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RFC 0990

Assigned numbers

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Obsoletes:  0960
Obsoleted by:  1010
Updated by:  0997
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Network Working Group                                        J. Reynolds
Request for Comments:  990                                     J. Postel
Obsoletes RFCs:  960, 943, 923, 900,                       November 1986
870, 820, 790, 776, 770, 762, 758,
755, 750, 739, 604, 503, 433, 349
Obsoletes IENs:  127, 117, 93

                            ASSIGNED NUMBERS

Status of this Memo

   This memo is an official status report on the numbers used in
   protocols in the ARPA-Internet community.  Distribution of this memo
   is unlimited.


   This Network Working Group Request for Comments documents the
   currently assigned values from several series of numbers used in
   network protocol implementations.  This RFC will be updated
   periodically, and in any case current information can be obtained
   from Joyce Reynolds.  The assignment of numbers is also handled by
   Joyce.  If you are developing a protocol or application that will
   require the use of a link, socket, port, protocol, network number,
   etc., please contact Joyce to receive a number assignment.

      Joyce K. Reynolds
      USC - Information Sciences Institute
      4676 Admiralty Way
      Marina del Rey, California  90292-6695

      Phone: (213) 822-1511


   Most of the protocols mentioned here are documented in the RFC series
   of notes.  Some of the items listed are undocumented.  Further
   information on protocols can be found in the memo "Official
   ARPA-Internet Protocols" [114].  The more prominent and more
   generally used are documented in the "DDN Protocol Handbook" [46]
   prepared by the NIC.  Other collections of older or obsolete
   protocols are contained in the "Internet Protocol Transition Workbook
   [47], or in the "ARPANET Protocol Handbook" [48].  For further
   information on ordering the complete 1985 DDN Protocol Handbook,
   write: SRI International, DDN Network Information Center, Room EJ291,
   333 Ravenswood Avenue, Meno Park, California, 94025.  Or
   call: 1-800-235-3155.
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   In the entries below the name and mailbox of the responsible
   individual is indicated.  The bracketed entry, e.g., [nn,iii], at the
   right hand margin of the page indicates a reference for the listed
   protocol, where the number ("nn") cites the document and the letters
   ("iii") cites the person.  Whenever possible, the letters are a NIC
   Ident as used in the WhoIs (NICNAME) service.

   The convention in the documentation of Internet Protocols is to
   express numbers in decimal and to picture data in "big-endian" order
   [131].  That is, fields are described left to right, with the most
   significant octet on the left and the least significant octet on the

   The order of transmission of the header and data described in this
   document is resolved to the octet level.  Whenever a diagram shows a
   group of octets, the order of transmission of those octets is the
   normal order in which they are read in English.  For example, in the
   following diagram the octets are transmitted in the order they are

    0                   1                   2                   3   
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 
   |       1       |       2       |       3       |       4       |
   |       5       |       6       |       7       |       8       |
   |       9       |      10       |      11       |      12       |

                      Transmission Order of Bytes

   Whenever an octet represents a numeric quantity the left most bit in
   the diagram is the high order or most significant bit.  That is, the
   bit labeled 0 is the most significant bit.  For example, the
   following diagram represents the value 170 (decimal).

                            0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
                           |1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0|

                          Significance of Bits

   Similarly, whenever a multi-octet field represents a numeric quantity
ToP   noToC   RFC0990 - Page 3
   the left most bit of the whole field is the most significant bit.
   When a multi-octet quantity is transmitted the most significant octet
   is transmitted first.
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                        ASSIGNED NETWORK NUMBERS

   The network numbers listed here are used as internet addresses by the
   Internet Protocol (IP) [46,101].  The IP uses a 32-bit address field
   and divides that address into a network part and a "rest" or local
   address part.  The division takes 3 forms or classes.

      The first type of address, or class A, has a 7-bit network number
      and a 24-bit local address.  The highest-order bit is set to 0.
      This allows 128 class A networks.

                           1                   2                   3   
       0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 
      |0|   NETWORK   |                Local Address                  |

                             Class A Address

      The second type of address, class B, has a 14-bit network number
      and a 16-bit local address.  The two highest-order bits are set to
      1-0.  This allows 16,384 class B networks.

                           1                   2                   3   
       0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 
      |1 0|           NETWORK         |          Local Address        |

                             Class B Address

      The third type of address, class C, has a 21-bit network number
      and a 8-bit local address.  The three highest-order bits are set
      to 1-1-0.  This allows 2,097,152 class C networks.

                           1                   2                   3   
       0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 
      |1 1 0|                    NETWORK              | Local Address |

                             Class C Address
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      The fourth type of address, class D, is used as a multicast
      address [44].  The four highest-order bits are set to 1-1-1-0.

                           1                   2                   3   
       0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 
      |1 1 1 0|                  multicast address                    |

                             Class D Address

      Note:  No addresses are allowed with the four highest-order bits
      set to 1-1-1-1.  These addresses, called "class E", are reserved.

   One commonly used notation for internet host addresses divides the
   32-bit address into four 8-bit fields and specifies the value of each
   field as a decimal number with the fields separated by periods.  This
   is called the "dotted decimal" notation.  For example, the internet
   address of B.ISI.EDU in dotted decimal is, or

   The dotted decimal notation will be used in the listing of assigned
   network numbers.  The class A networks will have nnn.rrr.rrr.rrr, the
   class B networks will have nnn.nnn.rrr.rrr, and the class C networks
   will have nnn.nnn.nnn.rrr, where nnn represents part or all of a
   network number and rrr represents part or all of a local address.

   There are four catagories of users of Internet Addresses: Research,
   Defense, Government (Non-Defense), and Commercial.  To reflect the
   allocation of network identifiers among the categories, a
   one-character code is placed to the left of the network number: R for
   Research, D for Defense, G for Government, and C for Commercial (see
   Appendix A for further details on this division of the network

   Network numbers are assigned for networks that are connected to the
   ARPA-Internet and DDN-Internet, and for independent networks that use
   the IP family protocols (these are usually commercial).  These
   independent networks are marked with an asterisk preceding the

   The administrators of independent networks must apply separately for
   permission to interconnect their network with either the
   ARPA-Internet of the DDN-Internet.  Independent networks should not
   be listed in the working tables of either the ARPA-Internet or
   DDN-Internet hosts or gateways.
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   For various reasons, the assigned numbers of networks are sometimes
   changed.  To ease the transition the old number will be listed for a
   transition period as well.  These "old number" entries will be marked
   with a "T" following the number and preceding the name, and the
   network name will be suffixed "-TEMP".

   Special Addresses:

      In certain contexts, it is useful to have fixed addresses with
      functional significance rather than as identifiers of specific

         The address zero is to be interpreted as meaning "this", as in
         "this network".

            For example, the address could be interpreted as
            meaning host 37 on this network.

         The address of all ones are to be interpreted as meaning "all",
         as in "all hosts".

            For example, the address could be interpreted
            as meaning all hosts on the network 128.9.

         The class A network number 127 is assigned the "loopback"
         function, that is, a datagram sent by a higher level protocol
         to a network 127 address should loop back inside the host.  No
         datagram "sent" to a network 127 address should ever appear on
         any network anywhere.
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   Assigned Network Numbers

   Class A Networks

      * Internet Address  Name          Network               References
      - ----------------  ----          -------               ----------
        000.rrr.rrr.rrr                 Reserved                   [JBP]
      R 004.rrr.rrr.rrr   SATNET        Atlantic Satellite Network [SHB]
      D 006.rrr.rrr.rrr T YPG-NET-TEMP  Yuma Proving Grounds    [10,BWA]
      D 007.rrr.rrr.rrr T EDN-TEMP      DCEC EDN                   [EC5]
      R 008.rrr.rrr.rrr T BBN-NET-TEMP  BBN Network               [JSG5]
      R 010.rrr.rrr.rrr   ARPANET       ARPANET                 [10,SA2]
      D 011.rrr.rrr.rrr   DODIIS        DoD INTEL INFO SYS         [AY7]
      C 012.rrr.rrr.rrr   ATT           ATT, Bell Labs            [MH12]
      C 013.rrr.rrr.rrr   XEROX-NET     XEROX Internet        [129,JNL1]
      C 014.rrr.rrr.rrr   PDN           Public Data Network       [REK4]
      R*015.rrr.rrr.rrr   HP-INTERNET   Hewlett-Packard-Internet   [BXR]
      R 018.rrr.rrr.rrr T MIT-TEMP      MIT Network        [23,113,DDC1]
      D 021.rrr.rrr.rrr   DDN-RVN       DDN-RVN                    [MLC]
      D 022.rrr.rrr.rrr   DISNET        DISNET                    [FLM2]
      D 023.rrr.rrr.rrr   DDN-TC-NET    DDN-TestCell-Network      [DH17]
      R 025.rrr.rrr.rrr   RSRE-EXP      RSRE                      [RNM1]
      D 026.rrr.rrr.rrr   MILNET        MILNET                    [FLM2]
      R 027.rrr.rrr.rrr T NOSC-LCCN-TEMPNOSC / LCCN                [RH6]
      R 028.rrr.rrr.rrr   WIDEBAND      Wide Band Satellite Net   [CJW2]
      D 029.rrr.rrr.rrr T MILX25-TEMP   MILNET X.25 Temp           [MLC]
      D 030.rrr.rrr.rrr T ARPAX25-TEMP  ARPA X.25 Temp             [MLC]
      G 031.rrr.rrr.rrr   UCDLA-NET     UCDLA-CATALOG-NET          [CXL]
      R 032.rrr.rrr.rrr   UCL-TAC       UCL TAC                     [PK]
      R 035.rrr.rrr.rrr   MERIT         MERIT COMPUTER NETWK       [HWB]
      R 036.rrr.rrr.rrr T SU-NET-TEMP   Stanford University Network[PA5]
      R 039.rrr.rrr.rrr T SRINET-TEMP   SRI Local Network         [GEOF]
      R 041.rrr.rrr.rrr   BBN-TEST-A    BBN-GATE-TEST-A            [RH6]
      R 044.rrr.rrr.rrr   AMPRNET       Amateur Radio Experiment Net[HM]
        001.rrr.rrr.rrr-003.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        005.rrr.rrr.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
        009.rrr.rrr.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
        016.rrr.rrr.rrr-017.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        019.rrr.rrr.rrr-020.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        024.rrr.rrr.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
        033.rrr.rrr.rrr-034.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        037.rrr.rrr.rrr-038.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        040.rrr.rrr.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
        042.rrr.rrr.rrr-043.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        045.rrr.rrr.rrr-126.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
      R 127.rrr.rrr.rrr                 Loopback                   [JBP]
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   Class B Networks

      * Internet Address  Name          Network               References
      - ----------------  ----          -------               ----------
        128.000.rrr.rrr                 Reserved                   [JBP]
      R 128.001.rrr.rrr   BBN-TEST-B    BBN-GATE-TEST-B            [RH6]
      R 128.002.rrr.rrr   CMU-NET       CMU-Ethernet              [HDW2]
      R 128.003.rrr.rrr   LBL-CSAM      LBL-CSAM-RESEARCH         [JS38]
      R 128.004.rrr.rrr   DCNET         LINKABIT DCNET         [78,DLM1]
      R 128.005.rrr.rrr   FORDNET       FORD DCNET             [78,DLM1]
      R 128.006.rrr.rrr   RUTGERS       RUTGERS                   [CLH3]
      R 128.007.rrr.rrr   DFVLR         DFVLR DCNET Network        [GB7]
      R 128.008.rrr.rrr   UMDNET        Univ of Maryland DCNET [78,DLM1]
      R 128.009.rrr.rrr   ISI-NET       USC-ISI Local Network      [CMR]
      R 128.010.rrr.rrr   PURDUE-CS-EN  Purdue Computer Science    [CAK]
      R 128.011.rrr.rrr   BBN-CRONUS    BBN DOS Project         [72,WXM]
      R 128.012.rrr.rrr   SU-NET        Stanford University Net    [LB3]
      D 128.013.rrr.rrr   MATNET        Mobile Access Terminal Net [SHB]
      R 128.014.rrr.rrr   BBN-SAT-TEST  BBN SATNET Test Net        [SHB]
      R 128.015.rrr.rrr   S1NET         LLL-S1-NET                [EAK1]
      R 128.016.rrr.rrr   UCLNET        University College London   [PK]
      D 128.017.rrr.rrr   MATNET-ALT    Mobile Access Terminal Alt [SHB]
      R 128.018.rrr.rrr   SRINET        SRI Local Network         [GEOF]
      D 128.019.rrr.rrr   EDN           DCEC EDN                   [EC5]
      D 128.020.rrr.rrr   BRLNET        BRLNET                 [10,MJM2]
      R 128.021.rrr.rrr   SF-PR-1       SF-1 Packet Radio Network  [JEM]
      R 128.022.rrr.rrr   SF-PR-2       SF-2 Packet Radio Network  [JEM]
      R 128.023.rrr.rrr   BBN-PR        BBN Packet Radio Network  [JAW3]
      R 128.024.rrr.rrr   ROCKWELL-PR   Rockwell Packet Radio Net  [EHP]
      D 128.025.rrr.rrr   BRAGG-PR      Ft. Bragg Packet Radio Net [JEM]
      D 128.026.rrr.rrr   SAC-PR        SAC Packet Radio Network   [BG5]
      D 128.027.rrr.rrr   DEMO-PR-1     Demo-1 Packet Radio Network[LCS]
      D 128.028.rrr.rrr   C3-PR-TEMP    Testbed Development PR NET [BG5]
      R 128.029.rrr.rrr   MITRE         MITRE Cablenet         [121,TML]
      R 128.030.rrr.rrr   MIT-NET       MIT Local Network         [DDC1]
      R 128.031.rrr.rrr   MIT-RES       MIT Research Network      [DDC1]
      R 128.032.rrr.rrr   UCB-ETHER     UC Berkeley Ethernet      [DAM1]
      R 128.033.rrr.rrr   BBN-NET       BBN Network               [JSG5]
      R 128.034.rrr.rrr   NOSC-LCCN     NOSC / LCCN                [RH6]
      R 128.035.rrr.rrr   CISLTESTNET1  Honeywell          [60,61,JLM23]
      R 128.036.rrr.rrr   YALE-NET      YALE NET               [129,JO5]
      D 128.037.rrr.rrr   YPG-NET       Yuma Proving Grounds    [10,BWA]
      D 128.038.rrr.rrr   NSWC-NET      NSWC Local Host Net       [RLH2]
      R 128.039.rrr.rrr   NTANET        NDRE-TIU                   [PS3]
      R 128.040.rrr.rrr   UCL-NET-A     UCL                        [RC7]
      R 128.041.rrr.rrr   UCL-NET-B     UCL                        [RC7]
      R 128.042.rrr.rrr   RICE-NET      Rice University        [129,PGM]
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      R 128.043.rrr.rrr   DRENET        Canada REF ARPANET     [10,JR17]
      D 128.044.rrr.rrr   WSMR-NET      White Sands Network       [CAS1]
      C 128.045.rrr.rrr   DEC-WRL-NET   DEC WRL Network       [129,RKJ2]
      R 128.046.rrr.rrr   PURDUE-NET    Purdue Campus Network      [CAK]
      D 128.047.rrr.rrr   TACTNET       Tactical Packet Net      [9,KTP]
      G 128.048.rrr.rrr   UCDLA-NET-B   UCDLA-Network-B         [10,CXL]
      R 128.049.rrr.rrr   NOSC-ETHER    NOSC Ethernet         [129,RLB3]
      G 128.050.rrr.rrr   COINS         COINS On-Line Intel Net   [RLS6]
      G 128.051.rrr.rrr   COINSTNET     COINS TEST NETWORK        [RLS6]
      R 128.052.rrr.rrr   MIT-AI-NET    MIT AI NET             [129,MDC]
      R 128.053.rrr.rrr   SAC-PR-2      SAC PRNET Number 2         [BG5]
      R 128.054.rrr.rrr   UCSD          UC San Diego Network  [129,GH29]
      R*128.055.rrr.rrr   MFENET        LLNL MFE Network       [119,DRP]
      D 128.056.rrr.rrr   USNA-NET      US Naval Academy Network   [TXS]
      D 128.057.rrr.rrr   DEMO-PR-2     Demo-2 Packet Radio Net    [LCS]
      C*128.058.rrr.rrr   SPAR          Schlumberger PA Net    [129,RXB]
      R 128.059.rrr.rrr   CU-NET        Columbia University    [129,LH2]
      D 128.060.rrr.rrr   NRL-LAN       NRL Lab Area Net           [WF3]
      R*128.061.rrr.rrr   GATECH        Georgia Tech           [129,GXS]
      R 128.062.rrr.rrr   MCC-NET       MCC Corporate Net      [129,CBD]
      R 128.063.rrr.rrr   BRL-SUBNET    BRL-SUBNET-EXP            [RBN1]
      R 128.064.rrr.rrr-128.079.rrr.rrr Net Dynamics Exp           [ZSU]
      D 128.080.rrr.rrr   CECOMNET      CECOM EPR NET             [PFS2]
      R 128.081.rrr.rrr   SYMBOLICS     SYMBOLICS              [129,CH2]
        128.082.rrr.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
      R 128.083.rrr.rrr   UTAUSTIN      U. Texas Austin       [129,JSQ1]
      R 128.084.rrr.rrr   CORNELL-NET   Cornell Backbone Net   [129,BN9]
      C*128.085.rrr.rrr   DRILL-NET     Teleco Drilltech Net       [DBJ]
      R 128.086.rrr.rrr   MRC           UK.CO.GEC.RL.MRC          [RHC3]
      R 128.087.rrr.rrr   HIRST         UK.CO.GEC.RL.HRC          [RHC3]
      R*128.088.rrr.rrr   HP-NET        HEWLETT-PACKARD-NET        [AXG]
      R 128.089.rrr.rrr   BBN-ENET-TEMP BBN ETHER NETWORK      [129,SGC]
      C*128.090.rrr.rrr   PQS           PERQ SYSTEMS CORP      [129,DXS]
      R 128.091.rrr.rrr   UPENN         UPenn Campus Network   [129,IW5]
      R 128.092.rrr.rrr   INTELLINET    INTELLICORP NET       [129,DAVE]
      R*128.093.rrr.rrr   INRIA-ROCQU   INRIA Rocquencourt        [MXA1]
      R*128.094.rrr.rrr   SYSNET        AT&T SYSNETWORK            [EXY]
      R 128.095.rrr.rrr   WASHINGTON    Comp Sci Ether Net    [129,RA17]
      C*128.096.rrr.rrr   BELLCORE-NET  BELLCORE-NET              [PK28]
      R 128.097.rrr.rrr   UCLANET       UCLA Network              [BJL5]
      R 128.098.rrr.rrr   RSRE-EN2      RSRE-EXP-NET-2             [JXW]
      C 128.099.rrr.rrr   NORTHROP-NET  Northrop Net          [129,RSM1]
      R*128.100.rrr.rrr   TORONTO       U. of Toronto Net      [129,BXD]
      R 128.101.rrr.rrr   UMN           Univ. of Minn.             [SSB]
      G 128.102.rrr.rrr   AMES-NET      Ames Backbone Net.    [129,MSM1]
      R 128.103.rrr.rrr   HARV-FIBER    Harvard FiberOp Ether [129,SB28]
      R 128.104.rrr.rrr   WISC-HERD     Univ. of Wisconsin    [129,EJN1]
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      R 128.105.rrr.rrr   WISC-CS       Univ. of Wisconsin     [129,CBP]
      D 128.106.rrr.rrr   SRI-PSON-1    ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis        [ERK3]
      D 128.107.rrr.rrr   LEWIS-PRNET1  ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis        [ERK3]
      D 128.108.rrr.rrr   LEWIS-PRNET2  ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis        [ERK3]
      R 128.109.rrr.rrr   TUCC-MCNC     TUCC-MCNC NC Net           [JXR]
      R 128.110.rrr.rrr   UTAH-NET      UTAH-CAMPUS-NET           [JL15]
      R 128.111.rrr.rrr   UCSB          U of CA, Santa Barbara     [PXH]
      R 128.112.rrr.rrr   PRINCETON     Princeton University       [LXR]
      R 128.113.rrr.rrr   RPINET        RPI-LOCALNET               [MS9]
      R 128.114.rrr.rrr   UCSC          U.C. Santa Cruz Net    [129,JXH]
      R 128.115.rrr.rrr   LLL-LABNET    LLNL Open Labnet         [BANDY]
      R 128.116.rrr.rrr   USAN          UNIV SATELLITE NET     [129,BXI]
      R 128.117.rrr.rrr   UCAR          UNIV CORP ATM RSCH     [129,BXI]
      R 128.118.rrr.rrr   PENN-STATE    Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 128.119.rrr.rrr   UMASS-CS      UMass COINS Dept LAN   [129,GXW]
      R 128.120.rrr.rrr   UCDAVIS       U.C. Davis Network     [129,RXH]
      R 128.121.rrr.rrr   JVNC-NET      John von Neumann Ctr Net   [FXH]
      R 128.122.rrr.rrr   NYU-NET       NYU Campus Network        [BJR2]
      R*128.123.rrr.rrr   NMSU          N M State Univ        [129,MXS3]
      R 128.124.rrr.rrr T NTA-TEMP      NTARE BF-TO-PDP11         [TM10]
      R 128.125.rrr.rrr   USCNET        USC Campus Network    [129,MAB4]
      R 128.126.rrr.rrr   SDC-PRC       SDC Paoli R&D Center  [129,MXS2]
      C*128.127.rrr.rrr   FTP-SOFTWARE  FTP Software Net          [JLR4]
      R 128.128.rrr.rrr   WHOINET       WHOI Campus Net           [ARM5]
      C*128.129.rrr.rrr   CGI           Carnegie Group             [RXA]
      R*128.130.rrr.rrr   TUNET-T       TU Wien Terminal Net  [129,GXP1]
      R*128.131.rrr.rrr   TUNET-F       TU Wien File Net      [129,GXP1]
      G*128.132.rrr.rrr   RADC-LONS     RADC-LONS Net          [129,GXG]
      G*128.133.rrr.rrr   AFSC-LONS     AFSC-LONS Net          [129,GXG]
      R 128.134.rrr.rrr   SDN           System Dev Net       [21,22,HXC]
      R 128.135.rrr.rrr   U-CHICAGO     UNIVERSITYOFCHICAGO   [129,MC17]
      R 128.136.rrr.rrr   TEK-ALLNET    Teknowledge-Net        [129,TE2]
      C*128.137.rrr.rrr   GENNET1       Genentech Corp Net    [129,SXM1]
      R 128.138.rrr.rrr   COLORADO      U Colorado Boulder    [129,RXJ1]
      R 128.139.rrr.rrr   ILAN          Israel Academic Net   [129,DB35]
      R 128.140.rrr.rrr   EMORY-INET    Emory Internet        [129,SA29]
      R*128.141.rrr.rrr   CERN-ETHER    DD Main Ethernet       [129,BXS]
      R*128.142.rrr.rrr   CERN-TOKEN    DD Main IBM Token Ring [129,BXS]
      R*128.143.rrr.rrr   VIRGINIA      Univ. of Virginia     [129,JXJ1]
      R*128.144.rrr.rrr   ARC-CALGARY   Alta Research Calgary      [DXK]
      R 128.145.rrr.rrr   NYSERNET      NYSERNET                   [MXF]
      R 128.146.rrr.rrr   OHIO-STATE    Ohio State Univ           [RSD2]
      R 128.147.rrr.rrr   U-PGH-NET     Univ. Pittsburgh Net       [SM6]
      R 128.148.rrr.rrr   BROWN-UNIV    Brown University Net      [MXR1]
      G 128.149.rrr.rrr   JPL-NET       JPL Central Net           [MSM1]
      G 128.150.rrr.rrr   NSF-LAN       NSF-LAN                   [FW17]
      R 128.151.rrr.rrr   UR-NET        Univ. of Rochester        [TXM1]
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      C*128.152.rrr.rrr   HAC-VLSI      Hughes Aircraft VLSI Net  [PXH1]
      R 128.153.rrr.rrr   CLARKSON      Clarkson University        [JXH]
      G 128.154.rrr.rrr   GSFC-NET      GSFC Central Net          [MSM1]
      G 128.155.rrr.rrr   LARC-NET      LARC Central Net          [MSM1]
      G 128.156.rrr.rrr   LERC-NET      LERC Central Net          [MSM1]
      G 128.157.rrr.rrr   JSC-NET       JSC Central Net           [MSM1]
      G 128.158.rrr.rrr   MSFC-NET      MSFC Central Net          [MSM1]
      G 128.159.rrr.rrr   KSC-NET       KSC Central Net           [MSM1]
      G 128.160.rrr.rrr   NSTL-NET      NSTL Central Net          [MSM1]
      G 128.161.rrr.rrr   NSN-NET       NASA Science Net          [MSM1]
      C 128.162.rrr.rrr   CRAY-NET      Cray Research              [DXB]
      R 128.163.rrr.rrr   UKY-NET       U. of Kentucky Net         [GXB]
      R 128.164.rrr.rrr   GWU-GATE      George Washington U.       [TXT]
      G 128.165.rrr.rrr   LANL-INET     LANL Inter-Network        [JC11]
      D*128.166.rrr.rrr   BAC-NET       Boeing Aerospace Corp Net [JXJ2]
      R 128.167.rrr.rrr   SURA          SURAnet                   [JXH1]
      C 128.168.rrr.rrr   GOLDHILL      Gold-Hill-Computers        [GXM]
      R 128.169.rrr.rrr   UTK           Univ Tenn-Knoxville        [JXC]
      R 128.170.rrr.rrr   SDC-CAM       SDC Camarillo R&D Net      [DSR]
        128.171.rrr.rrr-191.254.rrr.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        191.255.rrr.rrr                 Reserved                   [JBP]

   Class C Networks

      * Internet Address  Name          Network               References
      - ----------------  ----          -------               ----------
        192.000.000.rrr                 Reserved                   [JBP]
      R 192.000.001.rrr   BBN-TEST-C    BBN-GATE-TEST-C            [RH6]
        192.000.002.rrr-192.000.255.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
      R 192.001.000.rrr-192.001.004.rrr BBN local networks         [SGC]
      R 192.001.005.rrr   BBN-ENET2     BBN-ENET2                  [SGC]
      R 192.001.006.rrr                 BBN local network          [SGC]
      R 192.001.007.rrr   BBN-ENET      BBN-ENET                   [SGC]
      R 192.001.008.rrr                 BBN local network          [SGC]
      R 192.001.009.rrr   BBN-ENET3     BBN-ENET3                  [SGC]
      R 192.001.010.rrr   BBN-NETR      BBN-NETR                   [SGC]
      R 192.001.011.rrr   BBN-SPC-ENET  BBN-SPC-ENET               [SGC]
      R 192.001.012.rrr-192.003.255.rrr BBN local networks         [SGC]
      R*192.004.000.rrr-192.004.255.rrr BELLCORE-NET          [129,PK28]
      R 192.005.001.rrr   CISLHYPERNET  Honeywell                [JLM23]
      R*192.005.002.rrr   UF-NET-A      UF-CIS Dept Ether          [AXW]
      C 192.005.003.rrr   HP-DESIGN-AIDS HP Design Aids            [AXG]
      C 192.005.004.rrr   HP-TCG-UNIX   Hewlett Packard TCG Unix   [AXG]
      R 192.005.005.rrr   DEC-MRNET     DEC Marlboro Ethernet  [129,KWP]
      R 192.005.006.rrr   DEC-MRRAD     DEC Marlboro Developmt [129,KWP]
      R 192.005.007.rrr   CIT-CS-NET    Caltech-CS-Net         [137,DSW]
        192.005.008.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
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      R 192.005.009.rrr   AERONET       Aerospace Labnet         [2,LCN]
      R 192.005.010.rrr   ECLNET        USC-ECL-CAMPUS-NET        [MAB4]
      R 192.005.011.rrr   CSS-RING      SEISMIC-RESEARCH-NET       [RR2]
      R 192.005.012.rrr   UTAH-NET-C    UTAH-COMPUTER-SCIENCE-NET [GW22]
      R 192.005.013.rrr   GSWDNET       Compion Network        [129,FAS]
      R 192.005.014.rrr   RAND-NET      RAND Network           [129,JDG]
      R 192.005.015.rrr T NYU-NET-TEMP  NYU Network                [EF5]
      R 192.005.016.rrr   LANLLAND      Los Alamos Dev LAN    [129,JC11]
      R 192.005.017.rrr   NRL-NET       Naval Research Lab          [AP]
      R 192.005.018.rrr   IPTO-NET      ARPA-IPTO Office Net       [SA2]
      R 192.005.019.rrr   UCIICS        UCI-ICS Res Net            [MTR]
      R 192.005.020.rrr   CISLTTYNET    Honeywell                [JLM23]
      D 192.005.021.rrr   BRLNET1       BRLNET1                [10,MJM2]
      D 192.005.022.rrr   BRLNET2       BRLNET2                [10,MJM2]
      D 192.005.023.rrr   BRLNET3       BRLNET3                [10,MJM2]
      D 192.005.024.rrr   BRLNET4       BRLNET4                [10,MJM2]
      D 192.005.025.rrr   BRLNET5       BRLNET5                [10,MJM2]
      D 192.005.026.rrr   NSRDCOA-NET   NSRDC Office Auto Net      [TXC]
      D 192.005.027.rrr   DTNSRDC-NET   DTNSRDC-NET                [TXC]
      R 192.005.028.rrr   RSRE-NULL     RSRE-NULL                 [RNM1]
      R 192.005.029.rrr   RSRE-ACC      RSRE-ACC                  [RNM1]
      R 192.005.030.rrr   RSRE-PR       RSRE-PR                   [RNM1]
      R*192.005.031.rrr   SIEMENS-NET   Siemens Research Network   [PXN]
      R 192.005.032.rrr   CISLTESTNET2  Honeywell          [60,61,JLM23]
      R 192.005.033.rrr   CISLTESTNET3  Honeywell          [60,61,JLM23]
      R 192.005.034.rrr   CISLTESTNET4  Honeywell          [60,61,JLM23]
      R 192.005.035.rrr   RIACS         USRA                  [129,RLB1]
      R 192.005.036.rrr   CORNELL-CS    CORNELL CS Research    [129,DK2]
      R 192.005.037.rrr   UR-CS-NET     U of R CS 3Mb Net      [129,LB1]
      R 192.005.038.rrr   SRI-C3ETHER   SRI-AITAD C3ETHERNET   [129,BG5]
      R 192.005.039.rrr   UDEL-EECIS    Udel EECIS LAN         [129,CC2]
      R 192.005.040.rrr   PUCC-NET-A    PURDUE Comp Cntr Net      [JRS8]
      D 192.005.041.rrr   WISLAN        WIS Research LAN      [129,JRM1]
      D 192.005.042.rrr   HYPER-1ISG    AFDSC Hypernet            [MCA1]
      R 192.005.043.rrr   CUCSNET       Columbia CS Net        [129,LH2]
      R 192.005.044.rrr   FARBER-PC-NET Farber PC Network          [DJF]
      R 192.005.045.rrr   AIDS-NET      AI&DS Network          [129,KFD]
      R 192.005.046.rrr   NTA-RING      NDRE-RING                  [PS3]
      R 192.005.047.rrr   NSRDC         NSRDC                      [PXM]
      R 192.005.048.rrr   PURDUE-CS-NET Purdue CS Ethernet     [129,CAK]
      R 192.005.049.rrr   UCSF          Univ of Calif, San Fran[129,TF6]
      R 192.005.050.rrr   CTH-CS-NET    Chalmers CSN Net       [129,UXB]
      R 192.005.051.rrr   THEORYNET     Cornell Theory Center [129,AB13]
      R 192.005.052.rrr   NLM-ETHER     NLM-LHNCBC-ETHERNET    [129,JA1]
      R 192.005.053.rrr   UR-CS-ETHER   U of R CS 10Mb Net     [129,LB1]
      R 192.005.054.rrr   AERO-A6       Aerospace                [2,LCN]
      R 192.005.055.rrr   UCLA-CECS     UCLA-CECS Network      [129,RBW]
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      C 192.005.056.rrr   TARTAN-NET    Tartan Labs                [SXB]
      R 192.005.057.rrr   UDEL-CC       UDEL Comp Center      [129,RR18]
      R 192.005.058.rrr   CSNET-PDN     CSNET X.25 Network     [68,RDR4]
      R*192.005.059.rrr   INRIA-SM90    Inria GIP SM-90            [MXS]
      R*192.005.060.rrr   SM90-X1       Inria SM-90 exp. 1         [MXS]
      R*192.005.061.rrr   SM90-X2       Inria SM-90 exp. 2         [MXS]
      R*192.005.062.rrr   LITP-SM90     LITP SM-90                 [MXS]
        192.005.063.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
      R 192.005.064.rrr   AMES-NAS-NET  NASA ARC NAS LAN      [129,MF31]
      R 192.005.065.rrr   NPRDC-Ether   NPRDC TRCF Ethernet        [LRB]
      R 192.005.066.rrr   HARV-NET      Harvard Comp Sci Net      [SB28]
      R 192.005.067.rrr   CECOM-ETHER   CECOM ADDCOMPE ETHER   [129,GIH]
      R 192.005.068.rrr   AERO-130      AEROSPACE-130              [LCN]
      R 192.005.069.rrr   UIUC-NET      Univ of IL at Urbana   [129,AKC]
      G 192.005.070.rrr   CELAN         COINS Exper. LAN           [MXM]
      R 192.005.071.rrr   SAC-ETHER     SAC C3 Ethernet        [129,BG5]
      R*192.005.072.rrr   U CHICAGO     U Chicago                  [TXN]
      R 192.005.073.rrr   U CHICAGO     U Chicago                  [TXN]
      R*192.005.074.rrr-192.005.087.rrr U Chicago                  [TXN]
      R 192.005.088.rrr   YALE-EE-NET   YALE-EE-NET           [129,AG22]
      R 192.005.089.rrr   HARV-APPOLLO  Harvard University      [4,SB28]
      R 192.005.090.rrr   HARV-ETHER    Harvard CS Ethernet       [SB28]
      R 192.005.091.rrr   PURDUE-ECN1   Purdue ECN          [42,63,GG11]
      R 192.005.092.rrr   BRAGG-ETHER   SRI Bragg Ether        [129,GIH]
      R 192.005.093.rrr   SRI-DEMO      SRI Ether Demo         [129,GIH]
      R*192.005.094.rrr   SDCRDCF-10MB  SDC R&D primary net   [129,DJV1]
      R*192.005.095.rrr   SDCRDCF-3MB   SDC R&D old net       [129,DJV1]
      R*192.005.096.rrr   UBC-CS-NET    UBC Comp Sci Net       [129,PXB]
      R*192.005.097.rrr   UCLA-CS-LNI   UCLA CS LNI Network        [RBW]
      R*192.005.098.rrr   UCLA-PIC      UCLA PIC Network       [129,RBW]
      R 192.005.099.rrr   SPACENET      S-1 Workstation Net.   [129,TXW]
      R*192.005.100.rrr   HCSC-NET      Honeywell CSC Net     [129,TRG4]
      R 192.005.101.rrr   PUCC-NET-B    Purdue Gateway Network    [JRS8]
      R 192.005.102.rrr   PUCC-RHF-NET  PUCC RHF Based Net        [JRS8]
      C*192.005.103.rrr   TYM-NTD-NET   Tymnet NTD Ethernet        [SMF]
      R 192.005.104.rrr   THINK-INET    Thinking Machines     [129,BJN1]
      R 192.005.105.rrr   CCA-POND      CCA Ethernet1 (POND)   [129,AL6]
      C*192.005.106.rrr   BITSTREAM     Bitstream Type Foundry [129,PXA]
      R*192.005.107.rrr   PASC-ETHER    IBM PASC Ethernet      [129,GXL]
      R*192.005.108.rrr   PASC-BB       IBM PASC Broadband      [63,GXL]
      R*192.005.109.rrr   CWR-JCC-T     ARJCC TOPS-20 NET     [129,JAG3]
      R*192.005.110.rrr   CWR-JCC-L     ARJCC LOCAL NET       [129,JAG3]
      R*192.005.111.rrr   CWR-QUAD      Campus QUAD NET       [129,JAG3]
      R*192.005.112.rrr   CWR-CAISR     CAISR LOCAL NET       [129,JAG3]
      R*192.005.113.rrr   CWR-CES       CES LOCAL NET             [JAG3]
      C*192.005.114.rrr   I2-RING-1     INTERMETRICS PRONET    [129,NXH]
      C*192.005.115.rrr   I2-ETHER-1    INTERMETRICS ETHER     [129,NXH]
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      R 192.005.116.rrr   BRAGGNET-1    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.117.rrr   BRAGGNET-2    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.118.rrr   BRAGGNET-3    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.119.rrr   BRAGGNET-4    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.120.rrr   BRAGGNET-5    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.121.rrr   BRAGGNET-6    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.122.rrr   BRAGGNET-7    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.123.rrr   BRAGGNET-8    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.124.rrr   BRAGGNET-9    BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.125.rrr   BRAGGNET-10   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.126.rrr   BRAGGNET-11   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.127.rrr   BRAGGNET-12   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.128.rrr   BRAGGNET-13   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.129.rrr   BRAGGNET-14   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.130.rrr   BRAGGNET-15   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.131.rrr   BRAGGNET-16   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R 192.005.132.rrr   BRAGGNET-17   BRAGG/ADDCOMPE        [129,BG25]
      R*192.005.133.rrr   PERCEPT-AI    Perceptronics              [KXC]
      C*192.005.134.rrr   I2-ETHER-2    Intermetrics           [129,NH2]
      R 192.005.135.rrr   LL-SPEECH-NET LL Speech Net         [129,RH60]
      R 192.005.136.rrr   LL43-LEX-BACK Lincoln G43-LEX-BACK  [129,BC65]
      R 192.005.137.rrr   LL43-LEX-SUNA Lincoln G43-LEX-SUNA  [129,BC65]
      R 192.005.138.rrr   LL43-LEX-SUNB Lincoln G43-LEX-SUNB  [129,BC65]
      R 192.005.139.rrr   LL43-LEX-APO  Lincoln G43-LEX-APO   [129,BC65]
      R 192.005.140.rrr   LL43-TB-BACK  Lincoln G43-TB-BACK   [129,BC65]
      R 192.005.141.rrr   LL43-TB-APO   Lincoln G43-TB-APO    [129,BC65]
      R*192.005.142.rrr   CCVR          CCVR Network           [129,RXD]
      R 192.005.143.rrr   NWU           NORTHWESTERN               [AXS]
      R 192.005.144.rrr   CRE-NET       CANADA-CRC-ETHERNET       [JR17]
      R 192.005.145.rrr   ECRC-SL       ECRC-SL Net                [PXD]
      R 192.005.146.rrr   CPW-PSC       Pittsburgh SC Center       [MXL]
      R 192.005.147.rrr   ALV-ETHER     MMDAALVVAX                 [LXR]
      R 192.005.148.rrr   DISE          Dist Sys Eval Envir       [RHS4]
      R 192.005.149.rrr   RDL-ETHER     RDL                   [129,MXS1]
      G*192.005.150.rrr   SP-ACE-NET    Sperry Space Sys Net   [129,JXM]
      R 192.005.151.rrr   PENN-STATE-1  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.152.rrr   PENN-STATE-2  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.153.rrr   PENN-STATE-3  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.154.rrr   PENN-STATE-4  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.155.rrr   PENN-STATE-5  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.156.rrr   PENN-STATE-6  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.157.rrr   PENN-STATE-7  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.158.rrr   PENN-STATE-8  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.159.rrr   PENN-STATE-9  Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.160.rrr   PENN-STATE-10 Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.161.rrr   PENN-STATE-11 Penn State Network        [SXS1]
      R 192.005.162.rrr   PENN-STATE-12 Penn State Network        [SXS1]
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      C*192.005.163.rrr   I2-SPDNET-1   I2 SPD Ethernet        [129,NH2]
      C 192.005.164.rrr   GTEECN        GTE Eng Net            [129,JXE]
      R 192.005.165.rrr   SDC-CAM-1     SDC Camarillo R&D Net      [DSR]
      R*192.005.166.rrr   CRC-WDC-NET   CRC Washington DC         [GEOF]
      R 192.005.167.rrr   MCC-AI-NET    MCC AI Subnet          [129,CBD]
      R 192.005.168.rrr   MCC-CAD2-NET  MCC CAD2 Subnet        [129,CBD]
      R 192.005.169.rrr   MCC-PKG-NET   MCC PKG Subnet         [129,CBD]
      G 192.005.170.rrr   ANLNET1       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.171.rrr   ANLNET2       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.172.rrr   ANLNET3       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.173.rrr   ANLNET4       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.174.rrr   ANLNET5       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.175.rrr   ANLNET6       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.176.rrr   ANLNET7       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.177.rrr   ANLNET8       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.178.rrr   ANLNET9       Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.179.rrr   ANLNET10      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.180.rrr   ANLNET11      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.181.rrr   ANLNET12      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.182.rrr   ANLNET13      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.183.rrr   ANLNET14      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.184.rrr   ANLNET15      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.185.rrr   ANLNET16      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.186.rrr   ANLNET17      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.187.rrr   ANLNET18      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.188.rrr   ANLNET19      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.189.rrr   ANLNET20      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.190.rrr   ANLNET21      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.191.rrr   ANLNET22      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.192.rrr   ANLNET23      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.193.rrr   ANLNET24      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.194.rrr   ANLNET25      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.195.rrr   ANLNET26      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.196.rrr   ANLNET27      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.197.rrr   ANLNET28      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.198.rrr   ANLNET29      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.199.rrr   ANLNET30      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.200.rrr   ANLNET31      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      G 192.005.201.rrr   ANLNET32      Argonne Network       [129,LW26]
      R 192.005.202.rrr   FMC-CEL       FMC-CEL Host Net      [129,BXL1]
      R*192.005.203.rrr   OKSTATE-CS    Okla. St. CS Network   [129,MXV]
      R 192.005.204.rrr   SKL-ENET      Canada_SKL_ethernet       [JR17]
      R*192.005.205.rrr   ARC-CALGARY   Alta Research Calgary      [DXK]
      R 192.005.206.rrr   BU-MATHNET    BU-MATHNET                [BS24]
      R 192.005.207.rrr   BU-CHEMNET    BU-CHEMNET                [BS24]
      R 192.005.208.rrr   BU-CLANNET    BU-CLANNET                [BS24]
      D 192.005.209.rrr   SSDF-CDCNET   CDC-DDN-DEVELOPMENT        [RXE]
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      G 192.005.210.rrr   ECSNET        Embedded Comp Sys Net     [CAL7]
      R 192.005.211.rrr   INTEL-IWARP   Intel iWarp Net        [129,BT5]
      R 192.005.212.rrr T EMORY-INET4   Emory Internet 4          [SA29]
      R 192.005.213.rrr   HARRIS        Harris-GSSNet             [DXT1]
      C*192.005.214.rrr   DECUACNET     Decuac Network         [129,FXA]
      R 192.005.215.rrr   MASONNET      GMU Network           [129,TH15]
      R*192.005.216.rrr   NTT-NET       NTT Research Lab Net   [129,YXS]
      R 192.005.217.rrr   YALE-ZOO-NET  Yale Apollo Ed Net        [RC77]
      R 192.005.218.rrr   ARINC-GW-NET  Yale Apollo Ed Net         [YXN]
      R 192.005.219.rrr   CLEMSON       Clemson Univ Comp Center   [DXB]
      C*192.005.220.rrr   SCCNET        SPACECOM IP Network        [MXO]
      C*192.005.221.rrr   CSC-LONS      CSC-LONS Network       [129,GXG]
      C*192.005.222.rrr   CSC-OIS       CSC-OIS Network        [129,GXG]
      R*192.005.223.rrr   HWELL-RE      HWELL-RESD-ENGRG       [129,PXP]
      D*192.005.224.rrr   HAIC-NET      Hughes AI Center Net   [129,DXK]
      C*192.005.225.rrr-192.005.236.rrr GE CALMA BLOCK         [129,TXR]
      C*192.005.237.rrr   PRIME-AI      Prime AI CAD/CAM       [112,NXS]
      C*192.005.238.rrr   PALLADIAN-1   Palladian-IN1           [CSTACY]
      C*192.005.239.rrr   PALLADIAN-2   Palladian-RING          [CSTACY]
      C*192.005.240.rrr   PALLADIAN-3   Palladian-IN2           [CSTACY]
      R 192.005.241.rrr   USC-CYPRESS   USC Cypress Network     [27,DXE]
      C*192.005.242.rrr   MOT-ASIC      Motorola Chandler LAN     [GXW1]
      C*192.005.243.rrr   MOT-MESA      Motorola Mesa LAN         [GXW1]
      C*192.005.244.rrr   MOT-DOVER     Motorola Dover LAN        [GXW1]
      C*192.005.245.rrr   MOT-PRICE     Motorola Prince Road LAN  [GXW1]
      C*192.005.246.rrr   MOT-PICO      Motorola Pico LAN         [GXW1]
      C*192.005.247.rrr   MOT-52ND      Motorola Semi MIS LAN     [GXW1]
      C*192.005.248.rrr   MOT-AUSTIN    Motorola Austin LAN       [GXW1]
      C*192.005.249.rrr   MOT-OAKHILL   Motorola Oakhill LAN      [GXW1]
      C*192.005.250.rrr   MOT-TELAVIV   Motorola Tel Aviv LAN     [GXW1]
      C*192.005.251.rrr   MOT-GENEVA    Motorola Geneva LAN       [GXW1]
      C*192.005.252.rrr   MOT-TOKYO     Motorola Tokyo LAN        [GXW1]
      C*192.005.253.rrr   MOT-HONGKONG  Motorola Hongkong LAN     [GXW1]
      R*192.005.254.rrr   ANSA          ANSA Project           [129,DXO]
        192.005.255.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
      C*192.006.000.rrr-192.006.255.rrr Hewlett Packard            [AXG]
      C*192.007.000.rrr-192.007.255.rrr Computer Consoles, Inc.   [RA11]
      C*192.008.000.rrr-192.008.255.rrr Spartacus Computers, Inc.  [SXM]
      C*192.009.000.rrr-192.009.255.rrr SUN Microsystems, Inc.     [BN4]
      C*192.010.000.rrr-192.010.040.rrr Symbolics, Inc.            [CH2]
      R 192.010.041.rrr T SCRC-ETHERNET SCRC ETHERNET          [129,CH2]
      C*192.010.042.rrr-192.010.255.rrr Symbolics, Inc.            [CH2]
      C*192.011.000.rrr-192.011.255.rrr ATT, Bell Labs            [MH12]
        192.012.000.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
        192.012.001.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
        192.012.002.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
      C*192.012.003.rrr   FLAIR         Fairchild AI Lab Net  [129,AMS1]
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      C*192.012.004.rrr   SCG-NET       Hughes SCG Net         [132,MXP]
      R 192.012.005.rrr   AIC-LISPMS    SRI-AIC-LispMachNet    [129,PM4]
      R 192.012.006.rrr   NPS-C2        NPS-C2                 [129,AW9]
      R 192.012.007.rrr T NYU-CS-ETHER  NYU CompSci Ethernet   [129,LOU]
      D 192.012.008.rrr   PICANET1      Picatinny Arsenal LAN1[129,RFD1]
      R 192.012.009.rrr T CADRE-NET     Decision Systems Lab       [SM6]
      R 192.012.010.rrr   CORNELL-ENG   Cornell-Engineering    [129,BN9]
      R 192.012.011.rrr   MIT-TEST      MIT Gateway TEST NET   [129,NC3]
        192.012.012.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
      R 192.012.013.rrr   JHU-NET1      JHU-NET1              [129,MO14]
      R 192.012.014.rrr   JHU-NET2      JHU-NET2              [129,MO14]
      R 192.012.015.rrr   BROOKNET      BNL Brooknet III        [129,GC]
      R 192.012.016.rrr   PRMNET        SRI-SURAN-EN          [129,BP17]
      G 192.012.017.rrr   LLL-TIS-NET   LLL-TIS-NET        [129,132,NAL]
      R 192.012.018.rrr   CIT-CS-10NET  Caltech 10Meg EtherNet[137,AD22]
      R 192.012.019.rrr   CIT-NET       Caltech Campus Net    [137,AD22]
      R 192.012.020.rrr   CIT-SUN-NET   Caltech Sun Net       [137,AD22]
      R 192.012.021.rrr   CIT-PHYSCOMP  Caltech Phys Comp Net [137,AD22]
      R 192.012.022.rrr   UTCSRES       UTCS Net Research     [129,JSQ1]
      R 192.012.023.rrr   UTCSTTY       UTCS TTY Kludgenet    [129,JSQ1]
      R 192.012.024.rrr   MICANET       MITRE (Experimental)       [WDL]
      R 192.012.025.rrr   CSS-GRAMINAE  CSS Workstation Net     [62,RR2]
      R 192.012.026.rrr   NOSC-NETR     Net-R Testbed at BBN  [116,CP10]
      R 192.012.027.rrr   UR-LASER      UR Laser Energetics    [129,WXL]
      R*192.012.028.rrr   RIACS-X-NET   RIACS-Experimental-Net    [DG28]
      D 192.012.029.rrr   RF-EVANS      ADDCOMPE DC3 LAN1     [129,MB31]
      D 192.012.030.rrr   RF-HEX-A      ADDCOMPE DC3 LAN2     [129,MB31]
      D 192.012.031.rrr   USNA-ENET     USNA Engineering Net   [129,TXS]
      R*192.012.032.rrr   CMU-VINEYARD  CMU File Cluster Net   [129,MXK]
      R 192.012.033.rrr   SRI-CSL-NET   SRI-CSL 10MB Ethernet     [GEOF]
      C*192.012.034.rrr-192.012.043.rrr Schlumberger PA Net    [129,RXB]
      R 192.012.044.rrr T NRTC-NET      Northrop Research Net [129,RSM1]
      R 192.012.045.rrr   ACC-SB-IMP-NET ACC Santa Barbara IMP    [AB20]
      R 192.012.046.rrr   ACC-SB-ETHER  ACC Santa Barbara Ethernet[AB20]
      R 192.012.047.rrr   UMN-UCC-NET   Univ. of Minnesota        [RG12]
      G 192.012.048.rrr   AMES-ED-EXPNET Code ED Exp. Net.    [129,MSM1]
      G 192.012.049.rrr   AMES-ED-NET   Code ED IP Net        [129,MSM1]
      G 192.012.050.rrr   AMES-DB-NET   Ames DBridge Net      [129,MSM1]
      R 192.012.051.rrr   THINK-CHAOS   TMC Chaos             [129,BJN1]
      R*192.012.052.rrr   NEURO-NET     NEURO-NET              [129,JXB]
      R*192.012.053.rrr   PU-LCA        Princeton U. LCA       [129,CXH]
      R 192.012.054.rrr   AERO-A3       Aerospace                 [AWS3]
      R 192.012.055.rrr   HAZ-LPR-BETA  Hazeltine LPR Net      [129,KXK]
      R 192.012.056.rrr   UTAH-AP-NET   Utah-Appolo-Ring-Net      [JL15]
      R 192.012.057.rrr   MCC-CAD-NET   MCC CAD Subnet         [129,CBD]
      R 192.012.058.rrr   MCC-PP-NET    MCC AI Subnet          [129,CBD]
      R 192.012.059.rrr   MCC-DB-NET    MCC DB Subnet          [129,CBD]
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      R 192.012.060.rrr   MCC-HI-NET    MCC HI Subnet          [129,CBD]
      R 192.012.061.rrr   MCC-SW-NET    MCC SW Subnet          [129,CBD]
      R 192.012.062.rrr   DREA-ENET     DREA Lispm & Vaxen    [129,GLH5]
      R 192.012.063.rrr   CYPRESS       CYPRESS Serial Net         [CAK]
      D 192.012.064.rrr   LOGNET        Logistics Net GW       [10,JR15]
      D 192.012.065.rrr   HELNET1       HELNET1               [129,MJM2]
      D 192.012.066.rrr   HELNET2       HELNET2               [129,MJM2]
      D 192.012.067.rrr   HELNET3       HELNET3                   [MJM2]
      G 192.012.068.rrr   ORNL-MSRNET   ORNL Local Area Net      [10,HD]
      R 192.012.069.rrr   UA-CS-NET     UNIV. OF ARIZ-CS DEPT [129,BM40]
      R 192.012.070.rrr   NPRDC-IPD     NPRDC-IPD REMOTE ETHERNET  [LRB]
      R 192.012.071.rrr   NPRDC-ISG     NPRDC-ISG REMOTE ETHERNET  [LRB]
      R 192.012.072.rrr   ULCC          UK.AC.ULCC                [RHC3]
      R 192.012.073.rrr   BTRL          UK.CO.BT-RESEARCH-LABS    [RHC3]
      R*192.012.074.rrr   APPLE-ETHER   APPLE COMPUTER ETHER   [129,RXJ]
      R*192.012.075.rrr   PASC-RING     IBM PASC TOKEN RING        [GXL]
      R*192.012.076.rrr   UQ-NET        UNIV. OF QLD NETWORK   [129,AXH]
      C*192.012.077.rrr   PRIME         PRIME COMPUTER, INC.       [FXS]
      C*192.012.078.rrr   GENNET        GENENTECH NET          [129,SXM]
      C*192.012.079.rrr   SLI           SOFTWARE LEVERAGE INC.     [MXG]
      R 192.012.080.rrr   CAEN          UMICH-CAEN                 [HWB]
      R 192.012.081.rrr   YALE-RING-NET YALE RESEARCH RING        [RC77]
      C 192.012.082.rrr   CU-CC-NET     Columbia CC Net       [129,BC14]
      G 192.012.083.rrr   UCDLA-EXNET   UCDLA EXPERIMENTAL NET     [CXL]
      G 192.012.084.rrr   UCDLA-PCNET   UCDLA PERSONAL NET         [CXL]
      G 192.012.085.rrr   UCDLA-OPNET   UCDLA OPTICAL DISK         [CXL]
      G 192.012.086.rrr   UCDLA-RADNET  UCDLA PACKET RADIO         [CXL]
      G 192.012.087.rrr   UCDLA-CSLNET  UCDLA STATE LIBRARY        [CXL]
      R*192.012.088.rrr   RUTGERS-NWK   RUTGERS, NEWARK            [DXB]
      R 192.012.089.rrr   SBCS-CSDEPT-1 SB Computer Science        [JXS]
      R 192.012.090.rrr   SBCS-CSDEPT-2 SB Computer Science        [JXS]
      R 192.012.091.rrr   RPICSNET0     RPICS-LOCALNET-0           [MS9]
      R 192.012.092.rrr   RPICSNET1     RPICS-LOCALNET-1           [MS9]
      R 192.012.093.rrr   RPICSNET2     RPICS-LOCALNET-2           [MS9]
      R 192.012.094.rrr   RPICSNET3     RPICS-LOCALNET-3           [MS9]
      R 192.012.095.rrr   RPICSNET4     RPICS-LOCALNET-4           [MS9]
      R 192.012.096.rrr   RPICSNET5     RPICS-LOCALNET-5           [MS9]
      R 192.012.097.rrr   RPICSNET6     RPICS-LOCALNET-6           [MS9]
      R 192.012.098.rrr   RPICSNET7     RPICS-LOCALNET-7           [MS9]
      R 192.012.099.rrr   RPICSNET8     RPICS-LOCALNET-8           [MS9]
      R 192.012.100.rrr   RPICSNET9     RPICS-LOCALNET-9           [MS9]
      R*192.012.101.rrr   OSU-CGRG      OSU Computer Graphics  [129,KXS]
      G 192.012.102.rrr   AMES-NAS-HY   AMES NAS HY NET           [MF31]
      R 192.012.103.rrr   CSU-USCETHER  Colorado State Univ Nets  [RXB1]
      R 192.012.104.rrr   CSUNRELETHER  Colorado State Univ Nets  [RXB1]
      R 192.012.105.rrr   CSU-ASYNC     Colorado State Univ Nets  [RXB1]
      R 192.012.106.rrr   CSU-LANCE     Colorado State Univ Nets  [RXB1]
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      R 192.012.107.rrr   CSU-ATMOS     Colorado State Univ Nets  [RXB1]
      R 192.012.108.rrr   CSU-UCC-ETHER Colorado State Univ Nets  [RXB1]
      R*192.012.109 rrr-192.012.118.rrr Colorado State Univ Nets  [RXB1]
      G 192.012.119.rrr   ICST          ICST Network          [129,JCN2]
      D 192.012.120.rrr   MITRE-B-NET   MITRE BEDFORD ETHER        [BSW]
      R*192.012.121.rrr   FSUCS         FSU COMPUTER SCIENCE 1     [TXB]
      R*192.012.122.rrr   FSUCS2        FSU COMPUTER SCIENCE 2     [TXB]
      G 192.012.123.rrr   AMES-CCF-NET  AMES CCF NETWORK      [129,MSM1]
      D 192.012.124.rrr   ETL-LAN       ETL LOCAL AREA NET     [129,WWS]
      D 192.012.125.rrr   CRDC-NET1     CRDC-NET1              [129,JXY]
      D 192.012.126.rrr   CRDC-NET2     CRDC-NET2              [129,JXY]
      R 192.012.127.rrr   LL-MI-NET     LL-Machine Intell.     [129,GAA]
      R 192.012.128.rrr   AITAC-ADMIN   SRI-AITAC ADMIN NET    [129,DVC]
      C*192.012.129.rrr   SYM-CAN       Symbolics/Canada           [MXH]
      R 192.012.130.rrr   SDC-SM        SDC Santa Monica           [CAS]
      R 192.012.131.rrr   SAC-ADMIN     SRI-SAC ADMIN NET     [129,KMC3]
      R 192.012.132.rrr   LLL-MON       LLL Open Labnet-1    [129,BANDY]
      R 192.012.133.rrr   LLL-TUE       LLL Open Labnet-2    [129,BANDY]
      R 192.012.134.rrr   LLL-WED       LLL Open Labnet-3    [129,BANDY]
      R 192.012.135.rrr   LLL-THU       LLL Open Labnet-4    [129,BANDY]
      R 192.012.136.rrr   LLL-FRI       LLL Open Labnet-5    [129,BANDY]
      R 192.012.137.rrr   LLL-SAT       LLL Open Labnet-6    [129,BANDY]
      R 192.012.138.rrr   LLL-SUN       LLL Open Labnet-7    [129,BANDY]
      D 192.012.139.rrr   JTELS-BEN-GW  JUMPS Teleprocessing      [RR26]
      R*192.012.140.rrr   INFERENCE     INFERENCE                  [DXT]
      R 192.012.141.rrr   CSS-ETHER     CSS Workstation Net 2     [RA11]
      C*192.012.142.rrr   SENTRY        Sentry Adv. Prod. Net      [LXL]
      C*192.012.143.rrr   VHSIC-NET     Sentry VHSIC Test          [LXL]
      R 192.012.144.rrr   ECRCNET       ECRC Internet          [129,PXD]
      C*192.012.145 rrr-192.012.154.rrr RCA-CADNET             [129,RXG]
      C*192.012.155 rrr-192.012.170.rrr MTCS-CUST                  [SXF]
      D 192.012.171.rrr   PICANET2      Picatinny Arsenal 2       [RFD1]
      R 192.012.172.rrr   ROCKWELLENET  ROCKWELL ETHERNET           [NG]
      R 192.012.173.rrr   AERO-D8       Aerospace                 [AWS3]
      R*192.012.174 rrr-192.012.183.rrr TORONTO                [129,BXD]
      R 192.012.184.rrr   DSPO-NET      BRL Hyper Proj Net         [BT5]
      R 192.012.185.rrr   BU-NET        BU COMPUTING              [BS24]
      R 192.012.186.rrr   BU-ACCNET     BU ACADEMIC               [BS24]
      R 192.012.187.rrr   BU-BROADB     BU BROADBAND              [BS24]
      R 192.012.188.rrr   BU-SCINET     BU SCIENCE                [BS24]
      R 192.012.189.rrr   BU-ENGNET     BU ENGINEERING            [BS24]
      R 192.012.190.rrr   BU-DSGNET     BU DIST SYS               [BS24]
      R 192.012.191.rrr   BU-MEDNET     BU MED SCHOOL             [BS24]
      R 192.012.192.rrr   CNUCE-LAN1    CNR Pisa Ethernet         [ABB2]
      R 192.012.193.rrr   CNUCE-LAN2    CNR Pisa Ethernet         [ABB2]
      R 192.012.194.rrr   CNUCE-LAN3    CNR Pisa Ethernet         [ABB2]
      R 192.012.195.rrr   SDC-PRC       SDC Paoli R&D Center      [MXS2]
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      D 192.012.196.rrr   JHUAPL-NET    JHU APL Net           [129,SAK3]
      D 192.012.197.rrr   ACATT-ETHER1  ADEA/CECOM Adv Tech   [129,ERK3]
      D 192.012.198.rrr   ACATT-ETHER2  ADEA/CECOM Adv Tech   [129,ERK3]
      D 192.012.199.rrr   LEWIS-ETHER1  ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis    [129,ERK3]
      D 192.012.200.rrr   SRI-PSON-10   ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis    [129,ERK3]
      D 192.012.201.rrr   SRI-PSON-11   ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis    [129,ERK3]
      D 192.012.202.rrr   SRI-PSON-12   ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis    [129,ERK3]
      D 192.012.203.rrr   SRI-PSON-13   ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis    [129,ERK3]
      D 192.012.204.rrr   SRI-PSON-14   ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis    [129,ERK3]
      R 192.012.205.rrr   OHIO-STATE1   Ohio State Univ.          [RSD2]
      R 192.012.206.rrr   INDIANA       Indiana-Bloomington       [BXS1]
      R 192.012.207.rrr   SUPERCOMP     SDSC-Supercomputer         [SIP]
      R 192.012.208.rrr   TEK-NET       Teknowledge-Net            [TE2]
      R 192.012.209.rrr   NSF           NSF Internal Net           [FXW]
      R*192.012.210.rrr   NORTHEASTERN  Northeastern Univ.         [CXJ]
      R 192.012.211.rrr   JVNC          NSF/JVNC Net               [HXH]
      R 192.012.212.rrr   RAND-NET2     RAND-NET2                  [JDG]
      R 192.012.213.rrr   RAND-NET3     RAND-NET3                  [JDG]
      R*192.012.214.rrr   BUFFALO-CS    SUNY/Buffalo-CS-Ether [129,JRL8]
      R 192.012.215.rrr   XDRENET       DRE X.25 COMPONENT        [JR17]
      R 192.012.216.rrr   STEVENS-TECH  Stevens Inst of Tech   [129,RXM]
      R 192.012.217.rrr T EMORY-INET1   Emory Internet        [129,SA29]
      R 192.012.218.rrr T EMORY-INET2   Emory Internet        [129,SA29]
      R 192.012.219.rrr T EMORY-INET3   Emory Internet        [129,SA29]
      R 192.012.220 rrr-192.012.234.rrr UWISC-IPNET           [129,EJN1]
      R*192.012.235.rrr   IDA-NET       Comp Sc Linkoping S       [MXA2]
      R 192.012.236.rrr   CITNET        CIT Campus Net         [129,CXB]
      R*192.012.237.rrr   HCSC-APOLLO   Honeywell CSC Apollo    [4,TRG4]
      R*192.012.238.rrr   CU-BOULDER    CU Boulder Campus      [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.239.rrr   CU-ACS        CU ACS Net             [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.240.rrr   CU-ENGINEER   CU Engineering Net     [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.241.rrr   CU-SUNNET     CU Sun Net             [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.242.rrr   CU-CER        CU CER Net             [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.243.rrr   CU-OT         CU Office Tower        [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.244.rrr   CU-ENTERPRISE CU ECE Sun Net         [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.245.rrr   CU-LASP       CU LASP Net            [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.246.rrr   CU-JILA       CU JILA Net            [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.247.rrr   CU-PHYSICS    CU Physics Net         [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.248.rrr   CU-PSYCHOLOGY CU Psychology Net      [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.249.rrr   CU-MCDB       CU MCDB Net            [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.250.rrr   CU-AI         CU AI Consortium       [129,DXW]
      R*192.012.251.rrr   CU-CHEMISTRY  CU Chemistry Net       [129,DXW]
      R 192.012.252.rrr   LL-VENET1     Linclon Labs Venet1   [129,BC65]
      R 192.012.253.rrr   LL-VENET2     Linclon Labs Venet2   [129,BC65]
      R 192.012.254.rrr   LL-APOLLO     Linclon Labs Apollo   [129,BC65]
      R 192.012.255.rrr   LL-ENET       Linclon Labs Enet     [129,BC65]
      D 192.013.000.rrr-192.014.255.rrr DODIIS Subnetworks         [AY5]
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      C*192.015.000.rrr-192.015.255.rrr NBINET                     [WW2]
      G 192.016.000.rrr-192.016.049.rrr LANLLAN               [129,JC11]
      R 192.016.050.rrr-192.016.071.rrr RPI-LOCALNETS          [129,MS9]
      R 192.016.072.rrr   UTCHPC        U.T. System CHPC      [129,WCB3]
      R 192.016.073.rrr   UTDALLAS      U.T. Dallas           [129,WCB3]
      R 192.016.074.rrr   UTABRC        U.T. Austin BRC       [129,WCB3]
      C*192.016.075.rrr-192.016.122.rrr CSC-BLOCK              [129,GXG]
      R*192.016.123.rrr-192.016.154.rrr Swedish Network            [BXE]
      R*192.016.155.rrr-192.016.166.rrr CERN-Block                 [BXS]
      R 192.016.167.rrr   YALE-HP-NET   YALE-HP-NET               [RC77]
      D 192.016.168.rrr   PICANET3      Picatinny 3               [RFD1]
      D 192.016.169.rrr   NRL-HUBNET    Experimental Hubnet        [MPM]
      C 192.016.170.rrr   TWG-DEMO-NET  TWG Net for Demos         [JXS1]
      R 192.016.171.rrr   MACOM         M/A-COM Net                [JXA]
        192.016.172.rrr-192.016.255.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
      R*192.017.000.rrr-192.017.255.rrr NIBELUNG                   [MXA]
      C*192.018.000.rrr-192.018.255.rrr SUN Microsystems, Inc.     [BN4]
      C*192.019.000.rrr-192.019.255.rrr SYSNET-2                   [EXY]
      C*192.020.000.rrr-192.020.255.rrr ATT-MD-NET            [129,MH12]
      C*192.021.000.rrr-192.021.255.rrr FORMATIVE                  [SXB]
      C*192.022.000.rrr-192.022.255.rrr APPLICON                  [AXS1]
      C*192.023.000.rrr-192.023.255.rrr FACTNET                    [JXB]
      C*192.024.000.rrr-192.024.255.rrr CHROMATICS                [RXB2]
      R*192.025.000.rrr-192.024.255.rrr Hewlett Packard            [SXI]
      D*192.026.000.rrr   ACSAD         ACSAD Network              [SXH]
      R 192.026.001.rrr   MCC-DB1-NET   MCC DB1 Network            [CBD]
      R 192.026.002.rrr   MCC-DB2-NET   MCC DB2 Network            [CBD]
      R 192.026.003.rrr   MCC-DB3-NET   MCC DB3 Network            [CBD]
      R 192.026.004.rrr   MCC-DB4-NET   MCC DB4 Network            [CBD]
      R 192.026.005.rrr   MCC-DB5-NET   MCC DB5 Network            [CBD]
      R 192.026.006.rrr   MCC-DB6-NET   MCC DB6 Network            [CBD]
      R 192.026.007.rrr   SPAWAR        SPARWAR Systems Command    [JK7]
        192.026.008.rrr   Unassigned    Unassigned                 [JBP]
      R*192.026.009.rrr   ICOT          ICOT Local Network         [SXT]
      R 192.026.010.rrr   GALLAUDET     GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY       [KXC]
      D 192.026.011.rrr   NRL-HUBNET1   Experimental Hubnet 1      [MPM]
      D 192.026.012.rrr   NRL-HUBNET2   Experimental Hubnet 2      [MPM]
      D 192.026.013.rrr   NRL-HUBNET3   Experimental Hubnet 3      [MPM]
      D 192.026.014.rrr   NRL-HUBNET4   Experimental Hubnet 4      [MPM]
      D 192.026.015.rrr   NRL-HUBNET5   Experimental Hubnet 5      [MPM]
      D 192.026.016.rrr   NRL-HUBNET6   Experimental Hubnet 6      [MPM]
      D 192.026.017.rrr   NRL-HUBNET7   Experimental Hubnet 7      [MPM]
      D 192.026.018.rrr   NRL-HUBNET8   Experimental Hubnet 8      [MPM]
      D 192.026.019.rrr   NRL-HUBNET9   Experimental Hubnet 9      [MPM]
      R*192.026.020.rrr   NJIT-NET      NJIT-SUPERCOMPUTER         [BXC]
      R 192.026.021.rrr   SDC-PRC-SW    SDC/PAOLI SOFT TECH       [MXS2]
      R 192.026.022.rrr   SDC-PRC-LBS   SDC/PAOLI ARTIF INT       [MXS2]
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      R 192.026.023.rrr   SDC-PRC-SA    SDC/PAOLI SYS ARCH        [MXS2]
      R 192.026.024.rrr   SDC-PRC-CR    SDC/PAOLI COMP RES        [MXS2]
      R 192.026.025.rrr   LUCID         Lucid Network              [BXM]
        192.026.026.rrr-192.026.255.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
      C*192.027.000.rrr-192.027.255.rrr Hughes Aircraft VLSI      [PXH1]
        192.028.000.rrr-223.255.254.rrr Unassigned                 [JBP]
        223.255.255.rrr                 Reserved                   [JBP]

   Other Reserved Internet Addresses

      * Internet Address  Name          Network               References
      - ----------------  ----          -------               ---------- Multicast               [44,JBP] Reserved                   [JBP]
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   Network Totals

      Assigned for the ARPA-Internet and the DDN-Internet

         Class         A         B         C     Total

         Research     13        92       775       880

         Defense       9        19        45        73

         Government    1        15        97       113

         Commercial    3         4         5        12

         Total        26       130       922      1078

      Allocated for Internet and Independent Uses

         Class         A         B         C     Total

         Research     14       105      1681      1800

         Defense       9        20        47        76

         Government    1        17        98       116

         Commercial    3        12      3974      3989

         Total        27       154      5800      5981

      Maximum Allowed

         Class         A         B         C     Total

         Research      8      1024     65536     66568

         Defense      24      3072    458752    461848

         Government   24      3072    458752    461848

         Commercial   74      9214   1114137   1123394

         Total       126     16382   2097150   2113658
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                        ASSIGNED VERSION NUMBERS

   In the Internet Protocol (IP) [46,101] there is a field to identify
   the version of the internetwork general protocol.  This field is 4
   bits in size.

   Assigned Internet Version Numbers

      Decimal   Keyword    Version                            References
      -------   -------    -------                            ----------
          0                Reserved                                [JBP]
        1-3                Unassigned                              [JBP]
          4       IP       Internet Protocol                   [101,JBP]
          5       ST       ST Datagram Mode                     [51,JWF]
       6-14                Unassigned                              [JBP]
         15                Reserved                                [JBP]

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