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RFC 8095


Services Provided by IETF Transport Protocols and Congestion Control Mechanisms

Part 3 of 3, p. 38 to 54
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4.  Congestion Control

   Congestion control is critical to the stable operation of the
   Internet.  A variety of mechanisms are used to provide the congestion
   control needed by many Internet transport protocols.  Congestion is
   detected based on sensing of network conditions, whether through
   explicit or implicit feedback.  The congestion control mechanisms
   that can be applied by different transport protocols are largely
   orthogonal to the choice of transport protocol.  This section
   provides an overview of the congestion control mechanisms available
   to the protocols described in Section 3.

   Many protocols use a separate window to determine the maximum sending
   rate that is allowed by the congestion control.  The used congestion
   control mechanism will increase the congestion window if feedback is
   received that indicates that the currently used network path is not
   congested and will reduce the window otherwise.  Window-based
   mechanisms often increase their window slowing over multiple RTTs,
   while decreasing strongly when the first indication of congestion is
   received.  One example is an Additive Increase Multiplicative
   Decrease (AIMD) scheme, where the window is increased by a certain
   number of packets/bytes for each data segment that has been
   successfully transmitted, while the window decreases multiplicatively
   on the occurrence of a congestion event.  This can lead to a rather
   unstable, oscillating sending rate but will resolve a congestion
   situation quickly.  Examples of window-based AIMD schemes include TCP
   NewReno [RFC5681], TCP Cubic [CUBIC] (the default mechanism for TCP
   in Linux), and CCID 2 specified for DCCP [RFC4341].

   Some classes of applications prefer to use a transport service that
   allows sending at a more stable rate that is slowly varied in
   response to congestion.  Rate-based methods offer this type of
   congestion control and have been defined based on the loss ratio and
   observed round-trip time, such as TFRC [RFC5348] and TFRC-SP

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   [RFC4828].  These methods utilize a throughput equation to determine
   the maximum acceptable rate.  Such methods are used with DCCP CCID 3
   [RFC4342], CCID 4 [RFC5622], WEBRC [RFC3738], and other applications.

   Another class of applications prefers a transport service that yields
   to other (higher-priority) traffic, such as interactive
   transmissions.  While most traffic in the Internet uses loss-based
   congestion control and therefore tends to fill the network buffers
   (to a certain level if Active Queue Management (AQM) is used), low-
   priority congestion control methods often react to changes in delay
   as an earlier indication of congestion.  This approach tends to
   induce less loss than a loss-based method but does generally not
   compete well with loss-based traffic across shared bottleneck links.
   Therefore, methods such as LEDBAT [RFC6817] are deployed in the
   Internet for scavenger traffic that aims to only utilize otherwise
   unused capacity.

5.  Transport Features

   The transport protocol features described in this document can be
   used as a basis for defining common transport features.  These are
   listed below with the protocols supporting them:

   o  Control Functions

      *  Addressing

         +  unicast (TCP, MPTCP, UDP, UDP-Lite, SCTP, DCCP, TLS, RTP,
            HTTP, ICMP)

         +  multicast (UDP, UDP-Lite, RTP, ICMP, FLUTE/ALC, NORM).  Note
            that, as TLS and DTLS are unicast-only, there is no widely
            deployed mechanism for supporting the features listed under
            the Security bullet (below) when using multicast addressing.

         +  IPv4 broadcast (UDP, UDP-Lite, ICMP)

         +  anycast (UDP, UDP-Lite).  Connection-oriented protocols such
            as TCP and DCCP have also been deployed using anycast
            addressing, with the risk that routing changes may cause
            connection failure.

      *  Association type

         +  connection-oriented (TCP, MPTCP, DCCP, SCTP, TLS, RTP, HTTP,

         +  connectionless (UDP, UDP-Lite, FLUTE/ALC)

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      *  Multihoming support

         +  resilience and mobility (MPTCP, SCTP)

         +  load balancing (MPTCP)

         +  address family multiplexing (MPTCP, SCTP)

      *  Middlebox cooperation

         +  application-class signaling to middleboxes (DCCP)

         +  error condition signaling from middleboxes and routers to
            endpoints (ICMP)

      *  Signaling

         +  control information and error signaling (ICMP)

         +  application performance reporting (RTP)

   o  Delivery

      *  Reliability

         +  fully reliable delivery (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, TLS, HTTP, FLUTE/
            ALC, NORM)

         +  partially reliable delivery (SCTP, NORM)

            -  using packet erasure coding (RTP, FLUTE/ALC, NORM)

            -  with specified policy for dropped messages (SCTP)

         +  unreliable delivery (SCTP, UDP, UDP-Lite, DCCP, RTP)

            -  with drop notification to sender (SCTP, DCCP, RTP)

         +  error detection

            -  checksum for error detection (TCP, MPTCP, UDP, UDP-Lite,

            -  partial payload checksum protection (UDP-Lite, DCCP).
               Some uses of RTP can exploit partial payload checksum
               protection feature to provide a corruption-tolerant
               transport service.

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            -  checksum optional (UDP).  Possible with IPv4 and, in
               certain cases, with IPv6.

      *  Ordering

         +  ordered delivery (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, TLS, RTP, HTTP, FLUTE)

         +  unordered delivery permitted (UDP, UDP-Lite, SCTP, DCCP,
            RTP, NORM)

      *  Type/framing

         +  stream-oriented delivery (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, TLS, HTTP)

            -  with multiple streams per association (SCTP, HTTP2)

         +  message-oriented delivery (UDP, UDP-Lite, SCTP, DCCP, DTLS,

         +  object-oriented delivery of discrete data or files and
            associated metadata (HTTP, FLUTE/ALC, NORM)

            -  with partial delivery of object ranges (HTTP)

      *  Directionality

         +  unidirectional (UDP, UDP-Lite, DCCP, RTP, FLUTE/ALC, NORM)

         +  bidirectional (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, TLS, HTTP)

   o  Transmission control

      *  flow control (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, DCCP, TLS, RTP, HTTP)

      *  congestion control (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, DCCP, RTP, FLUTE/ALC,
         NORM).  Congestion control can also provided by the transport
         supporting an upper-layer transport (e.g., TLS, RTP, HTTP).

      *  segmentation (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, TLS, RTP, HTTP, FLUTE/ALC,

      *  data/message bundling (TCP, MPTCP, SCTP, TLS, HTTP)

      *  stream scheduling prioritization (SCTP, HTTP2)

      *  endpoint multiplexing (MPTCP)

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   o  Security

      *  authentication of one end of a connection (TLS, DTLS, FLUTE/

      *  authentication of both ends of a connection (TLS, DTLS)

      *  confidentiality (TLS, DTLS)

      *  cryptographic integrity protection (TLS, DTLS)

      *  replay protection (TLS, DTLS, FLUTE/ALC)

6.  IANA Considerations

   This document does not require any IANA actions.

7.  Security Considerations

   This document surveys existing transport protocols and protocols
   providing transport-like services.  Confidentiality, integrity, and
   authenticity are among the features provided by those services.  This
   document does not specify any new features or mechanisms for
   providing these features.  Each RFC referenced by this document
   discusses the security considerations of the specification it

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   Thanks to Joe Touch, Michael Welzl, Spencer Dawkins, and the TAPS
   working group for the comments, feedback, and discussion.  This work
   is supported by the European Commission under grant agreement No.
   318627 mPlane and from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation
   program under grant agreements No. 644334 (NEAT) and No. 688421
   (MAMI).  This support does not imply endorsement.


   In addition to the editors, this document is the work of Brian
   Adamson, Dragana Damjanovic, Kevin Fall, Simone Ferlin-Oliviera,
   Ralph Holz, Olivier Mehani, Karen Nielsen, Colin Perkins, Vincent
   Roca, and Michael Tuexen.

   o  Section 3.2 on MPTCP was contributed by Simone Ferlin-Oliviera
      ( and Olivier Mehani

   o  Section 3.3 on UDP was contributed by Kevin Fall

   o  Section 3.5 on SCTP was contributed by Michael Tuexen (tuexen@fh- and Karen Nielsen (

   o  Section 3.7 on TLS and DTLS was contributed by Ralph Holz
      ( and Olivier Mehani

   o  Section 3.8 on RTP contains contributions from Colin Perkins

   o  Section 3.9 on HTTP was contributed by Dragana Damjanovic

   o  Section 3.10 on FLUTE/ALC was contributed by Vincent Roca

   o  Section 3.11 on NORM was contributed by Brian Adamson

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   Godred Fairhurst (editor)
   University of Aberdeen
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