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Ti+  for  TS 24.228§6.7.1
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IMS R5 Registration signalling flow - Network-initiated deregistration event occuring in the S-CSCF - sequence chart for IMS R5-1. SIP NOTIFY request
  • This example assumes that UE1 and P-CSCF1 both have subscribed for the user's registration state event package and shows how UE1 and P-CSCF1 are notified when the network-initiated deregistration event occurs in S-CSCF1.
  • After S-CSCF1 deregistration notification procedure S-CSCF1 immediately sends a NOTIFY request towards UE1 in order to inform about the network initiated deregistration and the subscription termination. The same Request URI, To, From, Call-ID are used as in the first NOTIFY request. CSeq is incremented since this is the second NOTIFY request sent towards UE1.