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Glossary of 3GPP Features and Services

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TR 33.919     from Rel-6
GAA - System description

TS 33.220     from Rel-6
GAA - Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA)

TS 24.109     from Rel-6
Bootstrapping interface (Ub) and NAF interface (Ua) - Protocol details

TS 29.109     from Rel-6
Zh and Zn Interfaces based on the Diameter protocol - Stage 3

TS 33.221     from Rel-6
GAA - Support for Subscriber Certificates

TS 33.222     from Rel-6
GAA - Access to Network Application Functions using HTTPS

TR 33.918     Rel-7
GAA - Early implementation of HTTPS connection between a UICC and a NAF

TR 33.920     Rel-7
SIM-card-based GBA - Early implementation feature

TR 33.980     from Rel-7
Interworking of Liberty Alliance ID-FF, ID-WSF and GAA


TS 43.318     from Rel-6
Generic Access Network (GAN) - Stage 2

TS 44.318     from Rel-6
Mobile GAN interface layer 3 specification

TR 43.901     from Rel-6
Feasibility Study on generic access to A/Gb interface

TR 43.902     from Rel-7
Enhanced Generic Access Networks (EGAN) study


TS 03.32   …   TS 23.032     from GSM Rel-96
Universal Geographical Area Description (GAD)


to be completed...


TS 22.468     from Rel-12
GCSE for LTE – Stage 1

TS 23.468     from Rel-12
GCSE for LTE – Stage 2
Clause 4a.32  and  Clause 6a.17  of  TS 23.002     from Rel-12
Specific entities for GCSE_LTE
GCSE_LTE specific reference points
TR 23.768     Rel-12
Study on Architecture Enhancements to support GCSE_LTE
TR 23.741     Rel-13
Study on enhancements to MBMS for LTE

TS 29.468     from Rel-12
MB2 reference Point - Stage 3

TR 33.888     Rel-12
Study on security issues to support GCSE for LTE
Clause 16  of  TR 33.107     from Rel-12
Lawful Interception for GCSE
Clause 14  of  TR 33.108     from Rel-12
Handover interface for Lawful Interception – GCSE
Annex N  of  TR 33.246     from Rel-12
MBMS – GCSE security aspects

TR 36.868     Rel-12
Study on group communication for E-UTRA


TS 55.226     from Rel-9
A5/4 Encryption Algorithms for GSM and ECSD,
and GEA4 Encryption Algorithm for GPRS


TS 41.101     from Rel-4
Technical Specifications and Technical Reports for a GERAN-based 3GPP system

TS 43.051     from Rel-5
GERAN overall description

TS 43.129     from Rel-6
PS handover for GERAN A/Gb mode

TR 43.802     Rel-12
Mobile data applications in GERAN


TS 01.61   …   TS 41.061     from GSM Rel-97
GPRS ciphering algorithm requirements

TS 02.60   …   TS 22.060     Rel-97-R4
GPRS - Service description - Stage 1

TS 03.60   …   TS 23.060     from GSM Rel-97
GPRS - Service description - Stage 2

TS 03.64   …   TS 43.064     from GSM Rel-97
Overall description of the GPRS radio interface - Stage 2

TS 04.60   …   TS 44.060     from GSM Rel-97
GPRS - MS-BSS interface - RLC/MAC protocol

TS 44.160     from Rel-5
GPRS - MS-BSS interface - RLC/MAC protocol - Iu mode

TS 09.60   …   TS 29.060     from GSM Rel-97
GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) across the Gn and Gp Interface

TS 09.61   …   TS 29.061     from GSM Rel-97
Interworking between the PLMN supporting GPRS and Packet Data Networks

TS 09.16   …   TS 29.016     from GSM Rel-97
SGSN-VLR Gs interface network service specification

TS 09.18   …   TS 29.018     from GSM Rel-97
SGSN-VLR Gs interface layer 3 specification

TS 07.60   …   TS 27.060     from GSM Rel-97
Mobile Station (MS) supporting Packet Switched services


TS 22.226     from Rel-5
Global text telephony (GTT) - Service description

TS 23.226     from Rel-5
Global text telephony (GTT) - Stage 2

TS 26.226     from Rel-5
Cellular text telephone modem - General description

TS 26.230     from Rel-5
Cellular text telephone modem - Transmitter bit exact C-code

TS 26.231     from Rel-5
Cellular text telephone modem - Minimum performance requirements


TS 22.240     from Rel-6
Service requirements for 3GPP Generic User Profile (GUP) - Stage 1

TS 23.240     from Rel-6
3GPP Generic User Profile (GUP) requirements - Architecture - Stage 2

TS 29.240     from Rel-6
3GPP Generic User Profile (GUP) - Stage 3 - Network