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RFC 8280

Research into Human Rights Protocol Considerations

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7. Security Considerations

As this document discusses research, there are no security considerations.

8. IANA Considerations

This document does not require any IANA actions.
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9. Research Group Information

The discussion list for the IRTF Human Rights Protocol Considerations Research Group is located at the email address <>. Information on the group and information on how to subscribe to the list are provided at <>. Archives of the list can be found at <>.

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A special thanks to all members of the HRPC Research Group who contributed to this document. The following deserve a special mention: - Joana Varon for helping draft the first iteration of the methodology and previous drafts, and for directing the film "Net of Rights" and working on the interviews at IETF 92 in Dallas. - Daniel Kahn Gillmor (dkg) for helping with the first iteration of the glossary (Section 2) as well as a lot of technical guidance, support, and language suggestions. - Claudio Guarnieri for writing the first iterations of the case studies on VPNs, HTTP, and P2P. - Will Scott for writing the first iterations of the case studies on DNS, IP, and XMPP. - Avri Doria for proposing writing a glossary in the first place, help with writing the initial proposals and Internet-Drafts, her reviews, and her contributions to the glossary. Thanks also to Stephane Bortzmeyer, John Curran, Barry Shein, Joe Hall, Joss Wright, Harry Halpin, and Tim Sammut, who made a lot of excellent suggestions, many of which found their way directly into the text. We want to thank Amelia Andersdotter, Stephen Farrell, Stephane Bortzmeyer, Shane Kerr, Giovane Moura, James Gannon, Alissa Cooper, Andrew Sullivan, S. Moonesamy, Roland Bless, and Scott Craig for their reviews and for testing the HRPC guidelines in the wild. We would also like to thank Molly Sauter, Arturo Filasto, Nathalie Marechal, Eleanor Saitta, Richard Hill, and all others who provided input on this document or the conceptualization of the idea. Thanks to Edward Snowden for his comments at IETF 93 in Prague regarding the impact of protocols on the rights of users.
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