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5GS-S1. UE‑Triggered Service Request
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Signalling flow for TS 23.502 UE-Triggered Service Request: SMF to UPF (PSA): N4 Session Modification Request

Step 18a, verbatim
[Conditional] SMF to UPF (PSA): N4 Session Modification Request (AN Tunnel Info, List of rejected QoS Flows).
If a User Plane is to be setup or modified and after the modification there is no I-UPF, the SMF initiates a N4 Session Modification procedure to UPF (PSA) and provides AN Tunnel Info. The Downlink Data from the UPF (PSA) can now be forwarded to NG-RAN and UE.
For QoS Flows in the List of rejected QoS Flows, the SMF shall instruct the UPF to remove the rules (e.g., Packet Detection Rules etc.) which are associated with the QoS Flows.