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8  Medium Access Control (MAC) Procedures in Packet Transfer Mode

8.0  General

8.1  Transfer of RLC data blocks

8.1.0  Medium access mode

8.1.1  Uplink RLC data block transferWord‑p. 121  Dynamic allocation uplink RLC data block transferWord‑p. 128  Extended Dynamic Allocation uplink RLC data block transferWord‑p. 136  Exclusive allocation RLC data block transfer  Fixed Uplink Allocation RLC data block transfer |R13|  Network initiated release of uplink TBF  Abnormal casesWord‑p. 147  Change of RLC mode in extended uplink TBF mode  Change of EGPRS level |R7|

8.1.2  Downlink RLC data block transferWord‑p. 151


8.1.4  RLC data block transfer during an MBMS radio bearer |R6|

8.1.5  Multiple MBMS radio bearers |R6|

8.1.6  MBMS reception resumption after cell reselection |R6|

8.1.7  Packet Application Information |R8|Word‑p. 171

8.1.8  Dynamic Timeslot Reduction |R10|

8.2  Packet PDCH ReleaseWord‑p. 173

8.3  Procedure for measurement report sending in Packet Transfer mode

8.4  Network controlled cell reselection procedureWord‑p. 174

8.5  Measurement Order procedures in Packet Transfer modeWord‑p. 176


8.7  Abnormal cases

8.8  Network Assisted Cell Change procedures

8.9  RR connection establishment in packet transfer mode |R6|Word‑p. 183

8.10  Packet Switched Handover procedure |R6|

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