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RFC 8540

Stream Control Transmission Protocol: Errata and Issues in RFC 4960

Pages: 94
Group: TSVWG
Part 7 of 7 – Pages 91 to 94
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4.  IANA Considerations

   Section 3.44 of this document suggests new text that would update the
   "Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry" for SCTP
   to be consistent with [RFC6335].

   IANA has confirmed that it is OK to make the proposed text change in
   an upcoming Standards Track document that will update [RFC4960].
   IANA is not asked to perform any other action, and this document does
   not request that IANA make a change to any registry.
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5.  Security Considerations

   This document does not add any security considerations to those given
   in [RFC4960].

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   The authors wish to thank Pontus Andersson, Eric W. Biederman, Cedric
   Bonnet, Spencer Dawkins, Gorry Fairhurst, Benjamin Kaduk, Mirja
   Kuehlewind, Peter Lei, Gyula Marosi, Lionel Morand, Jeff Morriss,
   Karen E. E. Nielsen, Tom Petch, Kacheong Poon, Julien Pourtet, Irene
   Ruengeler, Michael Welzl, and Qiaobing Xie for their invaluable

Authors' Addresses

   Randall R. Stewart
   Netflix, Inc.
   Chapin, SC  29036
   United States of America


   Michael Tuexen
   Muenster University of Applied Sciences
   Stegerwaldstrasse 39
   48565 Steinfurt


   Maksim Proshin
   Kistavaegen 25
   Stockholm  164 80