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Ti+  for  TS 23.008
Subscriber Data stored in


HSS   MME   S4‑SGSN   S‑GW   P‑GW   ePDG   AAA Server   S‑CSCF   IM‑SSF   AS   HLR   VLR   SGSN   GGSN   BSF   NAF   MBMS GW   BM‑SC   CSS   ProSe Function   ProSe AS   SCEF   SLP   V2X CF  
Subscriber Data stored in the CSS

Mandatory Mandatory
or  Conditional Conditional 
Permanent Permanent
or  Temporary Temporary 

CSS — Data related to subscription, identification and numbering   TS 23.008, clause 2.1
Mandatory Permanent  IMSI  (  for CSG
Conditional Permanent  MSISDN  (2.1.2)  for CSG


CSS — Data related to roaming   TS 23.008, clause 2.4
Mandatory Temporary  VLR number  (2.4.5)  for CSG
Mandatory Temporary  SGSN number  (  for CSG
Conditional Permanent  VPLMN Closed Subscriber Group Information  (2.4.26)  for CSG


CSS — Data related to PS NAM   TS 23.008, clause 2.13
Mandatory Temporary  MME name  (2.13.26)  for CSG
Mandatory Temporary  SGSN name  (2.13.100)  for CSG