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RFC 7612

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Schema for Printer Services

Pages: 54
Obsoletes:  3712
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5.  Definition of Syntaxes

   No new attribute syntaxes are defined by this document.

   The attribute types defined in Section 4 of this document reference
   syntax OIDs defined in Section 3 of [RFC4517], which are summarized

   Syntax OID                      Syntax Description
   ------------------------------  -------------------------------    Boolean   DirectoryString (UTF-8 [STD63])   Integer

6.  Definition of Matching Rules

   No new matching rules are defined by this document.

   The attribute types defined in Section 4 of this document reference
   matching rules defined in Section 4 of [RFC4517], which are
   summarized below:

   Matching Rule OID               Matching Rule Name          Usage
   -----------------------------   ------------------          --------                       booleanMatch                EQUALITY                        caseIgnoreMatch             EQUALITY                       integerMatch                EQUALITY                       integerOrderingMatch        ORDERING                        caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch   SUBSTR

7.  IANA Considerations

   This document does not define any new syntaxes or matching rules.

   This document defines a few new attribute types that have been
   registered by IANA per this document (see Section 7.1 below).

   All of the object classes and most of the attribute types described
   in this document were registered by IANA when RFC 3712 was published
   (see Section 7.2 below).
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7.1.  Registration of Attribute Types

   The following Attribute Type OIDs have been assigned by the IEEE-ISTO
   PWG (see Section 1.3.2) and have been registered by IANA.

   Subject:  Request for Object Identifier Descriptor Registration

   Descriptor (short name):  see table below

   Object Identifier:  see table below

   Person & email address to contact for further information:  see below

   Usage:  attribute type

   Specification:  RFC 7612 (this document)

   Author/Change Controller:

      Ira McDonald
      High North Inc.
      221 Ridge Ave.
      Grand Marais, MI  49839
      United States
      Phone: +1 906-494-2434


   Attribute Type                                OID
   ------------------------------------          ----------------------
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7.2.  Object Classes and Attribute Types from RFC 3712

   This section is strictly informative.  None of the LDAP OIDs listed
   in this section have been re-registered by IANA.

   The following Object Class OIDs were assigned by IBM (see
   Section 1.3.1) and were already registered by IANA when RFC 3712 was

   Object Class                                  OID
   ------------------------------------          ----------------

   The following Attribute Type OIDs were assigned by IBM (see
   Section 1.3.1) and were already registered by IANA when RFC 3712 was

   Attribute Type                                OID
   ------------------------------------          -----------------
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8.  Internationalization Considerations

   All text string attributes defined in this document of syntax
   'DirectoryString' [RFC4517] have values that are encoded in UTF-8
   [STD63], as required by [RFC4517].

   A language tag [BCP47] for all of the text string attributes defined
   in this document is contained in the
   printer-natural-language-configured attribute.

   Therefore, all object classes defined in this document conform to the
   IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages [BCP18].

   Note: For interoperability and consistent text display, values of
   attributes defined in this document (a) SHOULD be normalized as
   recommended in "Unicode Format for Network Interchange" [RFC5198];
   (b) SHOULD NOT contain DEL or any C0 or C1 control characters except
   for HT, CR, and LF; (c) SHOULD only contain CR and LF characters
   together (not as singletons); and (d) SHOULD NOT contain HT, CR, or
   LF characters in names, e.g., printer-name and printer-aliases.

9.  Security Considerations

   See [RFC4513] for detailed guidance on authentication methods for
   LDAP and the use of TLS/1.2 [RFC5246] to supply connection
   confidentiality and data integrity for LDAP sessions.

   As with any LDAP schema, it is important to protect specific entries
   and attributes with the appropriate access control.  It is
   particularly important that only administrators can modify entries
   defined in this LDAP Printer schema.  Otherwise, an LDAP client might
   be fooled into diverting print service requests from the original
   Printer (or spooler) to a malicious intruder's host system, thus
   exposing the information in printed documents.
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   Note: Security vulnerabilities can arise if DEL or any C0 or C1
   control characters are included in names, e.g., printer-name or

   For additional security considerations regarding deploying Printers
   in an IPP environment, see Section 8 of [RFC2911].

10.  References

10.1.  Normative References

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10.2.  Informative References

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Appendix A.  Changes since RFC 3712

   1) Added many editorial corrections and clarifications

      - corrected typos, missing words, and ambiguous sentences;

      - replaced lowercase 'printer' with titlecase 'Printer' for
        readability and consistency with IETF and IEEE-ISTO PWG IPP
        standards usage;

      - added implementation notes;

      - updated and added references.

   2) Deleted length restrictions from formal definitions of
      DirectoryString syntax attributes

      - replaced with notes recommending length restrictions for
        compatibility with existing implementations of [RFC3712] and
        underlying string length limits in [RFC2707], [RFC2911],
        [RFC3805], [PWG5107.2], [PWG5100.13], and [PWG5100.14].

   3) Added new Printer attributes defined in [PWG5107.2], [PWG5100.13],
      and [PWG5100.14] (see Section 7.1)

      - updated the table of Printer attributes and source documents in
        Section 4 ("Definition of Attribute Types");

      - added support for IEEE-ISTO PWG "IPP Everywhere" [PWG5100.14]

   4) Added implementation note to Section 4 about string encodings

      - added discussion of 'List of xxx' and 'One of xxx' encodings;

      - stated that any of these attributes can be represented as
        multiple instances (i.e., to avoid length overflow).

   5) Improved comma-delimited examples of string attributes

      - added both single-valued and multi-valued examples.
Top   ToC   Page 53
   6) Clarified use of printer-xri-supported and
      printer-resolution-supported attributes, and their corresponding
      field delimiters

      - added note in Section 4 ("Definition of Attribute Types") to
        explain the origin of the different field delimiters;

      - added examples to show optional *trailing* whitespace after '<'
        delimiters in printer-xri-supported;

      - added examples to show optional *trailing* whitespace after '>'
        delimiters in printer-resolution-supported.

   7) Clarified Section 8 ("Internationalization Considerations")

      - added note about Net-Unicode [RFC5198] and avoiding use of C0
        and C1 control characters.

   8) Clarified Section 9 ("Security Considerations")

      - added note about security vulnerabilities caused by use of DEL
        or any C0 or C1 control characters in names.

   9) Clarified terms and abbreviations

      - renamed Section 2 ("Conventions Used in This Document");

      - added Section 2.1 ("Requirements Language");

      - added Section 2.2 ("LDAP Schema Descriptions");

      - added Section 2.3 ("Abbreviations").
Top   ToC   Page 54

   The authors wish to acknowledge significant contributions from Ken
   Jones and Harry Lewis and excellent comments from Patrik Faltstrom,
   Ryan Moats, Robert Moore, Lee Rafalow, Kimberly Reger, and Kurt
   Zeilenga during the development of the original LDAP Printer schema

   The authors wish to acknowledge excellent comments from Nevil
   Brownlee, Barry Leiba, Alexey Melnikov, Tom Petch, and Mike Sweet
   during the development of this current version of the LDAP Printer

   Thanks to the members of the IEEE-ISTO PWG IPP Working Group, for
   their review comments and help in preparing this document.

Authors' Addresses

   Pat Fleming
   51796 171 Ave.
   Pine Island, MN  55963
   United States

   Phone: +1 507-356-8277

   Ira McDonald
   High North Inc.
   221 Ridge Ave.
   Grand Marais, MI  49839
   United States

   Phone: +1 906-494-2434