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RFC 1700

Assigned Numbers

Pages: 230
Obsoletes:  1340
Obsoleted by:  3232
Part 2 of 7 – Pages 35 to 69
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syslog          514/udp
printer         515/tcp    spooler
printer         515/udp    spooler
#               516/tcp    Unassigned
#               516/udp    Unassigned
talk            517/tcp    like tenex link, but across
#                          machine - unfortunately, doesn't
#                          use link protocol (this is actually
#                          just a rendezvous port from which a
#                          tcp connection is established)
talk            517/udp    like tenex link, but across
#                          machine - unfortunately, doesn't
#                          use link protocol (this is actually
#                          just a rendezvous port from which a
                           tcp connection is established)
ntalk           518/tcp
ntalk           518/udp
utime           519/tcp    unixtime
utime           519/udp    unixtime
efs             520/tcp    extended file name server
router          520/udp    local routing process (on site);
#                          uses variant of Xerox NS routing
#                          information protocol
#               521-524    Unassigned
timed           525/tcp    timeserver
timed           525/udp    timeserver
tempo           526/tcp    newdate
tempo           526/udp    newdate
#               527-529    Unassigned
courier         530/tcp    rpc
courier         530/udp    rpc
conference      531/tcp    chat
conference      531/udp    chat
netnews         532/tcp    readnews
netnews         532/udp    readnews
netwall         533/tcp    for emergency broadcasts
netwall         533/udp    for emergency broadcasts
#               534-538    Unassigned
apertus-ldp     539/tcp    Apertus Technologies Load Determination
apertus-ldp     539/udp    Apertus Technologies Load Determination
uucp            540/tcp    uucpd
uucp            540/udp    uucpd
uucp-rlogin     541/tcp    uucp-rlogin  Stuart Lynne
uucp-rlogin     541/udp    uucp-rlogin
#               542/tcp    Unassigned
#               542/udp    Unassigned
klogin          543/tcp
klogin          543/udp
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kshell          544/tcp    krcmd
kshell          544/udp    krcmd
#               545-549    Unassigned
new-rwho        550/tcp    new-who
new-rwho        550/udp    new-who
#               551-555    Unassigned
dsf             555/tcp
dsf             555/udp
remotefs        556/tcp    rfs server
remotefs        556/udp    rfs server
#               557-559    Unassigned
rmonitor        560/tcp    rmonitord
rmonitor        560/udp    rmonitord
monitor         561/tcp
monitor         561/udp
chshell         562/tcp    chcmd
chshell         562/udp    chcmd
#               563/tcp    Unassigned
#               563/udp    Unassigned
9pfs            564/tcp    plan 9 file service
9pfs            564/udp    plan 9 file service
whoami          565/tcp    whoami
whoami          565/udp    whoami
#               566-569    Unassigned
meter           570/tcp    demon
meter           570/udp    demon
meter           571/tcp    udemon
meter           571/udp    udemon
#               572-599    Unassigned
ipcserver       600/tcp    Sun IPC server
ipcserver       600/udp    Sun IPC server
nqs             607/tcp    nqs
nqs             607/udp    nqs
urm             606/tcp    Cray Unified Resource Manager
urm             606/udp    Cray Unified Resource Manager
#                          Bill Schiefelbein <>
sift-uft        608/tcp    Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
sift-uft        608/udp    Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
#                          Rick Troth <>
npmp-trap       609/tcp    npmp-trap
npmp-trap       609/udp    npmp-trap
npmp-local      610/tcp    npmp-local
npmp-local      610/udp    npmp-local
npmp-gui        611/tcp    npmp-gui
npmp-gui        611/udp    npmp-gui
#                          John Barnes <>
ginad           634/tcp    ginad
ginad           634/udp    ginad
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#                          Mark Crother <>
mdqs            666/tcp
mdqs            666/udp
doom            666/tcp    doom Id Software
doom            666/tcp    doom Id Software
#                          <>
elcsd           704/tcp    errlog copy/server daemon
elcsd           704/udp    errlog copy/server daemon

entrustmanager  709/tcp    EntrustManager
entrustmanager  709/udp    EntrustManager
#                          Peter Whittaker <>
netviewdm1      729/tcp    IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
netviewdm1      729/udp    IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
netviewdm2      730/tcp    IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
netviewdm2      730/udp    IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
netviewdm3      731/tcp    IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
netviewdm3      731/udp    IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
#                          Philippe Binet  (phbinet@vnet.IBM.COM)
netgw           741/tcp    netGW
netgw           741/udp    netGW
netrcs          742/tcp    Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
netrcs          742/udp    Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
#                          Gordon C. Galligher <>
flexlm          744/tcp    Flexible License Manager
flexlm          744/udp    Flexible License Manager
#                          Matt Christiano
#                          <>
fujitsu-dev     747/tcp    Fujitsu Device Control
fujitsu-dev     747/udp    Fujitsu Device Control
ris-cm          748/tcp    Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
ris-cm          748/udp    Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
kerberos-adm    749/tcp    kerberos administration
kerberos-adm    749/udp    kerberos administration
rfile           750/tcp
loadav          750/udp
pump            751/tcp
pump            751/udp
qrh             752/tcp
qrh             752/udp
rrh             753/tcp
rrh             753/udp
tell            754/tcp     send
tell            754/udp     send
nlogin          758/tcp
nlogin          758/udp
con             759/tcp
con             759/udp
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ns              760/tcp
ns              760/udp
rxe             761/tcp
rxe             761/udp
quotad          762/tcp
quotad          762/udp
cycleserv       763/tcp
cycleserv       763/udp
omserv          764/tcp
omserv          764/udp
webster         765/tcp
webster         765/udp
phonebook       767/tcp    phone
phonebook       767/udp    phone
vid             769/tcp
vid             769/udp
cadlock         770/tcp
cadlock         770/udp
rtip            771/tcp
rtip            771/udp
cycleserv2      772/tcp
cycleserv2      772/udp
submit          773/tcp
notify          773/udp
rpasswd         774/tcp
acmaint_dbd     774/udp
entomb          775/tcp
acmaint_transd  775/udp
wpages          776/tcp
wpages          776/udp
wpgs            780/tcp
wpgs            780/udp
concert         786/tcp       Concert
concert         786/udp       Concert
#                             Josyula R. Rao <>
mdbs_daemon     800/tcp
mdbs_daemon     800/udp
device          801/tcp
device          801/udp
xtreelic        996/tcp        Central Point Software
xtreelic        996/udp        Central Point Software
#                              Dale Cabell <>
maitrd          997/tcp
maitrd          997/udp
busboy          998/tcp
puparp          998/udp
garcon          999/tcp
applix          999/udp        Applix ac
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puprouter       999/tcp
puprouter       999/udp
cadlock         1000/tcp
ock             1000/udp
                1023/tcp       Reserved
                1024/udp       Reserved
#                              IANA <>


The Registered Ports are not controlled by the IANA and on most
systems can be used by ordinary user processes or programs executed by
ordinary users.

Ports are used in the TCP [RFC793] to name the ends of logical
connections which carry long term conversations.  For the purpose of
providing services to unknown callers, a service contact port is
defined.  This list specifies the port used by the server process as
its contact port.  While the IANA can not control uses of these ports
it does register or list uses of these ports as a convienence to the

To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with the
UDP [RFC768].

The Registered Ports are in the range 1024-65535.

Port Assignments:

Keyword         Decimal    Description                     References
-------         -------    -----------                     ----------
                1024/tcp   Reserved
                1024/udp   Reserved
#                          IANA <>
blackjack       1025/tcp   network blackjack
blackjack       1025/udp   network blackjack
iad1            1030/tcp   BBN IAD
iad1            1030/udp   BBN IAD
iad2            1031/tcp   BBN IAD
iad2            1031/udp   BBN IAD
iad3            1032/tcp   BBN IAD
iad3            1032/udp   BBN IAD
#                          Andy Malis <>
instl_boots     1067/tcp   Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
instl_boots     1067/udp   Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
instl_bootc     1068/tcp   Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 40
instl_bootc     1068/udp   Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
#                          David Arko <<>
socks           1080/tcp   Socks
socks           1080/udp   Socks
#                          Ying-Da Lee <
ansoft-lm-1     1083/tcp   Anasoft License Manager
ansoft-lm-1     1083/udp   Anasoft License Manager
ansoft-lm-2     1084/tcp   Anasoft License Manager
ansoft-lm-2     1084/udp   Anasoft License Manager
nfa             1155/tcp   Network File Access
nfa             1155/udp   Network File Access
#                          James Powell <>
nerv            1222/tcp   SNI R&D network
nerv            1222/udp   SNI R&D network
#                          Martin Freiss <>
hermes          1248/tcp
hermes          1248/udp
alta-ana-lm     1346/tcp   Alta Analytics License Manager
alta-ana-lm     1346/udp   Alta Analytics License Manager
bbn-mmc         1347/tcp   multi media conferencing
bbn-mmc         1347/udp   multi media conferencing
bbn-mmx         1348/tcp   multi media conferencing
bbn-mmx         1348/udp   multi media conferencing
sbook           1349/tcp   Registration Network Protocol
sbook           1349/udp   Registration Network Protocol
editbench       1350/tcp   Registration Network Protocol
editbench       1350/udp   Registration Network Protocol
#               Simson L. Garfinkel <>
equationbuilder 1351/tcp   Digital Tool Works (MIT)
equationbuilder 1351/udp   Digital Tool Works (MIT)
#                          Terrence J. Talbot <lexcube!>
lotusnote       1352/tcp   Lotus Note
lotusnote       1352/udp   Lotus Note
#               Greg Pflaum <!>
relief          1353/tcp   Relief Consulting
relief          1353/udp   Relief Consulting
#                          John Feiler <relief!>
rightbrain      1354/tcp   RightBrain Software
rightbrain      1354/udp   RightBrain Software
#                          Glenn Reid <>
intuitive edge  1355/tcp   Intuitive Edge
intuitive edge  1355/udp   Intuitive Edge
#                          Montgomery Zukowski
#                          <>
cuillamartin    1356/tcp   CuillaMartin Company
cuillamartin    1356/udp   CuillaMartin Company
pegboard        1357/tcp   Electronic PegBoard
pegboard        1357/udp   Electronic PegBoard
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 41
#                          Chris Cuilla
#                          <balr!vpnet!cuilla!>
connlcli        1358/tcp   CONNLCLI
connlcli        1358/udp   CONNLCLI
ftsrv           1359/tcp   FTSRV
ftsrv           1359/udp   FTSRV
#                          Ines Homem de Melo <sidinf@brfapesp.bitnet>
mimer           1360/tcp   MIMER
mimer           1360/udp   MIMER
#                          Per Schroeder  <>
linx            1361/tcp   LinX
linx            1361/udp   LinX
#                          Steffen Schilke <---none--->
timeflies       1362/tcp   TimeFlies
timeflies       1362/udp   TimeFlies
#                          Doug Kent <>
ndm-requester   1363/tcp   Network DataMover Requester
ndm-requester   1363/udp   Network DataMover Requester
ndm-server      1364/tcp   Network DataMover Server
ndm-server      1364/udp   Network DataMover Server
#                          Toshio Watanabe
#                          <>
adapt-sna       1365/tcp   Network Software Associates
adapt-sna       1365/udp   Network Software Associates
#                          Jeffery Chiao <714-768-401>
netware-csp     1366/tcp   Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform
netware-csp     1366/udp   Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform
#                          Laurie Lindsey <>
dcs             1367/tcp   DCS
dcs             1367/udp   DCS
#                          Stefan Siebert <>
screencast      1368/tcp   ScreenCast
screencast      1368/udp   ScreenCast
#                          Bill Tschumy <other!bill@uunet.UU.NET>
gv-us           1369/tcp   GlobalView to Unix Shell
gv-us           1369/udp   GlobalView to Unix Shell
us-gv           1370/tcp   Unix Shell to GlobalView
us-gv           1370/udp   Unix Shell to GlobalView
#               Makoto Mita <>
fc-cli          1371/tcp   Fujitsu Config Protocol
fc-cli          1371/udp   Fujitsu Config Protocol
fc-ser          1372/tcp   Fujitsu Config Protocol
fc-ser          1372/udp   Fujitsu Config Protocol
#               Ryuichi Horie <>
chromagrafx     1373/tcp   Chromagrafx
chromagrafx     1373/udp   Chromagrafx
#                          Mike Barthelemy <>
molly           1374/tcp   EPI Software Systems
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 42
molly           1374/udp   EPI Software Systems
#                          Jim Vlcek <>
bytex           1375/tcp   Bytex
bytex           1375/udp   Bytex
#               Mary Ann Burt <bytex!ws054!maryann@uunet.UU.NET>
ibm-pps         1376/tcp   IBM Person to Person Software
ibm-pps         1376/udp   IBM Person to Person Software
#                          Simon Phipps <>
cichlid         1377/tcp   Cichlid License Manager
cichlid         1377/udp   Cichlid License Manager
#                          Andy Burgess <>
elan            1378/tcp   Elan License Manager
elan            1378/udp   Elan License Manager
#                          Ken Greer <>
dbreporter      1379/tcp   Integrity Solutions
dbreporter      1379/udp   Integrity Solutions
#                          Tim Dawson <tdawson%mspboss@uunet.UU.NET>
telesis-licman  1380/tcp   Telesis Network License Manager
telesis-licman  1380/udp   Telesis Network License Manager
#                          Karl Schendel, Jr. <>
apple-licman    1381/tcp   Apple Network License Manager
apple-licman    1381/udp   Apple Network License Manager
#                          Earl Wallace <>
udt_os          1382/tcp
udt_os          1382/udp
gwha            1383/tcp   GW Hannaway Network License Manager
gwha            1383/udp   GW Hannaway Network License Manager
#                          J. Gabriel Foster <>
os-licman       1384/tcp   Objective Solutions License Manager
os-licman       1384/udp   Objective Solutions License Manager
#               Donald Cornwell <>
atex_elmd       1385/tcp   Atex Publishing License Manager
atex_elmd       1385/udp   Atex Publishing License Manager
#                          Brett Sorenson <>
checksum        1386/tcp   CheckSum License Manager
checksum        1386/udp   CheckSum License Manager
#                          Andreas Glocker <>
cadsi-lm        1387/tcp   Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM
cadsi-lm        1387/udp   Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM
#                          Sulistio Muljadi
objective-dbc   1388/tcp   Objective Solutions DataBase Cache
objective-dbc   1388/udp   Objective Solutions DataBase Cache
#                          Donald Cornwell
iclpv-dm        1389/tcp   Document Manager
iclpv-dm        1389/udp   Document Manager
iclpv-sc        1390/tcp   Storage Controller
iclpv-sc        1390/udp   Storage Controller
iclpv-sas       1391/tcp   Storage Access Server
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 43
iclpv-sas       1391/udp   Storage Access Server
iclpv-pm        1392/tcp   Print Manager
iclpv-pm        1392/udp   Print Manager
iclpv-nls       1393/tcp   Network Log Server
iclpv-nls       1393/udp   Network Log Server
iclpv-nlc       1394/tcp   Network Log Client
iclpv-nlc       1394/udp   Network Log Client
iclpv-wsm       1395/tcp   PC Workstation Manager software
iclpv-wsm       1395/udp   PC Workstation Manager software
#               A.P. Hobson <>
dvl-activemail  1396/tcp   DVL Active Mail
dvl-activemail  1396/udp   DVL Active Mail
audio-activmail 1397/tcp   Audio Active Mail
audio-activmail 1397/udp   Audio Active Mail
video-activmail 1398/tcp   Video Active Mail
video-activmail 1398/udp   Video Active Mail
#                          Ehud Shapiro <>
cadkey-licman   1399/tcp   Cadkey License Manager
cadkey-licman   1399/udp   Cadkey License Manager
cadkey-tablet   1400/tcp   Cadkey Tablet Daemon
cadkey-tablet   1400/udp   Cadkey Tablet Daemon
#                          Joe McCollough <>
goldleaf-licman 1401/tcp   Goldleaf License Manager
goldleaf-licman 1401/udp   Goldleaf License Manager
#                          John Fox <---none--->
prm-sm-np       1402/tcp   Prospero Resource Manager
prm-sm-np       1402/udp   Prospero Resource Manager
prm-nm-np       1403/tcp   Prospero Resource Manager
prm-nm-np       1403/udp   Prospero Resource Manager
#                          B. Clifford Neuman <>
igi-lm          1404/tcp   Infinite Graphics License Manager
igi-lm          1404/udp   Infinite Graphics License Manager
ibm-res         1405/tcp   IBM Remote Execution Starter
ibm-res         1405/udp   IBM Remote Execution Starter
netlabs-lm      1406/tcp   NetLabs License Manager
netlabs-lm      1406/udp   NetLabs License Manager
dbsa-lm         1407/tcp   DBSA License Manager
dbsa-lm         1407/udp   DBSA License Manager
#                          Scott Shattuck <>
sophia-lm       1408/tcp   Sophia License Manager
sophia-lm       1408/udp   Sophia License Manager
#                          Eric Brown <sst!emerald!>
here-lm         1409/tcp   Here License Manager
here-lm         1409/udp   Here License Manager
#                          David Ison  <>
hiq             1410/tcp   HiQ License Manager
hiq             1410/udp   HiQ License Manager
#                          Rick Pugh <>
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 44
af              1411/tcp   AudioFile
af              1411/udp   AudioFile
#                          Jim Gettys <>
innosys         1412/tcp   InnoSys
innosys         1412/udp   InnoSys
innosys-acl     1413/tcp   Innosys-ACL
innosys-acl     1413/udp   Innosys-ACL
#                          Eric Welch <--none--->
ibm-mqseries    1414/tcp   IBM MQSeries
ibm-mqseries    1414/udp   IBM MQSeries
#                          Roger Meli <>
dbstar          1415/tcp   DBStar
dbstar          1415/udp   DBStar
#                          Jeffrey Millman <>
novell-lu6.2    1416/tcp   Novell LU6.2
novell-lu6.2    1416/udp   Novell LU6.2
#                          Peter Liu <--none--->
timbuktu-srv1   1417/tcp   Timbuktu Service 1 Port
timbuktu-srv1   1417/tcp   Timbuktu Service 1 Port
timbuktu-srv2   1418/tcp   Timbuktu Service 2 Port
timbuktu-srv2   1418/udp   Timbuktu Service 2 Port
timbuktu-srv3   1419/tcp   Timbuktu Service 3 Port
timbuktu-srv3   1419/udp   Timbuktu Service 3 Port
timbuktu-srv4   1420/tcp   Timbuktu Service 4 Port
timbuktu-srv4   1420/udp   Timbuktu Service 4 Port
#                          Marc Epard <>
gandalf-lm      1421/tcp   Gandalf License Manager
gandalf-lm      1421/udp   Gandalf License Manager
autodesk-lm     1422/tcp   Autodesk License Manager
autodesk-lm     1422/udp   Autodesk License Manager
#                          David Ko <>
essbase         1423/tcp   Essbase Arbor Software
essbase         1423/udp   Essbase Arbor Software
hybrid          1424/tcp   Hybrid Encryption Protocol
hybrid          1424/udp   Hybrid Encryption Protocol
#                          Howard Hart <>
zion-lm         1425/tcp   Zion Software License Manager
zion-lm         1425/udp   Zion Software License Manager
#                          David Ferrero <>
sas-1           1426/tcp   Satellite-data Acquisition System 1
sas-1           1426/udp   Satellite-data Acquisition System 1
#                          Bill Taylor <>
mloadd          1427/tcp   mloadd monitoring tool
mloadd          1427/udp   mloadd monitoring tool
#                          Bob Braden <>
informatik-lm   1428/tcp   Informatik License Manager
informatik-lm   1428/udp   Informatik License Manager
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 45
#                          Harald Schlangmann
#                          <>
nms             1429/tcp   Hypercom NMS
nms             1429/udp   Hypercom NMS
tpdu            1430/tcp   Hypercom TPDU
tpdu            1430/udp   Hypercom TPDU
#                          Noor Chowdhury <>
rgtp            1431/tcp   Reverse Gosip Transport
rgtp            1431/udp   Reverse Gosip Transport
#                          <>
blueberry-lm    1432/tcp   Blueberry Software License Manager
blueberry-lm    1432/udp   Blueberry Software License Manager
#                          Steve Beigel <ublueb!>
ms-sql-s        1433/tcp   Microsoft-SQL-Server
ms-sql-s        1433/udp   Microsoft-SQL-Server
ms-sql-m        1434/tcp   Microsoft-SQL-Monitor
ms-sql-m        1434/udp   Microsoft-SQL-Monitor
#                          Peter Hussey <>
ibm-cics        1435/tcp   IBM CISC
ibm-cics        1435/udp   IBM CISC
#                          Geoff Meacock <gbibmswl@ibmmail.COM>
sas-2           1436/tcp   Satellite-data Acquisition System 2
sas-2           1436/udp   Satellite-data Acquisition System 2
#                          Bill Taylor <>
tabula          1437/tcp   Tabula
tabula          1437/udp   Tabula
#                          Marcelo Einhorn
#                          <>
eicon-server    1438/tcp   Eicon Security Agent/Server
eicon-server    1438/udp   Eicon Security Agent/Server
eicon-x25       1439/tcp   Eicon X25/SNA Gateway
eicon-x25       1439/udp   Eicon X25/SNA Gateway
eicon-slp       1440/tcp   Eicon Service Location Protocol
eicon-slp       1440/udp   Eicon Service Location Protocol
#                          Pat Calhoun <>
cadis-1         1441/tcp   Cadis License Management
cadis-1         1441/udp   Cadis License Management
cadis-2         1442/tcp   Cadis License Management
cadis-2         1442/udp   Cadis License Management
#                          Todd Wichers <>
ies-lm          1443/tcp   Integrated Engineering Software
ies-lm          1443/udp   Integrated Engineering Software
#                          David Tong <>
marcam-lm       1444/tcp   Marcam  License Management
marcam-lm       1444/udp   Marcam  License Management
#                          Therese Hunt <>
proxima-lm      1445/tcp   Proxima License Manager
proxima-lm      1445/udp   Proxima License Manager
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 46
ora-lm          1446/tcp   Optical Research Associates License Manager
ora-lm          1446/udp   Optical Research Associates License Manager
apri-lm         1447/tcp   Applied Parallel Research LM
apri-lm         1447/udp   Applied Parallel Research LM
#                          Jim Dillon <>
oc-lm           1448/tcp   OpenConnect License Manager
oc-lm           1448/udp   OpenConnect License Manager
#                          Sue Barnhill <>
peport          1449/tcp   PEport
peport          1449/udp   PEport
#                          Qentin Neill <quentin@ColumbiaSC.NCR.COM>
dwf             1450/tcp   Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility
dwf             1450/udp   Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility
#                          Mike Bert <>
infoman         1451/tcp   IBM Information Management
infoman         1451/udp   IBM Information Management
#                          Karen Burns <---none--->
gtegsc-lm       1452/tcp   GTE Government Systems License Man
gtegsc-lm       1452/udp   GTE Government Systems License Man
#               Mike Gregory <>
genie-lm        1453/tcp   Genie License Manager
genie-lm        1453/udp   Genie License Manager
#                          Paul Applegate <>
interhdl_elmd   1454/tcp   interHDL License Manager
interhdl_elmd   1454/tcp   interHDL License Manager
#                          Eli Sternheim
esl-lm          1455/tcp   ESL License Manager
esl-lm          1455/udp   ESL License Manager
#                          Abel Chou <>
dca             1456/tcp   DCA
dca             1456/udp   DCA
#                          Jeff Garbers <>
valisys-lm      1457/tcp    Valisys License Manager
valisys-lm      1457/udp    Valisys License Manager
#               Leslie Lincoln <>
nrcabq-lm       1458/tcp    Nichols Research Corp.
nrcabq-lm       1458/udp    Nichols Research Corp.
#                           Howard Cole <>
proshare1       1459/tcp    Proshare Notebook Application
proshare1       1459/udp    Proshare Notebook Application
proshare2       1460/tcp    Proshare Notebook Application
proshare2       1460/udp    Proshare Notebook Application
#                           Robin Kar <>
ibm_wrless_lan  1461/tcp    IBM Wireless LAN
ibm_wrless_lan  1461/udp    IBM Wireless LAN
#                           <flanne@vnet.IBM.COM>
world-lm        1462/tcp    World License Manager
world-lm        1462/udp    World License Manager
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 47
#                           Michael S Amirault <>
nucleus         1463/tcp    Nucleus
nucleus         1463/udp    Nucleus
#                           Venky Nagar <venky@fafner.Stanford.EDU>
msl_lmd         1464/tcp    MSL License Manager
msl_lmd         1464/udp    MSL License Manager
#                           Matt Timmermans
pipes           1465/tcp    Pipes Platform
pipes           1465/udp    Pipes Platform
#                           Mark Farlin <>
oceansoft-lm    1466/tcp    Ocean Software License Manager
oceansoft-lm    1466/udp    Ocean Software License Manager
#                           Randy Leonard <>
csdmbase        1467/tcp    CSDMBASE
csdmbase        1467/udp    CSDMBASE
csdm            1468/tcp    CSDM
csdm            1468/udp    CSDM
#               Robert Stabl <>
aal-lm          1469/tcp    Active Analysis Limited License Manager
aal-lm          1469/udp    Active Analysis Limited License Manager
#                           David Snocken  +44 (71)437-7009
uaiact          1470/tcp    Universal Analytics
uaiact          1470/udp    Universal Analytics
#                           Mark R. Ludwig <>
csdmbase        1471/tcp    csdmbase
csdmbase        1471/udp    csdmbase
csdm            1472/tcp    csdm
csdm            1472/udp    csdm
#               Robert Stabl <>
openmath        1473/tcp    OpenMath
openmath        1473/udp    OpenMath
#                           Garth Mayville <>
telefinder      1474/tcp    Telefinder
telefinder      1474/udp    Telefinder
#                           Jim White <>
taligent-lm     1475/tcp    Taligent License Manager
taligent-lm     1475/udp    Taligent License Manager
#               Mark Sapsford <>
clvm-cfg        1476/tcp    clvm-cfg
clvm-cfg        1476/udp    clvm-cfg
#                           Eric Soderberg <>
ms-sna-server   1477/tcp    ms-sna-server
ms-sna-server   1477/udp    ms-sna-server
ms-sna-base     1478/tcp    ms-sna-base
ms-sna-base     1478/udp    ms-sna-base
#                           Gordon Mangione <>
dberegister     1479/tcp    dberegister
dberegister     1479/udp    dberegister
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 48
#                           Brian Griswold <>
pacerforum      1480/tcp    PacerForum
pacerforum      1480/udp    PacerForum
#                           Peter Caswell <>
airs            1481/tcp    AIRS
airs            1481/udp    AIRS
#                           Bruce Wilson, 905-771-6161
miteksys-lm     1482/tcp    Miteksys License Manager
miteksys-lm     1482/udp    Miteksys License Manager
#                           Shane McRoberts <>
afs             1483/tcp    AFS License Manager
afs             1483/udp    AFS License Manager
#                           Michael R. Pizolato <>
confluent       1484/tcp    Confluent License Manager
confluent       1484/udp    Confluent License Manager
#                           James Greenfiel <>
lansource       1485/tcp    LANSource
lansource       1485/udp    LANSource
#                           Doug Scott <>
nms_topo_serv   1486/tcp    nms_topo_serv
nms_topo_serv   1486/udp    nms_topo_serv
#                           Sylvia Siu <Sylvia_Siu@Novell.CO>
localinfosrvr   1487/tcp    LocalInfoSrvr
localinfosrvr   1487/udp    LocalInfoSrvr
#               Brian Matthews <>
docstor         1488/tcp    DocStor
docstor         1488/udp    DocStor
#                           Brian Spears <>
dmdocbroker     1489/tcp    dmdocbroker
dmdocbroker     1489/udp    dmdocbroker
#                           Razmik Abnous <>
insitu-conf     1490/tcp    insitu-conf
insitu-conf     1490/udp    insitu-conf
#                           Paul Blacknell <>
anynetgateway   1491/tcp    anynetgateway
anynetgateway   1491/udp    anynetgateway
#                           Dan Poirier <poirier@VNET.IBM.COM>
stone-design-1  1492/tcp    stone-design-1
stone-design-1  1492/udp    stone-design-1
#                           Andrew Stone <>
netmap_lm       1493/tcp    netmap_lm
netmap_lm       1493/udp    netmap_lm
#                           Phillip Magson <>
ica             1494/tcp    ica
ica             1494/udp    ica
#                           John Richardson, Citrix Systems
cvc             1495/tcp    cvc
cvc             1495/udp    cvc
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 49
#                           Bill Davidson <>
liberty-lm      1496/tcp    liberty-lm
liberty-lm      1496/udp    liberty-lm
#                           Jim Rogers <trane!>
rfx-lm          1497/tcp    rfx-lm
rfx-lm          1497/udp    rfx-lm
#                           Bill Bishop <>
watcom-sql      1498/tcp    Watcom-SQL
watcom-sql      1498/udp    Watcom-SQL
#                           Rog Skubowius <>
fhc             1499/tcp    Federico Heinz Consultora
fhc             1499/udp    Federico Heinz Consultora
#                           Federico Heinz <>
vlsi-lm         1500/tcp    VLSI License Manager
vlsi-lm         1500/udp    VLSI License Manager
#                           Shue-Lin Kuo <>
sas-3           1501/tcp    Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
sas-3           1501/udp    Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
#                           Bill Taylor <>
shivadiscovery  1502/tcp    Shiva
shivadiscovery  1502/udp    Shiva
#                           Jonathan Wenocur <jhw@Shiva.COM>
imtc-mcs        1503/tcp    Databeam
imtc-mcs        1503/udp    Databeam
#                           Jim Johnstone <>
evb-elm         1504/tcp    EVB Software Engineering License Manager
evb-elm         1504/udp    EVB Software Engineering License Manager
#                           B.G. Mahesh <>
funkproxy       1505/tcp    Funk Software, Inc.
funkproxy       1505/udp    Funk Software, Inc.
#                           Robert D. Vincent <>
#               1506-1523   Unassigned
ingreslock      1524/tcp    ingres
ingreslock      1524/udp    ingres
orasrv          1525/tcp    oracle
orasrv          1525/udp    oracle
prospero-np     1525/tcp    Prospero Directory Service non-priv
prospero-np     1525/udp    Prospero Directory Service non-priv
pdap-np         1526/tcp    Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv
pdap-np         1526/udp    Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv
#                           B. Clifford Neuman <>
tlisrv          1527/tcp    oracle
tlisrv          1527/udp    oracle
coauthor        1529/tcp    oracle
coauthor        1529/udp    oracle
issd            1600/tcp
issd            1600/udp
nkd             1650/tcp
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 50
nkd             1650/udp
proshareaudio   1651/tcp   proshare conf audio
proshareaudio   1651/udp   proshare conf audio
prosharevideo   1652/tcp   proshare conf video
prosharevideo   1652/udp   proshare conf video
prosharedata    1653/tcp   proshare conf data
prosharedata    1653/udp   proshare conf data
prosharerequest 1654/tcp   proshare conf request
prosharerequest 1654/udp   proshare conf request
prosharenotify  1655/tcp   proshare conf notify
prosharenotify  1655/udp   proshare conf notify
#                          <>
netview-aix-1   1661/tcp   netview-aix-1
netview-aix-1   1661/udp   netview-aix-1
netview-aix-2   1662/tcp   netview-aix-2
netview-aix-2   1662/udp   netview-aix-2
netview-aix-3   1663/tcp   netview-aix-3
netview-aix-3   1663/udp   netview-aix-3
netview-aix-4   1664/tcp   netview-aix-4
netview-aix-4   1664/udp   netview-aix-4
netview-aix-5   1665/tcp   netview-aix-5
netview-aix-5   1665/udp   netview-aix-5
netview-aix-6   1666/tcp   netview-aix-6
netview-aix-6   1666/udp   netview-aix-6
#               Martha Crisson <>
licensedaemon   1986/tcp   cisco license management
licensedaemon   1986/udp   cisco license management
tr-rsrb-p1      1987/tcp   cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
tr-rsrb-p1      1987/udp   cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
tr-rsrb-p2      1988/tcp   cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
tr-rsrb-p2      1988/udp   cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
tr-rsrb-p3      1989/tcp   cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
tr-rsrb-p3      1989/udp   cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
mshnet          1989/tcp   MHSnet system
mshnet          1989/udp   MHSnet system
#               Bob Kummerfeld <>
stun-p1         1990/tcp   cisco STUN Priority 1 port
stun-p1         1990/udp   cisco STUN Priority 1 port
stun-p2         1991/tcp   cisco STUN Priority 2 port
stun-p2         1991/udp   cisco STUN Priority 2 port
stun-p3         1992/tcp   cisco STUN Priority 3 port
stun-p3         1992/udp   cisco STUN Priority 3 port
ipsendmsg       1992/tcp   IPsendmsg
ipsendmsg       1992/udp   IPsendmsg
#               Bob Kummerfeld <>
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 51
snmp-tcp-port   1993/tcp   cisco SNMP TCP port
snmp-tcp-port   1993/udp   cisco SNMP TCP port
stun-port       1994/tcp   cisco serial tunnel port
stun-port       1994/udp   cisco serial tunnel port
perf-port       1995/tcp   cisco perf port
perf-port       1995/udp   cisco perf port
tr-rsrb-port    1996/tcp   cisco Remote SRB port
tr-rsrb-port    1996/udp   cisco Remote SRB port
gdp-port        1997/tcp   cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
gdp-port        1997/udp   cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
x25-svc-port    1998/tcp   cisco X.25 service (XOT)
x25-svc-port    1998/udp   cisco X.25 service (XOT)
tcp-id-port     1999/tcp   cisco identification port
tcp-id-port     1999/udp   cisco identification port
callbook        2000/tcp
callbook        2000/udp
dc              2001/tcp
wizard          2001/udp    curry
globe           2002/tcp
globe           2002/udp
mailbox         2004/tcp
emce            2004/udp    CCWS mm conf
berknet         2005/tcp
oracle          2005/udp
invokator       2006/tcp
raid-cc         2006/udp    raid
dectalk         2007/tcp
raid-am         2007/udp
conf            2008/tcp
terminaldb      2008/udp
news            2009/tcp
whosockami      2009/udp
search          2010/tcp
pipe_server     2010/udp
raid-cc         2011/tcp    raid
servserv        2011/udp
ttyinfo         2012/tcp
raid-ac         2012/udp
raid-am         2013/tcp
raid-cd         2013/udp
troff           2014/tcp
raid-sf         2014/udp
cypress         2015/tcp
raid-cs         2015/udp
bootserver      2016/tcp
bootserver      2016/udp
cypress-stat    2017/tcp
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 52
bootclient      2017/udp
terminaldb      2018/tcp
rellpack        2018/udp
whosockami      2019/tcp
about           2019/udp
xinupageserver  2020/tcp
xinupageserver  2020/udp
servexec        2021/tcp
xinuexpansion1  2021/udp
down            2022/tcp
xinuexpansion2  2022/udp
xinuexpansion3  2023/tcp
xinuexpansion3  2023/udp
xinuexpansion4  2024/tcp
xinuexpansion4  2024/udp
ellpack         2025/tcp
xribs           2025/udp
scrabble        2026/tcp
scrabble        2026/udp
shadowserver    2027/tcp
shadowserver    2027/udp
submitserver    2028/tcp
submitserver    2028/udp
device2         2030/tcp
device2         2030/udp
blackboard      2032/tcp
blackboard      2032/udp
glogger         2033/tcp
glogger         2033/udp
scoremgr        2034/tcp
scoremgr        2034/udp
imsldoc         2035/tcp
imsldoc         2035/udp
objectmanager   2038/tcp
objectmanager   2038/udp
lam             2040/tcp
lam             2040/udp
interbase       2041/tcp
interbase       2041/udp
isis            2042/tcp
isis            2042/udp
isis-bcast      2043/tcp
isis-bcast      2043/udp
rimsl           2044/tcp
rimsl           2044/udp
cdfunc          2045/tcp
cdfunc          2045/udp
sdfunc          2046/tcp
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 53
sdfunc          2046/udp
dls             2047/tcp
dls             2047/udp
dls-monitor     2048/tcp
dls-monitor     2048/udp
shilp           2049/tcp
shilp           2049/udp
dlsrpn          2065/tcp   Data Link Switch Read Port Number
dlsrpn          2065/udp   Data Link Switch Read Port Number
dlswpn          2067/tcp   Data Link Switch Write Port Number
dlswpn          2067/udp   Data Link Switch Write Port Number
ats             2201/tcp   Advanced Training System Program
ats             2201/udp   Advanced Training System Program
rtsserv         2500/tcp   Resource Tracking system server
rtsserv         2500/udp   Resource Tracking system server
rtsclient       2501/tcp   Resource Tracking system client
rtsclient       2501/udp   Resource Tracking system client
#                          Aubrey Turner
#               <S95525ta%etsuacad.bitnet@ETSUADMN.ETSU.EDU>
hp-3000-telnet  2564/tcp   HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet
www-dev         2784/tcp   world wide web - development
www-dev         2784/udp   world wide web - development
NSWS            3049/tcp
NSWS            3049/udp
ccmail          3264/tcp   cc:mail/lotus
ccmail          3264/udp   cc:mail/lotus
dec-notes       3333/tcp   DEC Notes
dec-notes       3333/udp   DEC Notes
#                          Kim Moraros <>
mapper-nodemgr    3984/tcp     MAPPER network node manager
mapper-nodemgr    3984/udp     MAPPER network node manager
mapper-mapethd    3985/tcp     MAPPER TCP/IP server
mapper-mapethd    3985/udp     MAPPER TCP/IP server
mapper-ws_ethd    3986/tcp     MAPPER workstation server
mapper-ws_ethd    3986/udp     MAPPER workstation server
#                 John C. Horton <>
bmap            3421/tcp   Bull Apprise portmapper
bmap            3421/udp   Bull Apprise portmapper
#                          Jeremy Gilbert <>
udt_os          3900/tcp   Unidata UDT OS
udt_os          3900/udp   Unidata UDT OS
#                          James Powell <>
nuts_dem        4132/tcp   NUTS Daemon
nuts_dem        4132/udp   NUTS Daemon
nuts_bootp      4133/tcp   NUTS Bootp Server
nuts_bootp      4133/udp   NUTS Bootp Server
#                          Martin Freiss <freiss.pad@sni.>
unicall         4343/tcp   UNICALL
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 54
unicall         4343/udp   UNICALL
#                          James Powell <james@enghp.unidata.comp>
krb524          4444/tcp   KRB524
krb524          4444/udp   KRB524
#                          B. Clifford Neuman <>
rfa             4672/tcp   remote file access server
rfa             4672/udp   remote file access server
commplex-main   5000/tcp
commplex-main   5000/udp
commplex-link   5001/tcp
commplex-link   5001/udp
rfe             5002/tcp   radio free ethernet
rfe             5002/udp   radio free ethernet
telelpathstart  5010/tcp   TelepathStart
telelpathstart  5010/udp   TelepathStart
telelpathattack 5011/tcp   TelepathAttack
telelpathattack 5011/udp   TelepathAttack
#               Helmuth Breitenfellner <>
mmcc            5050/tcp   multimedia conference control tool
mmcc            5050/udp   multimedia conference control tool
rmonitor_secure 5145/tcp
rmonitor_secure 5145/udp
aol             5190/tcp   America-Online
aol             5190/udp   America-Online
#                          Marty Lyons <>
padl2sim        5236/tcp
padl2sim        5236/udp
hacl-hb         5300/tcp        # HA cluster heartbeat
hacl-hb         5300/udp        # HA cluster heartbeat
hacl-gs         5301/tcp        # HA cluster general services
hacl-gs         5301/udp        # HA cluster general services
hacl-cfg        5302/tcp        # HA cluster configuration
hacl-cfg        5302/udp        # HA cluster configuration
hacl-probe      5303/tcp        # HA cluster probing
hacl-probe      5303/udp        # HA cluster probing
hacl-local      5304/tcp
hacl-local      5304/udp
hacl-test       5305/tcp
hacl-test       5305/udp
#                               Eric Soderberg <seric@hposl102.cup.hp>
x11             6000-6063/tcp   X Window System
x11             6000-6063/udp   X Window System
#               Stephen Gildea <>
sub-process     6111/tcp   HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control
sub-process     6111/udp   HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control
meta-corp       6141/tcp   Meta Corporation License Manager
meta-corp       6141/udp   Meta Corporation License Manager
#                          Osamu Masuda <--none--->
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 55
aspentec-lm     6142/tcp   Aspen Technology License Manager
aspentec-lm     6142/udp   Aspen Technology License Manager
#                          Kevin Massey <>
watershed-lm    6143/tcp   Watershed License Manager
watershed-lm    6143/udp   Watershed License Manager
#                          David Ferrero <>
statsci1-lm     6144/tcp   StatSci License Manager - 1
statsci1-lm     6144/udp   StatSci License Manager - 1
statsci2-lm     6145/tcp   StatSci License Manager - 2
statsci2-lm     6145/udp   StatSci License Manager - 2
#                          Scott Blachowicz <>
lonewolf-lm     6146/tcp   Lone Wolf Systems License Manager
lonewolf-lm     6146/udp   Lone Wolf Systems License Manager
#                          Dan Klein <>
montage-lm      6147/tcp   Montage License Manager
montage-lm      6147/udp   Montage License Manager
#                          Michael Ubell <>
xdsxdm          6558/udp
xdsxdm          6558/tcp
afs3-fileserver 7000/tcp   file server itself
afs3-fileserver 7000/udp   file server itself
afs3-callback   7001/tcp   callbacks to cache managers
afs3-callback   7001/udp   callbacks to cache managers
afs3-prserver   7002/tcp   users & groups database
afs3-prserver   7002/udp   users & groups database
afs3-vlserver   7003/tcp   volume location database
afs3-vlserver   7003/udp   volume location database
afs3-kaserver   7004/tcp   AFS/Kerberos authentication service
afs3-kaserver   7004/udp   AFS/Kerberos authentication service
afs3-volser     7005/tcp   volume managment server
afs3-volser     7005/udp   volume managment server
afs3-errors     7006/tcp   error interpretation service
afs3-errors     7006/udp   error interpretation service
afs3-bos        7007/tcp   basic overseer process
afs3-bos        7007/udp   basic overseer process
afs3-update     7008/tcp   server-to-server updater
afs3-update     7008/udp   server-to-server updater
afs3-rmtsys     7009/tcp   remote cache manager service
afs3-rmtsys     7009/udp   remote cache manager service
ups-onlinet     7010/tcp   onlinet uninterruptable power supplies
ups-onlinet     7010/udp   onlinet uninterruptable power supplies
#                          Brian Hammill <>
font-service    7100/tcp   X Font Service
font-service    7100/udp   X Font Service
#                          Stephen Gildea <>
fodms           7200/tcp   FODMS FLIP
fodms           7200/udp   FODMS FLIP
#           David Anthony <>
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 56
man             9535/tcp
man             9535/udp
isode-dua       17007/tcp
isode-dua       17007/udp


[RFC768] Postel, J., "User Datagram Protocol", STD 6, RFC 768,
         USC/Information Sciences Institute, August 1980.

[RFC793] Postel, J., ed., "Transmission Control Protocol - DARPA
         Internet Program Protocol Specification", STD 7, RFC 793,
         USC/Information Sciences Institute, September 1981.


ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 57

Host Extensions for IP Multicasting [RFC1112] specifies the
extensions required of a host implementation of the Internet Protocol
(IP) to support multicasting.  Current addresses are listed below.  Base Address (Reserved)                   [RFC1112,JBP]  All Systems on this Subnet                [RFC1112,JBP]  All Routers on this Subnet                        [JBP]  Unassigned                                        [JBP]  DVMRP    Routers                          [RFC1075,JBP]  OSPFIGP  OSPFIGP All Routers             [RFC1583,JXM1]  OSPFIGP  OSPFIGP Designated Routers      [RFC1583,JXM1]  ST Routers                               [RFC1190,KS14]  ST Hosts                                 [RFC1190,KS14]  RIP2 Routers                                    [GSM11] IGRP Routers                           [Dino Farinacci] Mobile-Agents                            [Bill Simpson] Unassigned                            [JBP]  VMTP Managers Group                      [RFC1045,DRC3]  NTP      Network Time Protocol           [RFC1119,DLM1]  SGI-Dogfight                                      [AXC]  Rwhod                                             [SXD]  VNP                                              [DRC3]  Artificial Horizons - Aviator                     [BXF]  NSS - Name Service Server                        [BXS2]  AUDIONEWS - Audio News Multicast                 [MXF2]  SUN NIS+ Information Service                     [CXM3]  MTP Multicast Transport Protocol                  [SXA] IETF-1-LOW-AUDIO                                  [SC3] IETF-1-AUDIO                                      [SC3] IETF-1-VIDEO                                      [SC3] IETF-2-LOW-AUDIO                                  [SC3] IETF-2-AUDIO                                      [SC3] IETF-2-VIDEO                                      [SC3] MUSIC-SERVICE                        [Guido van Rossum] SEANET-TELEMETRY                        [Andrew Maffei] SEANET-IMAGE                            [Andrew Maffei] MLOADD                                         [Braden] any private experiment                            [JBP] DVMRP on MOSPF                               [John Moy] SVRLOC                               <> XINGTV                                 <> microsoft-ds                    <> nbc-pro                      <> nbc-pfn                      <>  Unassigned                           [JBP]
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 58  "rwho" Group (BSD) (unofficial)                   [JBP]  SUN RPC PMAPPROC_CALLIT                          [BXE1] RFE Generic Service                 [DXS3] RFE Individual Conferences          [DXS3] CDPD Groups                  [Bob Brenner] Unassigned                          [IANA] Cornell ISIS Project           [Tim Clark] Unassigned                          [IANA]  ST Multicast Groups        [RFC1190,KS14]  Multimedia Conference Calls         [SC3] DIS transient groups     [Joel Snyder]  VMTP transient groups    [RFC1045,DRC3]

These addresses are listed in the Domain Name Service under MCAST.NET
and 224.IN-ADDR.ARPA.

Note that when used on an Ethernet or IEEE 802 network, the 23
low-order bits of the IP Multicast address are placed in the low-order
23 bits of the Ethernet or IEEE 802 net multicast address  See the next section on "IANA ETHERNET ADDRESS BLOCK".


[RFC1045] Cheriton, D., "VMTP: Versatile Message Transaction
          Protocol Specification", RFC 1045, Stanford University,
          February 1988.

[RFC1075] Waitzman, D., C. Partridge, and S. Deering "Distance Vector
          Multicast Routing Protocol", RFC-1075, BBN STC, Stanford
          University, November 1988.

[RFC1112] Deering, S., "Host Extensions for IP Multicasting",
          STD 5, RFC 1112, Stanford University, August 1989.

[RFC1119] Mills, D., "Network Time Protocol (Version 1), Specification
          and Implementation", STD 12, RFC 1119, University of
          Delaware, July 1988.

[RFC1190] Topolcic, C., Editor, "Experimental Internet Stream
          Protocol, Version 2 (ST-II)", RFC 1190, CIP Working Group,
          October 1990.

[RFC1583] Moy, J., "The OSPF Specification", RFC 1583, Proteon,
          March 1994.
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 59


[AXC] Andrew Cherenson <arc@SGI.COM>

[Bob Brenner]


[Braden] Bob Braden <

[BXE1] Brendan Eic <>

[BXF] Bruce Factor <ahi!bigapple!bruce@uunet.UU.NET>

[BXS2] Bill Schilit <>

[CXM3] Chuck McManis <>

[Tim Clark]

[DLM1] David Mills <Mills@HUEY.UDEL.EDU>

[DRC3] Dave Cheriton <cheriton@PESCADERO.STANFORD.EDU>

[DXS3] Daniel Steinber <Daniel.Steinberg@Eng.Sun.COM>

[Dino Farinacci]




[JBP] Jon Postel <>

[JXM1] Jim Miner <>

[KS14] <mystery contact>

[Andrew Maffei]

[John Moy] John Moy <jmoy@PROTEON.COM>

[MXF2] Martin Forssen <>
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 60
[Guido van Rossum]

[SC3] Steve Casner <>

[Joel Snyder]

[SXA] Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX.COM>

[SXD] Steve Deering <deering@PARC.XEROX.COM>



ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 61

To obtain SUN Remote Procedure Call (RPC) numbers send an e-mail
request to "".

The RPC port management service ('portmap' in SunOS versions less than
5.0 and 'rpcbind' in SunOS versions greater than 5.0) "registers" the
IP port number that is allocated to a particular service when that
service is created. It does not allocate ports on behalf of those

For an exact specification of the semantics refer to the source code
of svcudp_create() and svctcp_create() in the archives.  In short
however is that these interfaces, and svc_tli_create their Transport
Independent RPC equivalent, take either a user specified port number
or RPC_ANY (-1) which effectively means "I don't care."  In the "I
don't care" case the create code simply calls socket(2) or t_open(3n)
which allocates an IP port based on the rules:

        if euid of the requesting process is 0 (i.e., root)
                allocate the next available port number in the
                reserved port range.
                allocate the next available port in the non-reserved

Port numbers count up sequentially.

Can a port that is "assigned" can be used when the assignee's service
is not present?  Say port 501 is assigned to the "jeans" service.  On
a machine that does not have the "jeans" service, nor has any clients
that might be expecting to use it, is port 501 available for other
uses?  Any dynamic allocation process, like the portmapper, that
chooses the next unused port might allocate port 501 dynamically to a
process that asked for a "I don't care" port.  So any dynamic
allocation scheme may pick an unused port that happened to correspond
to a port number that had been "assigned" but was currently unused.

While it might be desirable, it is impossible to guarantee that any
unused port, even though officially assigned to a service, is not
picked by a dynamic allocator since such an assignment might occur
long after the delivery of the system into a site that doesn't watch
for the latest list.

There is the restriction that only "superuser" on BSD derived systems
such as SunOS can bind to a port number that is less than 1024.  So
programs have used this information in the past to identify whether or
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 62
not the service they were talking to was started by the superuser on
the remote system.  Making this assumption is dangerous because not
all system enforce this restriction.

Sun RPC services use ports that are currently unused.  If someone
noted that an RPC service was using port 781, it would be just as
happy using port 891, or 951.  The service doesn't care what port it
gets, remote clients will query the portmapper to ask it what port
number was assigned to the service when it was started.  The key is
that the port was not currently in use.  The only port that ONC/RPC
must have is 111 its assigned port for the portmap service.

The most common complaint comes when people put a new service on their
system.  When they configure their systems they put the new service
configuration commands at the end of their system startup scripts.
During startup, several network services may be started. Those
services that are ONC/RPC based just pick the next available port,
those that have pre-assigned ports bind to their pre-assigned port.
Clearly the correct sequence is to have all services that need a
particular port to be started first (or if they are "latent" services
that are started by inetd, to have inetd started).  Finally, the RPC
services should be started as they will be assigned unused ports. (In
the BSD networking code (which we use) the algorithm for picking
ports is in the file in_pcb.c, function in_pcbbind().)

Services should be started in this order:

   a) Services that will "run" continuously and have an assigned
      port. Note that this includes rpcbind (nee portmap) that has
      port 111 assigned to it.

   b) inetd - which will automatically create sockets for those
      services that have reserved ports but only run on demand
      (like finger)

   c) RPC services - which will automatically pick unused ports and
      maximize efficiency of the "IP Port" namespace.

The include file /usr/include/netinet/in.h defines a constant
IPPORT_RESERVED to be 1024.  The relevant text is:

    * Ports < IPPORT_RESERVED are reserved for
    * privileged processes (e.g. root).
    * Ports > IPPORT_USERRESERVED are reserved
    * for servers, not necessarily privileged.
   #define IPPORT_RESERVED         1024
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 63
   #define IPPORT_USERRESERVED     5000

Portmap does not allocate ports, the kernel allocates ports.  The code
that does this is part of nearly every UNIX system in the world (and
since the BSD code is 'free' it is often the same code).  RPC services
ask the kernel to allocate them a port by calling the "bind()" system
call.  The parameter they pass is "INADDR_ANY" which means "allocate
me any IP port you want".  The kernel does that by looking at all of
the ports that are currently in use and picking one that is not
currently used.  The number picked is either less that 1024 if the
process is privledged, or greater than 1024 if the process is not
privledged.  After the kernel has allocated a port, the service
registers this allocation with portmap.  The portmapper is merely a
registry of previously allocated ports.  Note "allocated" here is
being used in the sense that they are used by an open socket, not
assigned a well known name.

The role of /etc/services is to provide an idea to people who are
looking at network traffic as to where a packet may have originated
from or is headed to.  For services like finger that have assigned
ports, they can just hard code the port they want into their
executable. (it isn't like it will change, and if they read it from
/etc/services and someone had mistyped the port number it won't
interoperate with clients anyway!)

It is not practical to read the /etc/services file into the kernel to
prevent it from giving out port numbers that are "pre-assigned", nor
is it generally desirable since with the correct ordering of startup
it is completely unneccesary.

Editors Note: This information was supplied by Chuck McManis of Sun.


ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 64

The Internet Protocol (IP) has provision for optional header fields
identified by an option type field.  Options 0 and 1 are exactly one
octet which is their type field.  All other options have their one
octet type field, followed by a one octet length field, followed by
length-2 octets of option data.  The option type field is sub-divided
into a one bit copied flag, a two bit class field, and a five bit
option number.  These taken together form an eight bit value for the
option type field.  IP options are commonly refered to by this value.

Copy Class Number Value Name                            Reference
---- ----- ------ ----- ------------------------------- ---------
   0     0      0     0 EOOL   - End of Options List    [RFC791,JBP]
   0     0      1     1 NOP    - No Operation           [RFC791,JBP]
   1     0      2   130 SEC    - Security                  [RFC1108]
   1     0      3   131 LSR    - Loose Source Route     [RFC791,JBP]
   0     2      4    68 TS     - Time Stamp             [RFC791,JBP]
   1     0      5   133 E-SEC  - Extended Security         [RFC1108]
   1     0      6   134 CIPSO  - Commercial Security           [???]
   0     0      7     7 RR     - Record Route           [RFC791,JBP]
   1     0      8   136 SID    - Stream ID              [RFC791,JBP]
   1     0      9   137 SSR    - Strict Source Route    [RFC791,JBP]
   0     0     10    10 ZSU    - Experimental Measurement      [ZSu]
   0     0     11    11 MTUP   - MTU Probe                 [RFC1191]
   0     0     12    12 MTUR   - MTU Reply                 [RFC1191]
   1     2     13   205 FINN   - Experimental Flow Control    [Finn]
   1     0     14   142 VISA   - Expermental Access Control [Estrin]
   0     0     15    15 ENCODE - ???                      [VerSteeg]
   1     0     16   144 IMITD  - IMI Traffic Descriptor        [Lee]
   1     0     17   145 EIP    - ???                       [RFC1358]
   0     2     18    82 TR     - Traceroute                [RFC1393]
   1     0     19   147 ADDEXT - Address Extension    [Ullmann IPv7]


The current recommended default time to live (TTL) for the
Internet Protocol (IP) [45,105] is 64.


This documents the default Type-of-Service values that are currently
recommended for the most important Internet protocols.
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 65
TOS Value       Description                             Reference
---------       --------------------------              ---------
  0000          Default                                 [RFC1349]
  0001          Minimize Monetary Cost                  [RFC1349]
  0010          Maximize Reliability                    [RFC1349]
  0100          Maximize Throughput                     [RFC1349]
  1000          Minimize Delay                          [RFC1349]
  1111          Maximize Security                       [RFC1455]

The TOS value is used to indicate "better".  Only one TOS value or
property can be requested in any one IP datagram.

Generally, protocols which are involved in direct interaction with a
human should select low delay, while data transfers which may involve
large blocks of data are need high throughput.  Finally, high reliability
is most important for datagram-based Internet management functions.

Application protocols not included in these tables should be able to
make appropriate choice of low delay (8 decimal, 1000 binary) or high
throughput (4 decimal, 0100 binary).

The following are recommended values for TOS:

            ----- Type-of-Service Value -----

Protocol           TOS Value

TELNET (1)         1000                 (minimize delay)

  Control          1000                 (minimize delay)
  Data (2)         0100                 (maximize throughput)

TFTP               1000                 (minimize delay)

SMTP (3)
  Command phase    1000                 (minimize delay)
  DATA phase       0100                 (maximize throughput)

Domain Name Service
  UDP Query        1000                 (minimize delay)
  TCP Query        0000
  Zone Transfer    0100                 (maximize throughput)

NNTP               0001                 (minimize monetary cost)

ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 66
  Errors           0000
  Requests         0000 (4)
  Responses        <same as request> (4)

Any IGP            0010                 (maximize reliability)

EGP                0000

SNMP               0010                 (maximize reliability)

BOOTP              0000


(1) Includes all interactive user protocols (e.g., rlogin).

(2) Includes all bulk data transfer protocols (e.g., rcp).

(3) If the implementation does not support changing the TOS
during the lifetime of the connection, then the
recommended TOS on opening the connection is the default
TOS (0000).

(4) Although ICMP request messages are normally sent with
the default TOS, there are sometimes good reasons why they
would be sent with some other TOS value.  An ICMP
response always uses the same TOS value as was used in the
corresponding ICMP request message.

An application may (at the request of the user) substitute
0001 (minimize monetary cost) for any of the above values.


[RFC791] Postel, J., "Internet Protocol - DARPA Internet Program
         Protocol Specification", STD 5, RFC 791, DARPA, September

[RFC1108] Kent, S., "U.S. Department of Defense Security Options for
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          November 1991.

[RFC1191] Mogul, J., and S. Deering, "Path MTU Discovery", RFC 1191,
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[RFC1349] Almquist, P., "Type of Service in the Internet Protocol
          Suite", RFC 1349, Consultant, July 1992.
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 67
[RFC1358] Chapin, L., Chair, "Charter of the Internet Architecture
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[RFC1393] Malkin, G., "Traceroute Using an IP Option", RFC 1393,
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[RFC1455] Eastlake, D., "Physical Link Security Type of Service",
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[Ullmann IPv7]


[Estrin] Deborah Estrin <>

[Finn] Greg Finn <>

[JBP] Jon Postel <>

[Ullmann] Robert Ullmann <>


ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 68

The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) has many messages that
are identified by a "type" field.

Type    Name                                    Reference
----    -------------------------               ---------
  0     Echo Reply                               [RFC792]
  1     Unassigned                                  [JBP]
  2     Unassigned                                  [JBP]
  3     Destination Unreachable                  [RFC792]
  4     Source Quench                            [RFC792]
  5     Redirect                                 [RFC792]
  6     Alternate Host Address                      [JBP]
  7     Unassigned                                  [JBP]
  8     Echo                                     [RFC792]
  9     Router Advertisement                    [RFC1256]
 10     Router Selection                        [RFC1256]
 11     Time Exceeded                            [RFC792]
 12     Parameter Problem                        [RFC792]
 13     Timestamp                                [RFC792]
 14     Timestamp Reply                          [RFC792]
 15     Information Request                      [RFC792]
 16     Information Reply                        [RFC792]
 17     Address Mask Request                     [RFC950]
 18     Address Mask Reply                       [RFC950]
 19     Reserved (for Security)                    [Solo]
 20-29  Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)        [ZSu]
 30     Traceroute                              [RFC1393]
 31     Datagram Conversion Error               [RFC1475]
 32     Mobile Host Redirect              [David Johnson]
 33     IPv6 Where-Are-You                 [Bill Simpson]
 34     IPv6 I-Am-Here                     [Bill Simpson]
 35     Mobile Registration Request        [Bill Simpson]
 36     Mobile Registration Reply          [Bill Simpson]
 37-255 Reserved                                    [JBP]

Many of these ICMP types have a "code" field.  Here we list the types
again with their assigned code fields.

Type    Name                                    Reference
----    -------------------------               ---------
  0     Echo Reply                               [RFC792]

            0  No Code

  1     Unassigned                                  [JBP]
ToP   noToC   RFC1700 - Page 69
  2     Unassigned                                  [JBP]

  3     Destination Unreachable                  [RFC792]

            0  Net Unreachable
            1  Host Unreachable
            2  Protocol Unreachable
            3  Port Unreachable
            4  Fragmentation Needed and Don't Fragment was Set
            5  Source Route Failed
            6  Destination Network Unknown
            7  Destination Host Unknown
            8  Source Host Isolated
            9  Communication with Destination Network is
               Administratively Prohibited
           10  Communication with Destination Host is
               Administratively Prohibited
           11  Destination Network Unreachable for Type of Service
           12  Destination Host Unreachable for Type of Service

  4     Source Quench                            [RFC792]
            0  No Code

  5     Redirect                                 [RFC792]

            0  Redirect Datagram for the Network (or subnet)
            1  Redirect Datagram for the Host
            2  Redirect Datagram for the Type of Service and Network
            3  Redirect Datagram for the Type of Service and Host

  6     Alternate Host Address                      [JBP]

            0  Alternate Address for Host

  7     Unassigned                                  [JBP]

  8     Echo                                     [RFC792]

            0  No Code

  9     Router Advertisement                    [RFC1256]


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