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5GS-R1. General Registration
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Signalling flow for TS 23.502 General Register - Policy Association Establishment

Step 16, verbatim
[Optional] new AMF performs an AM Policy Association Establishment as defined in clause For an Emergency Registration, this step is skipped.
If the new AMF contacts the PCF identified by the (V-)PCF ID received during inter-AMF mobility in step 5, the new AMF shall include the PCF ID(s) in the Npcf_AMPolicyControl Create operation. This indication is not included by the AMF during initial registration procedure.
If the AMF notifies the Mobility Restrictions (e.g. UE location) to the PCF for adjustment, or if the PCF updates the Mobility Restrictions itself due to some conditions (e.g. application in use, time and date), the PCF shall provide the updated Mobility Restrictions to the AMF. If the subscription information includes Tracing Requirements, the AMF provides the PCF with Tracing Requirements.