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Glossary of 3GPP Identifiers

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specified from  Rel-15  in
TS 23.501, clause 5.9.3 

A PEI is defined for the 3GPP UE accessing the 5G System. The PEI can assume different formats for different UE types and use cases. The UE shall present the PEI to the network together with an indication of the PEI format being used.

If the UE supports at least one 3GPP access technology, the UE must be allocated a PEI in the IMEI format.

In the scope of this release, the only format supported for the PEI parameter is an IMEI.


Source:   ETSI (SCP) TS 101 220 – Clause 4.2

The PIX is used at the discretion of ETSI and can contain between 7 bytes and 11 bytes of information. The PIX is coded in hexadecimal.
  • Digits 1 to 4: Application code
  • Digits 5 to 8: Country code
  • Digits 9 to 14: Application provider code
  • Digits 15 up to 22: Application provider field (Optional). Up to 8 digits
3GPP PIX Structure



specified from  Rel-3  in
TS 23.003, clause 12.1 

A Public Land Mobile Network is uniquely identified by its PLMN identifier. PLMN-Id consists of Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC).

The MCC and MNC are predefined within a UTRAN, and set in the RNC via OAM.
PLMN-Id Structure



specified from  Rel-6  in
TS 23.003, clause 13.5 

The public service identity shall take the form of either a SIP URI or a Tel URI. A public service identity identifies a service, or a specific resource created for a service on an application server. The domain part is pre-defined by the IMS operators and the IMS system provides the flexibility to dynamically create the user part of the PSIs.

The PSIs are stored in the HSS either as a distinct PSI or as a wildcarded PSI.


Source:   TS 23.003, clause 2.1

A P-TMSI is a TMSI allocated for services provided through the SGSN.