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RFC 1340

Assigned Numbers

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Obsoletes:  1060
Obsoleted by:  1700
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ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 102
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ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 105
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ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 107
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ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 108
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   [AB20]    Art Berggreen       ACC       art@SALT.ACC.COM

   [ABB2]    A. Blasco Bonito    CNUCE     blasco@ICNUCEVM.CNUCE.CNR.IT

   [AD14]    Annette DeSchon     ISI       DESCHON@ISI.EDU

   [AGM]     Andy Malis          BBN       Malis@BBN.COM

   [AKH5]    Arthur Hartwig      UQNET

   [ANM2]    April N. Marine     SRI

   [AW90]    Amanda Walker       Intercon  AMANDA@INTERCON.COM

   [AXB]     Albert G. Broscius  UPENN     broscius@DSL.CIS.UPENN.EDU

   [AXB1]    Amatzia Ben-Artzi             ---none---

   [AXB2]    Andre Baux          Bull

   [AXB3]    Anil Bhavnani       Kalpana, Inc.   ---none---

   [AXB4]    Alan Brind          Cameo Communications, Inc.

   [AXC]     Andrew Cherenson    SGI       arc@SGI.COM

   [AXC1]    Anthony Chung       Sytek

   [AXF]     Annmarie Freitas    Microcom  ---none---

   [AXH]     Arthur Harvey      DEC

   [AXK]     Anastasios Kotsikonas  Boston University

   [AXL]     Alan Lloyd         Datacraft  alan@datacraft.oz

   [AXM]     Alex Martin        Retix      ---none---

   [AXM1]    Ashok Marwaha      Unisys     ---none---
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   [AXM2]    Andrew McRae       Megadata Pty Ltd.

   [AXP]     Anil Prasad        WilTel     wiltel!aprasad@uunet.UU.NET

   [AXP1]    A. Pele            OST        ---none---

   [AXS]     Arthur Salazar     Locus      lcc.arthur@SEAS.UCLA.EDU

   [AXS1]    Andrew Smith       Ascom

   [AXS2]    Anil Singhal       Frontier   ---none---

   [BA4]     Brian Anderson      BBN       baanders@CCQ.BBN.COM

   [BCH2]    Barry Howard        LLNL      Howard@NMFECC.LLNL.GOV

   [BCN]     B. Clifford Neuman  ISI

   [BD70]    Bernd Doleschal     SEL       Doleschal@A.ISI.EDU

   [BH144]   Bridget Halsey      Banyan    bah@BANYAN.BANYAN.COM

   [BJR2]    Bill Russell        NYU       russell@cmcl2.NYU.EDU

   [BK29]    Brian Kantor        UCSD      brian@UCSD.EDU

   [BKR]     Brian Reid          DEC       reid@DECWRL.DEC.COM

   [BM60]    Bede McCall         Mitre

   [BP52]    Brad Parker         CAYMAN    brad@cayman.Cayman.COM

   [BS221]   Bob Stewart         Xyplex    STEWART@XYPLEX.COM

   [BV15]    Bernie Volz         PSC       VOLZ@PROCESS.COM

   [BWB6]    Barry Boehm         DARPA     boehm@DARPA.MIL

   [BXA]     Bill Anderson       MITRE     wda@MITRE-BEDFORD.ORG

   [BXB]     Brad Benson         Touch     ---none---

   [BXD]     Brian Dockter       Northwest Digital Systems

   [BXE]     Brian A. Ehrmantraut Auspex Systems
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 111
   [BXE1]    Brendan Eich        SGI

   [BXF]     Bruce Factor        Artificial Horizons, Inc.

   [BXF1]    Bill Flanagan       Lotus Development Corp.

   [BXF2]    Bob Friesenhahn     PUREDATA Research/USA

   [BXG]     Bob Grady           Tekelec   ---none---

   [BXH]     Brian Horn          Locus     ---none---

   [BXH1]    Bill Harrell        TI        ---none---

   [BXK]     Bill King           Allen-Bradley Co.

   [BXK1]    Bill Keatley        American Airlines ---none---

   [BXK2]    Bruce Kropp         ADC Kentrox

   [BXL]     Brian Lloyd         SIRIUS    ---none---

   [BXL1]    Brian Lloyd         Telebit

   [BXL2]    Bernard Lemercier   BIM

   [BXM]     RL "Bob" Morgan     Stanford University

   [BXM1]    Bob Meierhofer      Computer Network Technology Corp.

   [BXN]     Bill Norton         Merit     wbn@MERIT.EDU

   [BXO]     Brian O'Shea        Visual

   [BXP]     Brad Parke          Intecom   ---none---

   [BXP1]    Brian Petry         Systech Computer Corporation

   [BXR]     Bob Rosenbaum       WINDATA   ---none---
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 112
   [BXR1]    Bill Rose           SSD Management, Inc.  --none---

   [BXS]     Bill Simpson        ACS

   [BXS1]    Blair Sanders       Texas Instruments

   [BXS2]    Bill Schilit        Xerox PARC

   [BXT]     Bruce Taber         Interlan  taber@europa.InterLan.COM

   [BXV]     Bill Versteeg       NCR       bvs@NCR.COM

   [BXW]     Brent Welch         Sprite

   [BXW1]    Bruce Willins       Raycom    ---none---

   [BXZ]     Bob Zaniolo         Reuter    ---none---


   [CMR]     Craig Rogers        ISI       Rogers@ISI.EDU

   [CS1]     Chikong Shue        Cascade Communications Corp.

   [CWL]     Charles W. Lynn, Jr. BBN      CLYNN@BBN.COM

   [CXA]     Cyrus Azar           Symplex Communications Corp.

   [CXB]     Caralyn Brown       Wellfleet

   [CXB1]    Carl Beame          Beame & Whiteside

   [CXC]     Creighton Chong     Network Peripherals Inc.

   [CXC1]    Chih-Yi Chen        Tatung Co., Ltd.

   [CXC2]    Chuck Chriss        Trillium Digital Systems

   [CXD]     Chuck Davin         MIT
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 113
   [CXD1]    Carl H. Dreyer      RC International A/S

   [CXD2]    Charles Dulin       Parallan Computer, Inc. ---none---

   [CXF]     Catherine Foulston  RICE

   [CXH]     Ching-Fa Hwang      Proxar

   [CXH1]    Claude Huss         Matsushita Tokyo Research Labs

   [CXI1]    Clyde Iwamoto       Stratacom

   [CXL]     Chung Lam           Fujitsu   ---none---

   [CXL1]    Christopher Leong   DEC

   [CXM]     Charles Marker II   MIPS     marker@MIPS.COM

   [CXM1]    Carl Madison        Star-Tek, Inc.

   [CXM2]    Carl Marcinik       Formation, Inc.  ---none---

   [CXM3]    Chuck McManis       Sun      Chuck.McManis@Eng.Sun.COM

   [CXR]     Cheryl Krupczak     NCR

   [CXS]     Craig Scott         NetWorth, Inc.  ---none---

   [CXS1]    Chip Standifer      Technology Dynamics, Inc.

   [CXT]     Christopher Tengi   Princeton tengi@Princeton.EDU

   [CXT1]    Chris Thomas        Intel Corporation

   [CXV]     Carl Vanderbeek     Automated Network Management, Inc.

   [CXW]     Christopher Wheeler UW

   [CXW1]    Charles Watt        SecureWare

   [DAG4]    David A. Gomberg    MITRE     gomberg@GATEWAY.MITRE.ORG
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 114
   [DB14]    Dave Borman         Cray      dab@CRAY.COM

   [DC126]   Dick Cogger         Cornell   rhx@CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL.EDU

   [DCP1]    David Plummer       MIT       DCP@SCRC-QUABBIN.ARPA

   [DDC1]    David Clark         MIT       ddc@LCS.MIT.EDU

   [DG223]   Doug Goodall        Goodall Software

   [DJK13]   David Kaufman       DeskTalk  ---none---

   [DLM1]    David Mills         LINKABIT  Mills@HUEY.UDEL.EDU

   [DM28]    Dennis Morris       DCA       Morrisd@IMO-UVAX.DCA.MIL

   [DM280]   Dave Mackie         NCD       lupine!djm@UUNET.UU.NET

   [DM354]   Don McWilliam       UBC       mcwillm@CC.UBC.CA

   [DP4Q]    Drew Perkins        InterStream

   [DP666]   Don Provan          Novell

   [DR48]    Doug Rosenthal      MCC

   [DR137]   David Rageth        Martin Marietta  DAVE@MMC.COM

   [DRC3]    Dave Cheriton       STANFORD

   [DT15]    Daniel Tappan       BBN       Tappan@BBN.COM

   [DT167]   Dennis Thomas       Tektronics dennist@tektronix.TEK.COM

   [DW181]   David Wolfe         SRI       ctabka@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM

   [DW183]   David Waitzman      BBN       dwaitzman@BBN.COM

   [DW238]   Dave Windorski      UWisc

   [DXA]     Dave Atkinson       Kinmel Park    ---none---

   [DXB]     Dave Buehmann       Intergraph ingr!daveb@UUNET.UU.NET
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 115
   [DXB1]    Dan Bernstein       NYU

   [DXB2]    Dennis E. Baasch    Emerging Technologies, Inc.

   [DXB3]    David A. Brown      BICC

   [DXB4]    Donna Beatty        MICOM Communication Corporation

   [DXC]     Dale Cabell         NetCom    ---none---

   [DXC1]    Darren Croke        Micronics Computers Inc.

   [DXC2]    Dale Cabell        XTree

   [DXD]     Dennis J.W. Dube    VIA SYSTEMS ---none---

   [DXE]     Douglas Egan        Nokia     ---none---

   [DXF]     Dave Feldmeier      Bellcore

   [DXG]     David Goldberg      SMI       sun!dg@UCBARPA.BERKELEY.EDU

   [DXG1]     Don Gibson          Aston-Tate

   [DXG2]    David B. Gurevich   DHL Systems

   [DXH]     Donna Hopkins       US West Advance Technologies

   [DXH1]    Dave Hudson         Kendall Square Research (KSR)

   [DXJ]     David Joyner        NCSU Computing Center

   [DXK]     Doug Karl           OSU

   [DXK1]    Dwain Kinghorn      Microsoft

   [DXK2]    Dror Kessler        DigiBoard
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 116
   [DXK3]    David E. Kaufman    Magnalink Communications Corporation

   [DXL]     David Lin           Zenith   ---none---

   [DXL1]    Dave LeBlang        Atria Software

   [DXM]     Didier Moretti      Ungermann-Bass ---none---

   [DXM2]    David Mittnacht     Computer Protocol ---none---

   [DXM3]    Danny Mitzel        Hughes

   [DXM4]    Deron Meranda       Cincinnati Bell Info. Systems, Inc.

   [DXM5]    Donna McMaster      SynOptics

   [DXN]     Danny Nessett       LLNL Livermore Computer Center

   [DXP]     Dave Preston        CMC       ---none---

   [DXP1]    David Perkins       Synoptics

   [DXP2]    Dave Presotto       AT&T

   [DXR]     Debbie Reed         Fujikura  ---none---

   [DXR1]    Don Rooney          ACCTON    ---none---

   [DXR2]    David Rhein         HCSD

   [DXR3]    David Reed          MIT-LCS   ---none---

   [DXS]     Dan Shia            DSET      dset!shia@uunet.UU.NET

   [DXS1]    Daisy Shen          IBM       ---none---

   [DXS2]    Dale Shelton        Roadnet   ---none---

   [DXS3]    Daniel Steinber     SUN       Daniel.Steinberg@Eng.Sun.COM

   [DXS4]    Dirk Smith          Nu-Mega Technologies, Inc.

   [DXT]     Deepak Taneja       Banyan
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 117
   [DXT1]    David Taylor        Empros Systems International

   [DXV]     D. Venkatrangan     Metrix

   [DXW]     Dan Willie          Codenoll Tech. Corp.  ---none---

   [DXW1]    Don Weir            Skyline Technology, Inc.  --none---

   [DY26]    Dennis Yaro         SUN       yaro@SUN.COM

   [EAK4]    Earl Killian        LLL       EAK@MORDOR.S1.GOV

   [EBM]     Eliot Moss          MIT       EBM@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU

   [EP53]    Eric Peterson       Locus     lcc.eric@SEAS.UCLA.EDU

   [EXB]     Etienne Baudras-Chardigny   RCE   ---none---

   [EXC]     Ed Cain             DCA

   [EXC1]    Eric Cooper         Fore Systems, Inc.

   [EXD]     Eric Decker         cisco

   [EXF]     Ed Fudurich         Gateway Communications, Inc.

   [EXG]    Errol Ginsberg       Ridgeback Solutions

   [EXM]     Eldon S. Mast       Netrix Systems Corporation

   [EXO]     Eric Olinger        Peregrine Systems

   [EXR]     Eric Rubin          FiberCom  err@FIBERCOM.COM

   [EXR1]    Efrat Ramati        Lannet Co. ---none---

   [EXR2]    Edwards E. Reed     Xerox

   [EXW]     E. Wald             DEC

   [EXX]     Eduardo             ESA

   [FB77]    Fred Baker          ACC
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 118
   [FEIL]                        Unisys

   [FJW]     Frank J. Wancho     WSMR      WANCHO@WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL

   [FXB1]    Felix Burton        DIAB      FB@DIAB.SE

   [FXF]     Farhad Fozdar       OSCOM International

   [GAL5]    Guillermo A. Loyola IBM       LOYOLA@IBM.COM

   [GB7]     Gerd Beling         FGAN      GBELING@ISI.EDU

   [GEOF]    Geoff Goodfellow    OSD       Geoff@FERNWOOD.MPK.CA.US

   [GM23]    Glenn Marcy         CMU       Glenn.Marcy@A.CS.CMU.EDU

   [GS2]     Greg Satz           cisco     satz@CISCO.COM

   [GS91]    Guy Streeter        Intergraph

   [GS123]   Geof Stone          NSC       geof@NETWORK.COM

   [GSM11]   Gary S. Malkin      Xylogics  GMALKIN@XYLOGICS.COM

   [GXA]     Glen Arp            Protools  ---none---

   [GXB]     Gerard Berthet      Independence Technologies

   [GXC]     Greg Chesson        SGI       Greg@SGI.COM

   [GXC1]    George Clapp        Bellcore

   [GXC2]    Gordon C. Galligher 

   [GXD]     Glenn Davis         Unidata

   [GXD1]    Gordon Day          INDE Electronics

   [GXG]     Gil Greenbaum       Unisys

   [GXH]     Graham Hudspith     INMOS
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 119
   [GXH1]    Gary Haney          Martin Marietta Energy Systems

   [GXH2]     Greg Hummel         Cellular Technical Servuces

   [GXK]     Gunther Kroenert    Siemens Nixdorf Informationssyteme AG

   [GXL]     Glenn Levitt        McData Corporation

   [GXM]     Gerald McBrearty    IBM       ---none---

   [GXM1]    Glenn Mansfield     AIC Systems Laboratories Ltd.

   [GXM2]    Garry McCracken     TIL Systems, Ltd.   ---none---

   [GXN]     Gunnar Nilsson      Ericsson  ---none---

   [GXP]     Gill Pratt          MIT       gill%mit-ccc@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU

   [GXP1]    Greg Pflaum         IRIS

   [GXS]     Guenther Schreiner  LINK

   [GXS1]    George Sandoval     Fibernet  ---none---

   [GXT]     Glenn Trewitt       STANFORD  trewitt@AMADEUS.STANFORD.EDU

   [GXT1]    Gene Tsudik         USC       tsudik@USC.EDU

   [GXW]     Glenn Waters        Bell Northern gwaters@BNR.CA

   [GXW1]    Gil Widdowson       Interphase  ---none---

   [GXW2]    Graham Welling      Dynatech Communications

   [HCF2]    Harry Forsdick      BBN       Forsdick@BBN.COM

   [HS23]    Hokey Stenn         Plus5     hokey@PLUS5.COM

   [HWB]     Hans-Werner Braun   MICHIGAN  HWB@MCR.UMICH.EDU
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 120
   [HXB]     Henk Boetzkes       Netexp Research   ---none---

   [HXD]     Hans Jurgen Dorr    Digital-Kienzle Computersystems

   [HXE]     Hunaid Engineer     Cray      hunaid@OPUS.CRAY.COM

   [HXE1]    Hartvig Ekner       Dowty Network Systems A/S

   [HXF]     Harley Frazee       T3Plus

   [HXF1]    Hiroshi Fujii       ASTEC, Inc.

   [HXH]     Harald Hoeg         Tandberg Data A/S

   [HXH1]    Howard C. Herbert   AES       ---none---

   [HXH2]    Hidekazu Hagiwara   Takaoka Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

   [HXK]     Henry Kaijak        Gandalf   ---none---

   [HXK1]    Hiroshi Kume        Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

   [HXL]     Henry Lee           TRW

   [HXL1]    Hugh Lockhart       Telecommunication Systems

   [HXM]     Hsiang Ming Ma      Asante Technology   ---none---

   [HXN]     Henry P. Nagai      D-Link    ---none---

   [HXN1]    Heinz Nisi          Richard Hirschmann GmbH & Co.

   [HXP]     Hong K. Paik        Samsung

   [HXS]     Heidi Stettner      Basis, Inc.  heidi@mtxinu.COM

   [HXT]     Hugh Thomas         DEC

   [HXT1]    Hubert Theissen     AEG KABEL ---none---

   [HXU]     Hirotaka Usuda      Hitachi   ---none---
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 121
   [IEEE]    Vince Condello      IEEE      ---none---

   [IXD]     Ian Dickinson       WUCS

   [IXD1]    Israel Drori        LANOPTICS LTD. Israel

   [IXG]     Ian George          MegaPAC    ---none---

   [IXH]     Ippei Hayashi       Fujitsu Limited

   [JAG]     James Gosling       SUN       JAG@SUN.COM

   [JB478]   Jonathan Biggar     Netlabs

   [JBP]     Jon Postel          ISI       Postel@ISI.EDU

   [JBW1]    Joseph Walters, Jr. BBN       JWalters@BBN.COM

   [JCB1]    John Burruss        BBN       JBurruss@VAX.BBN.COM

   [JCM48]   Jeff Mogul          DEC       mogul@DECWRL.DEC.COM

   [JD21]    Jonathan Dreyer     BBN       Dreyer@CCV.BBN.COM

   [JDC20]   Jeffrey Case        UTK       case@UTKUX1.UTK.EDU

   [JFH2]    Jack Haverty        Oracle Corporation

   [JFW]     Jon F. Wilkes       STC       Wilkes@CCINT1.RSRE.MOD.UK

   [JGH]     Jim Herman          BBN       Herman@CCJ.BBN.COM

   [JG423]   John Gawf           Compatible Systems Corporation

   [JJB25]   John Bowe           BBN       jbowe@PINEAPPLE.BBN.COM

   [JPH17]   John Hanley         Oracle

   [JKR1]    Joyce K. Reynolds   ISI       JKRey@ISI.EDU

   [JR35]    Jon Rochlis         MIT       jon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

   [JRL3]    John R. LoVerso     CCUR
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 122
   [JS28]    John A. Shriver     Proteon   jas@PROTEON.COM

   [JTM4]    John Moy            Proteon   jmoy@PROTEON.COM

   [JWF]     Jim Forgie          MIT/LL    FORGIE@XN.LL.MIT.EDU

   [JXB]     Jeffrey Buffun      Apollo    jbuffum@APOLLO.COM

   [JXB1]    John M. Ballard     Microsoft

   [JXB2]    John Burnett        ATM       ---none---

   [JXC]     John Cook           Chipcom

   [JXC1]    Jeff Carton         American Express Travel Rel. Ser.

   [JXC2]    Joseph Chen         Symbol Technology, Inc.  ---none---

   [JXD]     Julie Dmytryk       Ultra

   [JXD1]    James Davidson      NGC       ngc!james@uunet.UU.NET

   [JXE2]    Jeanne Evans        UKMOD     JME%RSRE.MOD.UK@CS.UCL.AC.UK

   [JXF]     Josh Fielk          Optical Data Systems  ---none---

   [JXF1]    Jeff Freeman        Emulex    ---none---

   [JXG]     Jerry Geisler       Boeing    ---none---

   [JXG1]    Jim Greuel          HP

   [JXG2]    Jeremy Greene       LearningTree taipan!greene@uunet.UU.NET

   [JXG3]    James L. Gula       Corollary, Inc.

   [JXH]     Jeffrey C. Honig    Cornell

   [JXH1]    Jim Hayes           Apple     Hayes@APPLE.COM

   [JXI]     Jon Infante         ICL       ---none---

   [JXI1]    John Ioannidis      Columbia

   [JXK]     Joanna Karwowska    DGC
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 123
   [JXK1]    Jon Kepecs          Legato    kepecs@Legato.COM

   [JXL]     John Light          GSS

   [JXM]     Joseph Murdock      Network Resources Corporation

   [JXM1]    Jim Miner           Star Technologies

   [JXO]     Jack O'Neil         ENCORE    ---none---

   [JXO1]    Jerrilynn Okamura   Ontologic ---none---

   [JXO2]    Jarkko Oikarinen    Tolsun    jto@TOLSUN.OULU.FI

   [JXO3]    John Ioannidis      Columbia

   [JXP]     Joe Pato            Apollo    apollo!pato@EDDIE.MIT.EDU

   [JXP1]    Jas Parmar          Synernetics

   [JXP2]    John Pickens        3Com

   [JXR]     Jacob Rekhter       IBM       Yakov@IBM.COM

   [JXR1]    Jens T. Rasmussen   CERN

   [JXR2]    James Rice          Stanford  RICE@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU

   [JXR3]    Jacques Roth        Netronix, Inc. ---none---

   [JXS]     Jim Stevens         Rockwell  Stevens@ISI.EDU

   [JXS1]    John Sancho         CastleRock ---none---

   [JXS2]    Jon Saperia         DEC

   [JXS3]    Jonathan Stone      Victoria University

   [JXS4]    John K. Scoggin, Jr.  Delmarva Power

   [JXS5]    Jeremy Siegel       3COM      jzs@NSD.3Com.COM

   [JXT]     Jim Taylor          Kodak

   [JXT1]    Jimmy Tu            Digital Link
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 124
   [JXW]     James Watt          NNC       ---none---

   [JXY]     J. Yoshida          NKK Corp. ---none---

   [JXZ]     Jon Ziegler         Artel

   [KAA]     Ken Adelman         TGV, Inc. Adelman@TGV.COM

   [KA4]     Karl Auerbach       Empirical Tools and Technologies

   [KH43]    Kathy Huber         BBN

   [KH157]   Kory Hamzeh         Fibermux

   [KLH]     Ken Harrenstien     SRI

   [KR35]    Keith Reynolds      SCO       keithr@SCO.COM

   [KSL]     Kirk Lougheed       cisco     LOUGHEED@MATHOM.CISCO.COM

   [KXA]     Kannan Alagappan    DEC       kannan@sejour.enet.dec.comp

   [KXB]     Keith Boyce        Legent     ---none---

   [KXC]    Ken Chapman        Stratus Computer

   [KXD]     Kevin DeVault       NI        ---none---

   [KXD1]    Kathryn de Graaf    David Systems

   [KXF]     Karl Fox            MST       karl@MorningStar.Com

   [KXF1]    Ken Fujimoto        Tribe Computer Works

   [KXG]     Kevin Gage          Chase Research

   [KXH]     Khalid Hireche      G2R Inc.  ---none---

   [KXH1]    Keith Hogan         Penril

   [KXJ]     Ken Jones           KonKord   konkord!

   [KXL]     Kim Le              DATAHOUSE Information Systems Ltd.
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 125
   [KXM]     Kevin Murphy        DEC

   [KXR]     Ken Ritchie         SEEL      ---none---

   [KXS]     Keith Sklower       Berkeley

   [KXS1]    Kevin Smith         Telematics International, Inc.

   [KXS2]    Keld Simonsen       RAP

   [KXT]     Kaj Tesink          Bellcore

   [KXT1]    Kent Tsuno          SEI

   [KXV]     Ken Virgile         Sigma Net. Sys. signet!ken@xylogics.COM

   [KXW]     Ken Whitfield       MCNC      ken@MCNC.ORG

   [KXW1]    Kathy Weninger      Network Resources Corporation

   [KZM]     Keith McCloghrie    HLS       KZM@HLS.COM

   [LL69]    Lawrence Lebahn     DIA       DIA3@PAXRV-NES.NAVY.MIL

   [LLP]     Larry Peterson      ARIZONA   llp@ARIZONA.EDU

   [LS8]     Louis Steinberg     Rutgers   lou@ARAMIS.RUTGERS.EDU

   [LXA]     Lorenzo Aguilar     Taligent

   [LXB]     Larry Burton        APTEC Computer Systems

   [LXB1]    Laura Bridge        Timeplex  laura@uunet.UU.NET

   [LXB2]    Lawrence Brown      Unisys    ---none---

   [LXB3]    Larry Barnes        DEC

   [LXD]     Larry DeLuca        AT        henrik@EDDIE.MIT.EDU

   [LXD1]    Larry Davis         C. Itoh Electronics   ---none---

   [LXE]     Len Edmondson       SUN       len@TOPS.SUN.COM

   [LXF]     Larry Fischer       DSS
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 126
   [LXH]     Leo Hourvitz        NeXt      leo@NEXT.COM

   [LXL]     Lennart Lovstrand   NeXT Computer, Inc.

   [LXM]     Louis Mamakos       UMD

   [LXO]     Larry Osterman      GTE Telecom

   [LXP]     Lars Povlsen        Olicom A/S

   [LXS]     Lance Sprung        SMC       ---none---

   [LXW]     Lih-Er Wey          MSU

   [LZ15]    Lee Ziegenhals      Datapoint

   [MA]      Mike Accetta        CMU       MIKE.ACCETTA@CMU-CS-A.EDU

   [MA108]   Mike Anello         XDI

   [MAR10]   Mark A. Rosenstein  MIT       mar@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

   [MB]      Michael Brescia     BBN       Brescia@CCV.BBN.COM

   [MBG]     Michael Greenwald   SYMBOLICS

   [MCSJ]    Mike StJohns        TPSC      stjohns@UMD5.UMD.EDU

   [ME38]    Marc A. Elvy        Marble    ELVY@CARRARA.MARBLE.COM

   [MG277]   Martin Gren         Axis Communications AB

   [MKL]     Mark Lottor         SRI

   [ML109]   Mike Little         MACOM     little@MACOM4.ARPA

   [MLS34]   L. Michael Sabo     TMAC      Sabo@DOCKMASTER.NCSC.MIL

   [MO2]     Michael O'Brien     AEROSPACE obrien@AEROSPACE.AERO.ORG

   [MRC]     Mark Crispin        Simtel    MRC@WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL

   [MS9]     Marty Schoffstahl   Nysernet  schoff@NISC.NYSER.NET

   [MS56]    Marvin Solomon      WISC      solomon@CS.WISC.EDU
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 127
   [MTR]     Marshall T. Rose    PSI       mrose@PSI.COM

   [MXA]     Mike Asagami        Toshiba

   [MXB]     Mike Berrow         Relational Technology  ---none---

   [MXB1]    Mike Burrows        DEC       burrows@SRC.DEC.COM

   [MXB2]    Mark T. Dauscher    Sybus Corportation

   [MXB3]    Michael Bell        Integrated Business Network

   [MXC]     Ming-Perng Chen     CCL/ITRI

   [MXC1]    Mark McCahill       UMN

   [MXC2]    Matt Christiano     Olivettti

   [MXE]     Mike Erlinger       Lexel

   [MXF]     Mark Fabbi          Bell Canada

   [MXF1]    Marco Framba        Olivetti

   [MXF2]    Martin Forssen      Chalmers

   [MXH]     Matt Harris         Versitron  ---none---

   [MXH1]    Masahiko Hori       Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.

   [MXH2]    Mark Holobach       Electronic Data Systems

   [MXH3]    Mark Hankin         Lancert   ---none---

   [MXL]     Mark L. Lambert     MIT       markl@PTT.LCS.MIT.EDU

   [MXL1]    Mats Lindstrom      Diab Data AB

   [MXL2]    Mark S. Lewis       Telebit

   [MXN]     Mark Needleman      UCDLA
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 128
   [MXL2]    Mark Lenney         Raylan Corporation  ---none---

   [MXO]     Mike O'Dowd         EPFL

   [MXO1]    Mike Oswald         J.I. Case

   [MXP]     Martin Picard       Oracle    ---none---

   [MXP1]    Michael Podhorodecki  Labtam Australia Pty. Ltd.

   [MXR]     Maurice R. Turcotte RMIS

   [MXS]     Mike Spina          Prime

   [MXS1]    Martha Steenstrup   BBN       MSteenst@BBN.COM

   [MXS2]    Michael Sapich      CCCBS

   [MXS3]    Marc Sheldon        BinTec    ms@BinTec.DE

   [MXS4]    Marc Sheldon        EUnet Germany

   [MXT]     Martyn Thomas       Insignia Solutions  ---none---

   [MXT1]    Mark Tom            NET

   [MXW]     Michael Waters      EON       ---none---

   [MXZ]     Mauro Zallocco      Netlink   ---none---

   [NC3]     J. Noel Chiappa     MIT       JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU

   [NT12]    Neil Todd           IST

   [NXC]     Nick Cuccia         NASA Ames Research Center

   [NXE]     Nadya K. El-Afandi  NSC

   [NXH]     Nicola J. Howarth   ANSA

   [NXK]     Nagayuki Kojima     Japan Radio Co.
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 129
   [NXL]     Nik Langrind        Shiva Corp.  nik@Shiva.COM

   [NXM]     Nob Mizuno          Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,

   [NXP]     Narendra Popat      FSD       ---none---

   [NXR]     Nelluri L. Reddy    CDC

   [OXC]     Olivier J. Caleff   Dassault

   [OXF]     Osamu Fujiki        DCL       ---none---

   [OXG]     Oyvind Gjerstad     Tollpost-Globe AS

   [OXI]     Oft Israel          Rad       ---none---

   [OXJ]     Oliver Jones        PictureTel Corporation

   [OXK]     Oliver Korfmacher   netCS Informationstechnik GmbH

   [OXR]     Oscar Rodriguez     Dupont    ---none---

   [PAM6]    Paul McNabb         RICE      pam@PURDUE.EDU

   [PCW]     C. Philip Wood      LANL      cpw@LANL.GOV

   [PD39]    Pete Delaney        ECRC

   [PHD1]    Pieter Ditmars      BBN       pditmars@BBN.COM

   [PK]      Peter Kirstein      UCL       Kirstein@NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK

   [PL4]     Phil Lapsley        BERKELEY  phil@UCBARPA.BERKELEY.EDU

   [PM1]     Paul Mockapetris    ISI       PVM@ISI.EDU

   [PXA]     Prakash Ambegaonkar FTC       ---none---

   [PXA1]    Paul Afshar         Solarix Systems

   [PXA2]    Paul Andon          MICROGNOSIS
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 130
   [PXB]     Pat Barron          Transarc Corporation

   [PXB1]    Pascal Bataille     GSI

   [PXC]     Peter Cox           ENE        ---none---

   [PXC1]    Patrick Cheng       TRW

   [PXC2]    Paolo Coppo         CSELT

   [PXC3]    Paul Chefurka       PlainTree Systems Inc.

   [PXD]     Peter Delchiappo    MTrade UK Ltd.  ---none---

   [PXE]     Peter S. Easton     Brixton Systems, Inc.

   [PXF]     Per Futtrup         SDD (Scandinavian Airlines Data
                                 Denmark A/S)   ---none---

   [PXG]     Pete Grillo         Network Innovations

   [PXH]     Per Bech Hansen     DDE

   [PXJ]     Prem Jain           Crescendo

   [PXJ1]    Petri Jokela        Telecom Finland  ---none---

   [PXK]     Philip Koch         Dartmouth Philip.Koch@DARTMOUTH.EDU

   [PXK1]    Peter Kumik         Case Comm. ---none---

   [PXK2]    Professor Kynikos   Special Consultant  ---none---

   [PXK3]    Paul Krystosek      DOE Atmospheric Radiation
                                 Measurement Project

   [PXL]     Paul Liu            ADI Systems, Inc.  ---none---

   [PXL1]    Reter de Laval      SECTRA 

   [PXM]     Paul Maurer II      STS       ---none---

   [PXM1]    Patrick McNamee     GE        ---none---
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 131
   [PXO]     Paul O'Donnell      Basser

   [PXR]     Paul Rodwick        Metaphor  ---none---

   [PXR1]    Parag Rastogi       Vitacom Corporation

   [PXS]     Paul Singh          Intellicom ---none---

   [PXV]     Paul V. Fries       Alantec

   [PXY]     Peter C. Yoest      American Power Conversion Corp.

   [PXY1]    Paul Hoff           Norwegian Telecom Research

   [RA11]    Rick Adams          UUNET     rick@UUNET.UU.NET

   [RAM57]   Rex Mann            CDC       ---none---

   [RAW44]   Robert A. Woodburn  Sparta    WOODY@SPARTA.COM

   [RDXS]    R. Dwight Schettler HP        rds%hpcndm@HPLABS.HP.COM

   [RH6]     Robert Hinden       BBN       Hinden@CCV.BBN.COM

   [RH227]   Ron Holt            Eyring, Inc.  ron@Eyring.COM

   [RHT]     Robert Thomas       BBN       BThomas@F.BBN.COM

   [RM1]     Richard Mak         Amnet, Inc.   mak@amnet.COM

   [RN6]     Rudy Nedved         CMU       Rudy.Nedved@CMU-CS-A.EDU

   [RP211]   Ragnar Paulson      TSG       tsgfred!ragnar@uunet.UU.NET

   [RTB3]    Bob Braden          ISI       Braden@ISI.EDU

   [RWS4]    Robert W. Scheifler ARGUS     RWS@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU

   [RXB]     Ramesh Babu         Luxcom

   [RXB1]    Ron Bhanukitsiri    DEC       rbhank@DECVAX.DEC.COM

   [RXB2]    Rich Bantel         AT&T

   [RXB3]    Robert Woodburn     SAIC
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   [RXB4]    Russ Blaesing       Open Networks Engineering, Inc.

   [RXC]     Rob Chandhok        CMU

   [RXC1]    Rick Carlos         TI

   [RXC2]    Ray Compton         DIS Research LTD

   [RXD]     Roger Dev           Cabletron ---none---

   [RXD1]    Ralph Droms         NRI       rdroms@NRI.RESTON.VA.US

   [RXD2]    Rajiv Dhingra       Ultranet  rajiv@ULTRA.COM

   [RXD3]    Rex Davis           Tandem    ---none---

   [RXD4]    Rick Downs          AMP       ---none---

   [RXD5]    Russell S. Dietz    Technically Elite Concepts, Inc.

   [RXE]     Robert R. Elz       Webster Computer

   [RXF]     Richard Fox         Synoptics

   [RXH]     Reijane Huai        Cheyenne  sibal@CSD2.NYU.EDU

   [RXH1]    Russ Housley        Xerox

   [RXI]     Robin Iddon         Axon Networks Inc.

   [RXJ]     Ronald Jacoby       SGI       rj@SGI.COM

   [RXL]     Rich Lyman          Lantronix

   [RXM]     Robert Myhill       BBN       Myhill@CCS.BBN.COM

   [RXN]     Rina Nethaniel      RND       ---none---

   [RXN1]    Russ Nelson         Clarkson

   [RXN2]    R. Nurnberg         AEG Electrcom   ---none---

   [RXR]     Richard Rein        Pyramid Technology Corp.
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 133
   [RXR1]    R. K. Nair          NRL

   [RXS]     Ron Strich          SSDS      ---none---

   [RXS1]    Reuben Sivan        Crosscomm crossc!rsivan@uunet.UU.NET

   [RXS2]    Richard Schneider   Epson Research Center

   [RXS3]    Richard P. Stubbs   Quotron Systems, Inc.

   [RXS4]    Rob Spade           I.D.E. Corporation ---none---

   [RXT]     Ron Thornton        GenRad

   [RXT1]    Rodney Thayer       Sable     ---none---

   [RXU]     Robert Urquhart     Simon Fraser University

   [RXW]     Russell G. Wilson   Hill AFB

   [RXW1]    R. J. White         Univ. of Waterloo

   [RXZ]     Rayan Zachariassen  Toronto   rayan@AI.TORONTO.EDU

   [SAF3]    Stuart A. Friedberg UWISC     stuart@CS.WISC.EDU

   [SB98]    Stan Barber         BCM       SOB@BCM.TMC.EDU

   [SC3]     Steve Casner        ISI       Casner@ISI.EDU

   [SGC]     Steve Chipman       BBN       Chipman@F.BBN.COM

   [SH284]   Steve Hardcastle-Kille ISODE Consortium

   [SHB]     Steven Blumenthal   BBN       BLUMENTHAL@VAX.BBN.COM

   [SH37]    Sergio Heker        JVNC      heker@JVNCC.CSC.ORG

   [SL70]    Stuart Levy         UMN       slevy@UC.MSC.UMN.EDU

   [SMB]     Scott Bellew        Purdue

   [SRN1]    Stephen Northcutt   NSWC      SNORTHC@RELAY-NSWC.NAVY.MIL
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 134
   [SS92]    Steve Schoch        NASA      SCHOCH@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV

   [STY]     Shannon Yeh         Netix

   [SW159]   Steven Willis       Wellfleet swillis@WELLFLEET.COM

   [SXA]     Susie Armstrong     XEROX     Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX.COM

   [SXA1]    Shamim Ahmed        OSU

   [SXA2]    Steve Alexander     ISC

   [SXA3]    Sten Andler         IBM       ---none---

   [SXB]     Steve Briggs        Compaq

   [SXB2]    Steve Bush          GEIS

   [SXC]     Shaw C. Chuang      University College London

   [SXD]     Steve Deering       Stanford deering@PECASERO.STANFORD.EDU

   [SXD1]    Steve Dorner        U. of Illinois  s-dorner@UIUC.EDU

   [SXE]     Simon Edwards       Micro Focus UK  ---none---

   [SXF]     Shoji Fukutomi      Furukawa Electoric Co. Ltd.

   [SXH]     Steven Hunter       LLNL      hunter@CCC.MFECC.LLNL.GOV

   [SXH1]    Scott Hahn          Sequent

   [SXH2]    Scott Holley  Allied Telesis, Inc.

   [SXH3]    Steve Harris        Republic Telcom Systems, Inc.

   [SXH4]    Simon Hackett       Internode Systems Pty Ltd

   [SXH5]    Stefan Hedemann     Hedemann Software Development

   [SXK]     Skip Koppenhaver    DAC       stubby!skip@uunet.UU.NET
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 135
   [SXK1]    Stev Knowles        FTP

   [SXL]     Sam Lau             Pirelli/Focom ---none---

   [SXL1]    Stephen Lewis       Scitec    ---none---

   [SXL2]    Steve Loring        L & N Technologies, Ltd.

   [SXL3]    Syd Logan           AGE Logic

   [SXM]     Sheri Mayhew        Develcon

   [SXM1]    Skip Morton         Netcore, Inc.   ---none---

   [SXO]     SeeYoung Oh         Daewoo Telecom

   [SXP]     Sanand Patel        Canstar   sanand@HUB.TORONTO.EDU

   [SXP1]    Satish Popat        Ericsson-Camtec  ---none---

   [SXS]     Steve Silverman     MITRE     Blankert@MITRE-GATEWAY.ORG

   [SXS1]    Susie Snitzer       Britton-Lee ---none---

   [SXS2]    Soren H. Sorensen   CR SYSTEMS ---none---

   [SXS3]    Steven Sweeney      Farallon Computing, Inc.  ---none---

   [SXS4]    Simson L. Garfinkel NeXt

   [SXW]     Steve Waldbusser    CMU

   [SXW1]    Simon van Winkelen  SDL       ---none---

   [SXW2]    Sean Welch          Xenocom, Inc.

   [SXW3]    Steve Willens       Livingston Enterprises, Inc.

   [TC27]    Thomas Calderwood   BBN       TCALDERW@BBN.COM

   [TN]      Thomas Narten       Purdue    narten@PURDUE.EDU

   [TS566]   Timon Sloane        PeerNet
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 136
   [TU]      Tom Unger           UMich     tom@CITI.UMICH.EDU

   [TXA]     Tad Artis           Microwave Bypass Systems, Inc.

   [TXA1]    Takahiro Asai       Hitachi Cable, Ltd.   ---none---

   [TXB]     Torsten Beyer       Dr. Materna GmbH

   [TXB1]    Tom Bereiter        Tiviloi   ---none---

   [TXC]     Tracy Cox           Bellcore

   [TXD]     "Tundra" Tim Daneliuk  Covia

   [TXH]     Takashi Hagiwara    Sony      Hagiwara@Sm.Sony.Co.Jp

   [TXH1]    Tim Howes           UMich

   [TXJ]     Tim Jones           Box Hill Systems Corporation

   [TXL]     Tim Berners-Lee     CERN

   [TXM]     Trudy Miller        ACC       Trudy@ACC.COM

   [TXM1]    Thomas McGinty      Codex     ---none---

   [TXO]     Toshiharu Ohno      ASCII Corporation

   [TXP]     Tony van der Peet   DSIR Network Group

   [TXR]     Tim Rylance         Praxis    praxis!tkr@UUNET.UU.NET

   [TXR1]    Thomas Ruf          Schneider & Koch

   [TXS]     Ted J. Socolofsky   Spider    Teds@SPIDER.CO.UK

   [TXS1]    Toshiharu Sugawara  NTTC

   [TXS2]    Thomas M. Smith     GE Aerospace

   [TXT]     Ted Tran            Andrew Corporation   ---none---
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 137
   [TXT1]    Terrence J. Talbot  BU         lexcube!

   [TXV]     Tomas Vocetka       Compu-Shack

   [TXW]     Toshio Watanabe     RICOH Co. Ltd.

   [UB3]     Ulf Bilting         CHALMERS  bilting@PURDUE.EDU

   [UXV]     Umberto Vizcaino    Bridgeway  ---none---

   [UW2]     Unni Warrier        Netlabs   unni@NETLABS.COM

   [VJ]      Van Jacobson        LBL       van@CSAM.LBL.GOV

   [VXC]     Vik Chandra         IBM

   [VXD]     Victor Dafoulas     Wang Labs ---none---

   [VXE]     Vince Enriquez      Motorola

   [VXK]     Victor Kazdoba      Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.

   [VXL]     Vince Liu           Centrum Communications, Inc.

   [VXS]     Vinod Singh         Unify     ---none---

   [VXT]     V. Taylor           CANADA    vktaylor@NCS.DND.CA

   [WDW11]   William D. Wisner             wisner@HAYES.FAI.ALASKA.EDU

   [WJC2]    Bill Croft          STANFORD  Croft@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU

   [WJS1]    Weldon J. Showalter DCA       Gamma@MINTAKA.DCA.MIL

   [WLB8]    William L. Biagi    Advintech

   [WM3]     William Melohn      SUN       Melohn@SUN.COM

   [WXC]     Wesley Craig        UMICH

   [WXC1]    W. James Colosky    Eastman Kodak Company
ToP   noToC   RFC1340 - Page 138
   [WXD]     William Dunn        NetManage, Inc.

   [WXP]     W.J. Parducci & Associates, Inc.  Bill Parducci

   [WXS]     Wayne Schroeder     SDSC      schroeder@SDS.SDSC.EDU

   [WXS2]    W.R. Maynard-Smith  Netcomm, Ltd.  ---none---

   [WXT]     Wayne Tackabury     Pacer Software

   [VXW]     Val Wilson          Spider

   [YXA]     Yoshiyuki Akiyama   NEC

   [YXH]     Yigal Hochberg      Unifi

   [YXK]     Yoav Kluger         Spartacus ykluger@HAWK.ULOWELL.EDU

   [YXK1]    Yasuhiro Kohata     NTT DATA

   [YXW]     Y.C. Wang           Network Application Technology

   [YXW1]    Yasuyoshi Watanabe  Seiko Instruments, Inc. (SII)

   [XEROX]   Fonda Pallone       Xerox     ---none---

   [ZSU]     Zaw-Sing Su         SRI       ZSu@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM

   [ZXS]     Zohar Seigal        Gambit Computer ---none---
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Security Considerations

   Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

Authors' Addresses

   Joyce K. Reynolds
   Information Sciences Institute
   University of Southern California
   4676 Admiralty Way
   Marina del Rey, CA 90292

   Phone: (310) 822-1511


   Jon Postel
   Information Sciences Institute
   University of Southern California
   4676 Admiralty Way
   Marina del Rey, CA 90292

   Phone: (310) 822-1511