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Glossary of 3GPP Network Entities

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See it   here

specified from  GSM Phase 2  in
TS 09.02, clause 4.1.2 

A mobile station roaming in an MSC area or within a GERAN/UTRAN pool-area is controlled by a Visitor Location Register. When a Mobile Station (MS) enters a new location area it starts a registration procedure. An MSC in charge of that area notices this registration and transfers to a Visitor Location Register the identity of the location area where the MS is situated. If this MS is not yet registered in the VLR, the VLR and the HLR exchange information to allow the proper handling of CS calls involving the MS. A VLR may be in charge of one or several MSC areas.

See Subscriber Data in the VLR   here.


specified from  Rel-8  in
TS 23.203, clause 

The V-PCRF is a functional element that encompasses policy and charging control decision functionalities in the V-PLMN. The V-PCRF includes functionality for both home routed access and visited access (local breakout).