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Glossary of 3GPP Reference Points

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A   AAA‑1   Abis



between  BSS
and  MSC

see it   here

specified from  GSM Phase 2  in
TS 08.01   …   TS 48.001
TS 08.02   …   TS 48.002
TS 08.04   …   TS 48.004
TS 08.06   …   TS 48.006
TS 08.08   …   TS 48.008 


between  MC SIP database
and  MC SIP core

specified from  Rel-14  in
TS 23.280, clause
TS 29.228 

The AAA-1 reference point is used by the SIP core to retrieve signalling plane data from the SIP database. The AAA-1 reference point utilises the Cx reference point. In some deployment scenarios the registrar and SIP database are located in the MC service provider's network while the registrar finder is in the PLMN operator's network and the AAA-1 reference point is an inter-network interface.


between  BTS
and  BSC

specified from  GSM Phase 2  in
TS 08.51   …   TS 48.051
TS 08.52   …   TS 48.052
TS 08.54   …   TS 48.054
TS 08.56   …   TS 48.056
TS 08.58   …   TS 48.058