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Glossary of 3GPP Reference Points

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between  eNB
and  eNB

specified from  Rel-8  in
TS 36.300, clause 20
TS 36.420

This is a logical interface between two eNBs. Whilst logically representing a point to point link between eNBs, the physical realization need not be a point to point link.



between  Content Provider
and  BM-SC

specified from  Rel-14  in
TS 26.346, clause 5.4A
TS 29.116 




between  gNB / ng-eNB
and  gNB / ng-eNB

see it   here

specified from  Rel-15  in
TS 38.300, clause 3.2
TS 38.420
TS 38.421
TS 38.422
TS 38.423
TS 38.424
TS 38.425 

Network interface between NG-RAN nodes.



between  eNB
and  WLAN Termination (WT)

specified from  Rel-13  in
TS 36.300, clause 22B
TS 36.461

The Xw user plane interface (Xw-U) is defined between eNB and WT. The Xw-U interface provides non guaranteed delivery of user plane PDUs. The transport network layer is built on IP transport and GTP-U is used on top of UDP/IP to carry the user plane PDUs.

The Xw control plane interface (Xw-C) is defined between an eNB and a WT. The transport network layer is built on SCTP on top of IP. The application layer signalling protocol is referred to as Xw-AP (Xw Application Protocol).