot Lear, Heather Flanagan (the RFC Series Editor), and the current membership to the IAB helped sort out the handing of RFC 3716.
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Jason Livingood did the hard work of identifying the documents that required updating and supplied considerable text used in this document.
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Author's Address

John C Klensin

1770 Massachusetts Ave, Ste 322
Cambridge   MA   02140
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