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Content for  TS 48.018  Word version:  16.0.0

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8c  Signalling procedures between RIM SAPs |R5|Word‑p. 80

8c.1  General

8c.2  RIM proceduresWord‑p. 85

8c.2.1  General

8c.2.2  RAN Information Request procedure

8c.2.3  RAN Information Send procedureWord‑p. 90

8c.2.3a  Autonomous RAN Information Send procedure |R14|

8c.2.4  RAN Information Application Error procedure

8c.2.5  RAN Information Error procedureWord‑p. 95

8c.3  Abnormal conditions

8c.4  RIM timers

8c.5  Action upon deletion of a cell in a BSSWord‑p. 99

8c.6  Specific requirements related to RIM applicationsWord‑p. 100

8d  Signalling procedures between MBMS SAPs |R6|Word‑p. 103

9  General Protocol Error Handling

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