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Glossary of 3GPP Features and Services

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A5/4   aacPlus   AAS   ACDC   ACR   AMR   AMR‑WB   AMR‑WB+   AoC



TS 55.226     from Rel-9
A5/4 Encryption Algorithms for GSM and ECSD, and
GEA4 Encryption Algorithm for GPRS


TS 26.401     from Rel-6
General description
TS 26.402     from Rel-6
Additional decoder tools
TS 26.403     from Rel-6
Encoder specification - AAC part
TS 26.404     from Rel-6
Encoder specification - SBR part
TS 26.405     from Rel-6
Encoder specification - Parametric stereo part
TS 26.406     from Rel-6
Conformance testing
TS 26.410     from Rel-6
Encoder specification - Floating-point ANSI-C code
TS 26.411     from Rel-6
Encoder specification - Fixed-point ANSI-C code


TS 37.105     from Rel-13
AAS BS transmission and reception

TS 37.114     from Rel-13
AAS BS Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

TS 37.145-1     from Rel-13
AAS BS conformance testing - Part 1: Conducted conformance testing
TS 37.145-2     from Rel-13
AAS BS conformance testing - Part 2: Radiated conformance testing

TR 37.840     Rel-12
RF and EMC requirements for Active Antenna Array System (AAS) Base Station
TR 37.842     Rel-13
RF requirement background for AAS BS
TR 37.843     Rel-15
RF requirement background for AAS BS - radiated requirements

TR 32.865     Rel-15
Study on OAM aspects of SON for AAS-based deployments


Clause 4.3.5  of  TS 22.011     from Rel-13
Stage 1

TR 22.806     Rel-13
Study on application-specific congestion control for data communication

Annex Q  of  TS 24.008     from Rel-13
Stage 3

TS 24.105     from Rel-13
ACDC Management Object (MO)

Annex F  of  TS 24.301     from Rel-13
Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for EPS

Clause 16  of  TS 25.300     from Rel-13
ACDC in Idle Mode


Clause 8.2.6  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-7
MMTEL (MTSI) Stage 1 – ACR

TS 24.611     from Rel-8
ACR and CB using IMS - Protocol specification


TS 06.71   …   TS 26.071     from GSM Rel-98
General description
TS 06.73   …   TS 26.073     from GSM Rel-98
C-source code
TS 06.74   …   TS 26.074     from GSM Rel-98
Test sequences
TR 06.75   …   TR 26.975     from GSM Rel-98
Performance characterization
TR 06.76   …   TR 46.076     from GSM Rel-98
Study phase report

TS 02.76   …   TS 22.076     from GSM Rel-99
Noise suppression for the AMR codec - Service description
TS 06.77   …   TS 26.077     from GSM Rel-99
Minimum performance requirements for noise suppression
TR 06.78   …   TR 26.978     from GSM Rel-99
Results of the AMR noise suppression selection phase

TS 06.90   …   TS 26.090     from GSM Rel-98
Transcoding functions
TS 06.91   …   TS 26.091     from GSM Rel-98
Error concealment of lost frames
TS 06.92   …   TS 26.092     from GSM Rel-98
Comfort noise aspects
TS 06.93   …   TS 26.093     from GSM Rel-98
Source controlled rate operation
TS 06.94   …   TS 26.094     from GSM Rel-98
Voice activity detector (VAD)

TS 26.101     from Rel-3
Frame structure
TS 26.102     from Rel-3
Interface to Iu, Uu and Nb
TS 26.104     from Rel-3
Floating-point C-source code


TS 26.171     from Rel-5
General description
TS 26.173     from Rel-5
C-source code
TS 26.174     from Rel-5
Test sequences
TS 26.190     from Rel-5
Transcoding functions
TS 26.191     from Rel-5
Error concealment of erroneous or lost frames
TS 26.192     from Rel-5
Transcoding functions
TS 26.193     from Rel-5
Comfort noise aspects
TS 26.194     from Rel-5
Source controlled rate operation
TS 26.201     from Rel-5
Frame structure
TS 26.202     from Rel-5
Interface to Iu, Uu and Nb
TS 26.204     from Rel-5
Floating-point C-source code
TR 26.976     from Rel-5
Performance characterization


TS 26.273     from Rel-6
C-source code
TS 26.274     from Rel-6
Conformance testing
TS 26.290     from Rel-6
Transcoding functions
TS 26.304     from Rel-6
Floating-point ANSI-C code


TS 02.24   …   TS 22.024     from GSM Phase-2
CAI - Charge Advice Information
TS 02.86   …   TS 22.086     from GSM Phase-2
AoC supplementary service – Stage 1
Clause 8.2.14  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-8
MMTEL (MTSI) Stage 1 – AOC

TS 03.86   …   TS 23.086     from GSM Phase-2
AoC supplementary service – Stage 2

TS 04.86   …   TS 24.086     from GSM Phase-2
AoC supplementary service – Stage 3
TS 24.647     from Rel-8
AoC using IMS

TS 32.280     from Rel-8
AoC service